Ecuador Football World Cup Hernan It’s good to think only about our match regardless of the other results

Hernan Galíndez, the Star goalkeeper from the Ecuador Football World Cup team, throbbed the match alongside Paraguay for the Qualifiers heading to Qatar World Cup, which can seal the permit to the FIFA Cup World Cup.

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With the peace that everyone took, one of the features of this Squad is that I noway undervalue or overrate any contender before playing, I admire everybody inversely and we noway assumed that it was successful to be an easy match or that a game delicate to win, began Star goalkeeper Galíndez in dialogue with El Canal del Fútbol.

The star goalkeeper Hernan Galíndez stressed the peace of mind that depending on themselves gives them We noway suppose about a result before playing it and this won’t be the exception, we know the most important thing is that we depend on our thanks to all the trouble we’ve achieved to date, So that is always abecedarian, not having to look to the side, it’s always good to suppose only about our game anyhow of the other results.

About Paraguay, Galíndez goalkeeper of the Ecuador Football World Cup team stated, There’s a lot of change in the Paraguay team and well, one can come to suppose that they no longer play for nothing, but the boys who arrive are going to demonstrate and try to earn a place in their Squad, so one doesn’t You can underrate your rival. To know more about World Cup Tickets click here.

We have a veritably good group, a veritably unrestricted group, I suppose that has been one of the characteristics that the national squad has had and that’s shown at every moment that we live together and we depend a lot on each other and we believe in the work we’ve been doing and we can do now, he closed.

Hernan Galíndez “My country is Ecuador”

After the match between Ecuador and Argentina, Hernan Galíndez, goalkeeper of the Ecuador Football World Cup Team, was approached by sports intelligencers to make statements.

One of the questions they asked him was “what does it feel like to end up playing against your country’s National Squad “, about the fact that the goalkeeper was born in Argentina and came from an Ecuadorian public. His response to the goalkeeper of the Ecuadorian Soccer Team was “My country is Ecuador, Argentina is only where I was born.”

Ecuador Football World Cup Tickets | FIFA World Cup Tickets| Qatar World Cup Tickets
Ecuador Football World Cup Tickets | FIFA World Cup Tickets| Qatar World Cup Tickets

Hernan Galíndez earned a place in the Ecuadorian Football World Cup Team grounded on hard work and showing a high position under the three posts of the Catholic University at the time and now at the University of Chile, he also showed temperance in the Tricolor thing when he was called by DT Gustavo Alfaro.

Galíndez made his debut for the Ecuadorian National Team in 2021 and ended up as the starting goalkeeper for the national Squad at the end of the FIFA World Cup qualifiers in Qatar, which will be played in November 2022.

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