FIFA World Cup 2022: Kylian Mbappe won’t leave PSG in January

Kylian Mbappe has greeted Qatar world cup 2022 with open arms to the wonder of many at the club the Paris Saint-Germain striker arrived a day early to exercise after a brief Christmas break. Long imaginary to be joining Real Madrid when his contract dies this summer he yet arrived at the Camp des Loges PSG’s exercise ground on Friday on his own for a session when everybody apart from the South American internationals was due to return on Saturday.

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He is relaxed interested and hungry after all the French global knows that this is without a doubt the most important 12 months of his career to date. It’s a year in which he could win his first Champions League at PSG and with France, his second Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022 a year in which he could also change clubs set more records and become even better and more fruitful. At the halfway stage of the French national season, Mbappe’s already scored 18 goals in all oppositions.

Including one four-goal game for France vs. Kazakhstan one hat-trick for PSG vs. Vannes in the Coupe de France and 4 braces. He has been the boss of this PSG team despite the coming of Lionel Messi and the attendance of Neymar carrying it through thick and thin and he’s dedicated to doing it until his last day there when that might be. For more know about FIFA World Cup Tickets click here.

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How is he planning on achieving it all Mbappe’s allegedly walked up to his efforts to stay as fit as possible all season long and evade feeling a similar situation as last season when a wound prevented him from being fit for the Champions League semifinal against City at the Etihad which saw PSG being knocked out. And then there is the Qatar Football world cup 2022. New Year new FIFA World Cup 2022. The Euro defeat still lingers for Mbappe. He wasted France’s last penalty in the shootout against Switzerland in the last-16.

He felt that he was made out to be a stooge for that bitter defeat. The fact that he didn’t score a single goal in the contest was unsatisfactory for a player of his status. His company with Karim Benzema is much stronger and effective now than it was at the Euros which marked Benzema’s first national team arrivals since 2015 after a long exile and France will be among the favourite once again. By then it’s reasonable that Mbappe could be a Real Madrid star with Benzema too.

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