Qatar World Cup: Peru proclaims Lawsuit against Referee

The Peruvian Football Association informed, on Sunday, that it had censured the Brazilian referee Anderson Daronco to FIFA for his act in his team’s match in contradiction of Uruguay, in the South American qualifiers for Qatar Football World Cup, in which he did not allow a net. A goal would have intended a draw for Blanqueroga.

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The alliance informed that a solid complaint was lodged last Friday to FIFA concerning the actions of referee Anderson Daronko due to public truths, the federation published in a brief report. He clarified that he is awaiting a rapid response from FIFA World Cup authorities, according to a steady behaviour in its actions, and established that the Peruvian team is ongoing its preparations for the conclusive match contrary to Paraguay next Tuesday.

He also acknowledged the fanciful support provided by the Peruvian admirers in Montevideo last Thursday and called on them to keep on united with the belief of reaching the delightful goal in this qualifier. The matching counter to Uruguay, which ended with Celeste winning 1–0, was obvious by Daronco’s verdict not to concede a goal for Peru that would have equalled. For more to know about FIFA World Cup Tickets Click here.

The play occurred in the latter part of the match when a presentation from Miguel Trauco to protect was poisoned and protected by Uruguay goalkeeper Sergio Rochet when he was imaginary to have crossed the goal line. The word robbery was selected by fans on social networks, the television and even by the head of public, Pedro Castillo, to raise Daronco’s performance in World Cup.

With this conquest, Uruguay got its stake in the Football World Cup one date earlier than the end of the South American qualifiers, while Blanqueroga resides in fifth place and has its last choice to qualify next Tuesday in Lima, where it will host Paraguay. A victory is necessary for Peru to uphold the fifth room that permits access to the play-off compared to an Asian country.

FIFA World Cup: Andre Carrillo suffered a wrench in the match

The FIFA World Cup team Peruvian declared, on Friday, that the Peruvian winger Andre Carrillo suffered a sprain in the match contrary to Uruguay and will miss the last match contrary to Paraguay. Peru will also not tally in the central match with Jefferson Farfan and leader Paulo Guerrero, who have yet to complete the course of recovering from their protracted wounds since last year.

FIFA World Cup Tickets | Qatar World Cup Tickets | Peru Football World Cup Tickets
FIFA World Cup Tickets | Qatar World Cup Tickets | Peru Football World Cup Tickets

Livid Peru criticizes World Cup robbery subsequently being deprived of a last-gasp equaliser in the main Uruguay qualifier. Peru striker Paolo Guerrero has criticized the South American football establishments and accused them of taking away their Football World Cup qualification after they were polemically denied a late equaliser compared to Uruguay.

World Cup team Peru was 1-0 down in wound time in their crucial qualifier in Montevideo on Thursday night when Miguel Trauco’s looping shot was detained on the line by Uruguayan keeper Sergio Rochet, who then took a step back into his goal while holding the ball at arm’s distance. The Brazilian referee ruled the entire ball had not crossed the line and did not assess the incident with the video assistant referee VAR.

FIFA World Cup Tickets | Qatar World Cup Tickets | Peru Football World Cup Tickets
FIFA World Cup Tickets | Qatar World Cup Tickets | Peru Football World Cup Tickets

With all due admiration to CONMEBOL the South American Football Confederation, the referees and every one belonging to the VAR, this is not reasonable, Guerrero inscribed on Instagram. It’s intolerable. I hope they do somewhat because we played very glowing and everyone knows it. I am confident the person responsible gives the idea. They would be taking away our criterion for the Football World Cup. Defender Alexander Callens thought Peru had been robbed.

I expressed the referee to check and he whispered he had. But everybody supposed it is a goal and I’ve seen the images. It’s a goal he said. Go and look at the VAR. You have to take a look. A game of this scale. Despite the controversial downfall by Uruguay, Peru is not out of the running for a room in Qatar World Cup. If they beat Paraguay in their concluding game on Tuesday they will go into a play-off with a team from the Asian Association.

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