Qatar World Cup: FIFA World Cup is the tournament for all Arabs

The FIFA World Cup in Qatar will be a contest for all Arabs, a Qatari authorised said on Wednesday, and some news agencies reports. The World Cup will be a real accomplishment from all viewpoints because it carries a maintainable legacy for future generations in Qatar and the nations of the region, said Mohammed Rashid Al-Khanji, local and regional media professional at the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy.

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This organization is answerable for the delivery of the compulsory infrastructure for the competition. The world is enthusiastically awaiting this exceptional Qatar FIFA World Cup, he added, noting that the pace of work has improved. Concerning media preparations for the world event, Al-Khanji spoke about his ambition to invite the largest number of Arab and regional media channels.  We look forward to seeing and contributing on the Arab level with the most important media outlets.

Such as news agencies, journalists and various Arab stations, he said. We hope that they will be present in the competition to live with us the atmosphere of the event, and carry to the Arab crowds all the details of the World Cup, Al-Khanji added. On 2 December 2010, Qatar won the right to host the competition, which will take place between 21 November and 18 December 2022, with the contribution of 32 teams.

David Beckham looks onward to the huge FIFA World Cup in Qatar

Former England footballer David Beckham has spoken of his anticipation for the upcoming Qatar Football World Cup as the country formulates to host the 22nd edition of the event. Last year, Beckham signed a £150 million ($195 million/€180 million) 10-year contract to become a representative of Qatar and be the face of the contest. The contest is set to take place from November 21 to December 18 in what would be the first FIFA World Cup in Asia since South Korea and Japan co-hosted in 2002.

Without hesitation, you always suppose standards to the highest degree during the Football World Cup, said Beckham. It is the high point, the best and highest level any player can reach. For Qatar, not only is it an inspirational moment to bring together some of the biggest players and admirers from around the region, but also a chance to show off the nation, its history and values.

It is the first time that the World Cup is set to be played in the Arab world, which David Beckham hopes can produce the game in the region. I think it is a huge moment, said the 46-year-old, who has played at three publications of the World Cup. It’s an enormous step forward because we’ve always talked about the World Cup being for everyone and this is precisely what it’s about. This is one of the biggest sporting events ever held in the region, this is enormous.

The preparation of the FIFA World Cup has received criticism as it is being taken away from its usual June-July time frame to dodge the heat of the Qatari summer. However, Beckham feels this will truly suit the players much better than in previous competitions. I know that going into any competition, you’re approaching a demanding season, Beckham said. We always went into these competitions, not in faultless condition.

It’s not an explanation, it’s just a fact, that it’s hard to recover in a couple of weeks to then go into one of the most important sporting events in the world. This is flawlessly set up for the players. I’m thrilled for the players because it’s going to be mid-season, they’re all going to be strong, hopefully, they’re all going to be suitable, none of them is going to be exhausted so it’s the perfect set-up for them for the Football World Cup 2022.

Hand of God shirt from the 1986 World Cup

Diego Maradona’s iconic ‘Hand of God’ shirt from the 1986 FIFA World Cup victory over England goes up for sale at auction with Sotheby’s and the enormous £4m standby has already been met with two weeks remaining for purchasers. One of the most valuable items of memorabilia in sporting history has been put up for public sale. For more to know about England Football World Cup Tickets Click here.

Rich bidders have the gamble to buy Diego Maradona’s shirt from the 1986 Football World Cup win against England, a game in which he counted the ‘Hand of God’ goal and the Goal of the era. The football icon, who died in 2020, exchanged shirts with England midfielder Steve Hodge after full time and he has been in control of the precious item for the last 35 years. The standby of £4million has already been met by one interested buyer.

But there are two weeks lasting for bidders to stake their rights as the auction ends on May 4. Maradona’s rank as a superstar was flagged in that quarter-final in 1986. Argentina won the game by 2-1, with their little talisman misleading the referee by using his hand to notch what appeared to the office to be a header.  Hodge was tangled in the incident, passing the ball back to the goalkeeper before Maradona used his cunning to leap and reach the ball with his hand.

Afterwards, the player excellently said it was counted a little with the head of Maradona, and a little with the hand of God. His other attack in the game was voted ‘Goal of the Century’ in a FIFA election and saw him trickle around almost the entire England Football World Cup team before locating the ball past Peter Shilton.  It was the most famous game in the profession of a footballing mastermind, who was 25 at the time and went on to help his side win the contest in Mexico. 

Hodge was the lucky owner after World Cup 1986 till now

Brahm Wachter, Sotheby’s Head of Streetwear and modern collectables, said the two goals balance each other dazzlingly and reveal two surfaces of Maradona’s charm. The first was scheming and did involve a component of luck, he said. But then he counted a second goal, which was one of the most implausible almost angelic goals ever. Hodge was the lucky owner for more than three eras and previously explained how he caught it during World Cup.

He said, I was hiking down the tunnel and Maradona was coming in the opposite direction. I just pulled my shirt and we exchanged there and then. Hodge has now exposed why he is selling the iconic shirt, clearing up I have been the pleased owner of this item for over 35 years since Diego and I exchanged shirts in the tunnel after the famous game. It was a total honour to have played against one of the most wonderful football players of all time. 

It has also been a pleasure to share it with the public over the last 20 years at the Countrywide Football Museum, where it has been on exhibition. The Hand of God shirt has deep cultural meaning to the football world, the people of Argentina and the people of England and I’m sure that the new owner will have huge pride in owning the most iconic football shirt. The shirt will be on show in Sotheby’s London showroom on Bond Street during the April 20-May 4 request period.

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