FIFA World Cup: Poland denied playing Russia in Qatar World Cup Competition Match

Poland is rejecting to play their World Cup qualifier against Russia in reply to Russia’s raid of Ukraine, the Polish soccer alliance president Cezary Kulesza said on Saturday. Russia is set to face Poland on March 24, and the champion of that match plays the Sweden-Czech Republic champion in a playoff on March 29 in Path B last to succeed for the World Cup in Qatar. Kulesza’s statement on Twitter, quoting Russia’s attack, specified Poland was in meetings with other alliances to present a united position to FIFA. No more arguments, time to act.

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Poland protester Robert Lewandowski added, it is the right decision, I can’t visualize playing a match with the Russian National Team in a condition when armed violence in Ukraine stays. Russian footballers and fans are not accountable for this, but we can’t make-believe that nothing is happening. Later this week, the Football Associations of Poland, Sweden, and the Czech Republic released an announcement urging FIFA to stage any World Cup playoff against Russia separate from the country following its attack on Ukraine.

In a letter addressed to the FIFA General Secretary Fatma Samoura, the three associations penned: Based on the current disturbing growth in the war between Russia and Ukraine, including the safety situation the Football Associations of Poland, Sweden, and the Czech Republic express their strong position that the playoff matches to qualify for the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, planned for March 24 and 29 should not be played in the region of the Russian Federation. For more to know about Qatar World Cup Tickets Click here.

The endorses to this appeal do not mirror traveling to Russia and playing football matches there. The military escalation that we are perceiving entails serious penalties and considerably lower safety for our national football teams and authorized handing over. Hence, we think FIFA and UEFA to answer promptly and Show different results about places where these undecided Qatar World Cup playoff matches could be played. On Thursday, FIFA said in a declaration that the hope for quick termination of conflicts and peace in Ukraine.

Ferocity is never a solution to battle and FIFA calls on all authorities to reestablish harmony over the rich discussion. FIFA also continues to express its harmony to the people exaggerated by this fight, FIFA said.  The football resources are equal in Ukraine and Russia, FIFA will stay to perceive the complaint and bring up-to-date about the upcoming Qatar FIFA World Cup finalists will be communicated in due course.

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Material from The Allied Press was used in this report. Sweden, a possible future opponent of Russia in the playoffs, later said they would also refuse to play them irrespective of where the match is played. Russia was due to host Poland in Path B of the European qualifying playoff semi-finals on 24 March, with the winners progressing to face either Sweden or the Czech Republic for a room at the World Cup in Qatar. Kulesza said the Polish association was in deliberations with its Swedish and Czech counterparts about the matches.

Uefa and Fifa are too late, Russia’s sports washing has served its purpose Barney Ronay said. Due to the increase of the violence of the Russian Federation towards Ukraine the Poland Football World Cup team does not plan to play the play-off match against Russia. This is the only right conclusion. We are in meetings with the Swedish and Czech associations to bring forward a joint statement to Fifa.

The Polish leader, Andrzej Duda, replied straight to Kulesza’s Twitter announcement, writing and exactly so, Mr. President. You don’t play with bandits. Poland’s prime minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, added You cannot play a FIFA World Cup match against Russia in such an environment. Acknowledge you so abundant for this verdict.

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The former Arsenal goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny, now with Juventus, also stated strong backing for the decision, writing on Instagram: The moment Putin decided to attack Ukraine he declared war not only on Ukraine but also on completely the ethics Europe position for. Even though my heart breaks while writing this, my conscience will not let me play. I refuse to play against players in the FIFA World Cup who characterize the values and principles of Russia.

In a lonely announcement, the Poland team said, We, the group of actors of the Poland World Cup team, organized with the Polish Football Association, decided that as a result of Russia’s anger against Ukraine, we do not mean to play in the play-off match against Russia. It is not an easy decision, but there are more important belongings in life than football. Our feelings are with the Ukrainian nation and our friend from the national team, Tomasz Kedziora, who is still in Kyiv with his family. The 27-year-old Kedziora is a protector for Dynamo Kyiv. The announcement was signed with the hashtags SolidarnizUkraina and NoWarPlease.

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