World Cup 2022: What can we learn from Croatia the little country with big dreams

Mala zemlja Veliki snovi reads on the side of the Croatia team bus. Or in English Little country big dreams. That motto won the open vote of Croatian fans before the contest defeat off Zelda u srcu JE moc na terenu Desire in the heart is power on the field and Stem do via With heart to the top When Croatian boss Zlatko Dalic was sat in his press session after seeing his team firmed by France in the FIFA World Cup 2022 final he was asked by a reporter from Georgia what memo he has for other minor states.

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in Croatia’s footsteps to the final of another Football World Cup 2022 anywhere else down the line On our bus is the slogan little nation big ideas it’s a good message to all Dalic said Work hard. Have good players. Get the grades. And trust that it is likely. Many things have to fall into place. But it’s a great massage. Predominantly for smaller countries like Croatia and Georgia. You have to have a vision and drive. Then follow those dreams and determinations.

One day maybe it will come true. In Qatar football World cup 2022 or life in general. Never give up. The evidence that Dalic gave spoke to the fact that this Croatian team will now go down as the highest underdog presentation by any country in Qatar FIFA World Cup history. With a population of four million people, they were the smallest qualifier since Uruguay in 1950. For more know about the FIFA World cup, Tickets clicks here

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more in the modern era of industrial youth manufacture and the cumulative supremacy of the competition by a small group of rich western European countries Germany France and Spain. For Croatia to reach the final was attainment sufficient exceeding their 1998 team beating Argentina Denmark Russia and England along the way location up to a final that stood out for its rare unevenness But Croatia then went on to play the better football in the first half were unlucky to go 2-1 down.

Before their companies ultimately tired in the second half. Theirs is an inspiring story about teamwork union soul and what a football team can achieve when all the players are drawing hard in the same way. Yes, they could not do it without Luka Modric but there is more to their floor than that.

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