Criticism ill-informed, speaks World Cup chief Hassan Al-Thawadi

The secretary of the Qatar Football World Cup speaks criticism by players and managers has been ill-informed and the nation should not be apologetic about hosting the tournament. Qatar has been greatly censured for the country’s human rights record.

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“Some people have made reports that in my view were ill-informed,” Hassan Al-Thawadi.

Al-Thawadi Supposed: “We should not be apologetic over our ambitions to host this tournament because we are a football-loving region.

We are football crazy and football-mad like anywhere else. We have the real ambition to cabinet our region to the rest of the world and to change people’s insight of who we are. Homosexuality is illegal in Qatar and human rights organisations Amnesty International say women and LGBTIQ+ people continue to face discrimination in law and practice.

LGBTIQ groups engaging with FIFA over the Qatar World Cup 2022 say issues of concern remain and reassurances over the safety of LGBTIQ+ people in the Gulf nation have not been adequate. England manager Gareth Southgate has supposed it would be a great shame that some followers will feel they cannot attend the Qatar Football World Cup because of concerns over their safety, while captain Harry Kane supposed he needs to shine a light on the issues nearby the Qatar tournament.

Netherlands Football World Cup team manager Louis van Gaal has suggested that holding the event in the Middle Eastern country was about money and commercial interests. On how Qatar’s laws can be resigned with football’s focus on inclusivity and anti-discrimination,

Qatar Football World Cup Tickets | FIFA World Cup Tickets | Qatar World Cup Tickets
Qatar Football World Cup Tickets | FIFA World Cup Tickets | Qatar World Cup Tickets

Al-Thawadi supposed: “We have always supposed everybody is welcome. What we will ensure is everybody will be safe. Everyone will feel secure”.

We are attractive to the world to come to visit Qatar, to visit the Arab world, and to recognize again, for us, we’re a fairly conservative country, which income public display of warmth is something that is not within our culture. But welcoming and welcoming people from diverse parts of the world into our country is part of our ethos.

We’ve done this over the previous few years and we have people from diverse walks of life who have made a home for themselves in Qatar. I think the nature of these contests is that it allows people from dissimilar walks of life to be able to knowledge and comprehend different cultures. For more know about Qatar World Cup Tickets click here.

Qatar Football World Cup and Migrant Workers

Pardon International, which has demanded migrant workers are being broken in Qatar, has called on England’s players, staff and followers to highlight human rights worries in the run-up to the Qatar World Cup, which starts on 21 November. An account in the Guardian in February 2021 supposed 6,500 migrant workers have died in the country since the FIFA World Cup was awarded in 2010.

Qatar Football World Cup 2022 clash these figures but have not been observed publicly on them, while the Qatar government supposed in a statement: The humanity rate among these communities is within the probable variety for the size and demographics of the populace.

“If you look at the growth that’s been made over the last 12 years, I think that in himself does away with the notion of sports washing since actual growth has been made on the ground in relative to that,” Al-Thawadi supposed.

Always progress needs to be made. We accept that progress needs to be made but what we asked was also to acknowledge the work that’s been done. Qatar speaks that between 2014 and 2020 there were 37 deaths amongst labourers building Qatar Football World Cup stadiums of which 34 were non-work related.

Eight new stadiums have been built for the Football World Cup in Qatar, including the 80,000-capacity Lusail Stadium, which is the main venue for the tournament and will host the final. In 2016, Amnesty International accused Qatar of consuming forced labour, and since 2017 the government has presented events to protect migrant labourers from working in extreme heat, limit their working hours and recover conditions in workers’ camps.

In a statement, player representative organization Fifpro supposed workers continue to be subjected to abusive practices and that unscrupulous employers are not being held to account. Workers in the weakest positions from countries such as India, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Nepal, Pakistan and some African countries still dread reprisal if they condemn misuse, amateur wages and long working hours, Fifpro supposed.

“In football relations, it is not even half-time. And each success gained for worker’s leftovers fragile. Among migrants in Qatar, there is extensive fear that when the spotlight on Qatar dims after the World Cup the advances attained will peter out.”

Qatar Football World Cup Tickets | FIFA World Cup Tickets | Qatar World Cup Tickets
Qatar Football World Cup Tickets | FIFA World Cup Tickets | Qatar World Cup Tickets

Then we’ve strained our best to be able to deliver the relevant return for the families. What we have done is examined every death, strained to find the root cause and ensure that these disasters do not occur, and strain to take steps towards stopping any such disasters from happening.

Human rights, parity, democracy, the core benefits of football, we’re not in the starting 11 until many years later, she supposed. Klaveness supposed that last year Norway had debated a boycott of the World Cup, but instead voted for dialogue and pressure through Fifa as the best way to make necessary changes.

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