Qatar University holds seminars to showcase sports, media, and Qatar World Cup

Qatar Doha, with funding from Qatar National Research Fund, attained by Dr. Moez Ben Messaoud from Qatar University, the Mass Communication Department of the College of Arts and Sciences at Qatar University planned a two-day intercontinental scientific conference on Media, Sports, and Marketing Instruments of Qatar World Cup Challenges and Potentials.

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Qatar Football World Cup Tickets | FIFA World Cup Tickets| Qatar World Cup Tickets

The meeting was coordinated by Dr. Moez Ben Messaoud, Associate Professor of Strategic Communication at the Section of Media at Qatar University, and carried together several Arab and non-Arab academics and professionals working in the media, marketing, and promotion sectors to present their insights regarding the promotion and marketing tools of the FIFA World Cup 2022 and highlight its impact on Qatar’s appearance, and the capability to promote it as a tourist terminus and a cultural capital. 

Apart from its being a chance to build communication connections between academics and professionals in several disciplines such as media and communication, sociology, global affairs, marketing, and promotion, the seminar centered on axes such as the institutionalization of sports and media, Qatar’s knowledge in sports media and its role in re-crystallizing the idea of entertainment, and the development of a new concept of sports media geopolitics.

Qatar Football World Cup Tickets | FIFA World Cup Tickets| Qatar World Cup Tickets
Qatar Football World Cup Tickets | FIFA World Cup Tickets| Qatar World Cup Tickets

Unnecessary to say that the symposium debated the importance of global sporting events in promoting the image of the Qatar World Cup organizing country and combining its national and local identity rooted in its Arab and Islamic affiliation. The references will certainly serve the FIFA World Cup 2022 communication and marketing movement. To know more about Qatar World Cup Tickets click here.

During his performance in the first session, Dr. Jamel Zran from Manouba University, Tunisia, declared that sports, like communication, are social phenomena that are powerfully present in all societies and are constantly converting, which makes them a technical topic that interferes in its multidisciplinary clarification, noting that the uncertainty that surrounds communication and sports in research reflects the societal expansion of these two wonders. 

All Expert from over all the world like Dr. Abdellatif Ben Sfiaa, Director of the Higher Institute of Information and Communication in Rabat, Kingdom of Morocco, dedicated a presentation titled, Intercontinental Sports Events and Gambling on the Media Qatar World Cup and Managing Media Performance.

Qatar Football World Cup Tickets | FIFA World Cup Tickets| Qatar World Cup Tickets
Qatar Football World Cup Tickets | FIFA World Cup Tickets| Qatar World Cup Tickets

On the standing of Olympic Games, world and central championships, and the role of the media in handling their potentials. He jagged out that the FIFA World Cup 2022 is of an exceptional environment and that Qatar is the first Arab and Islamic country to host a global event of this size.

Most Experienced Dr. Noureddine Miladi, Professor of Mass Communication at Qatar University, designated in his presentation, Media, Sports and the Development of National Identity, that some media and communication scholars trust that identity, in the recent nation-state, is no longer formed through customary means only. The country’s image is rather made through national organizations such as academies, educational systems, and the media.

In a performance titled Sports and football as substances for building local individuality and highlighting soft power the beIN Sports network as a model, Dr. Sebastian Sons, a scholar at the Centre for Applied Research in Partnership with Position CARPO in Germany, pointed out that in current years, sports and football in specific have become pertinent factors in building individuality in member states of the Gulf Assistance Council such as Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE.

Qatar Football World Cup Tickets | FIFA World Cup Tickets| Qatar World Cup Tickets
Qatar Football World Cup Tickets | FIFA World Cup Tickets| Qatar World Cup Tickets

Why Are Airbus And Qatar Airlines Sealed In A Legal Battle?

Qatar airlines blame Airbus for beating aircraft safety, and it has now rotated into a bloody legal war. In one of the worst legal fights in the history of flying, Airbus and Qatar airlines have sealed horns over an issue. Qatar airlines wanted reimbursement of 1 billion dollars from Airbus. You will be shocked to know that the 1 billion US dollars reimbursement is over a paint issue.


The Wright brothers’ first flight verified in Kitty Hawk changed human history always. Small passenger and cargo flights were previously in service within a few periods, providing faster travel to civilians. The Military also saw the possibility of aircraft in scrutiny and offensive maneuvers.

Aircraft changed from a single propeller to the modern jet age converting how people travel internationally. Boeing from USA and Airbus from Europe are the important aircraft manufacturers internationally.

Lightning issue:

Airbus was comparatively new to the aviation industry when associated with Boeing. Airbus was talented to garnish the support of numerous airlines, and Qatari airlines are one of its reliable customers. Qatar Airlines, run by the Qatari administration, has its headquarters in Qatar Doha and connects many significant locations international. Qatar has 21 Airbus 350 in its fleet.

When airplanes fly, they might be pretentious by lightning. Usually, the lightning will clear through the outer body of the Qatar Airline flight and exit at a point in the plane. The aircraft’s paint will be covered off at the exit point due to extreme heat. Usually, airline corporations repaint the part when the plane is under maintenance.

The Issue:

Qatar airlines are now gearing up for the FIFA World Cup 2022. Qatar carriers flew its Airbus 350s to -Dublin to renovate them for the occasion. While redecorating, Qatar airlines noted that the fast strikes didn’t not only cause an insincere paint peel but operational damage.

Qatar Football World Cup Tickets | FIFA World Cup Tickets| Qatar World Cup Tickets
Qatar Football World Cup Tickets | FIFA World Cup Tickets| Qatar World Cup Tickets

Qatar airlines maintain that lightning has spoiled the carbon fiber body of the flight, and it is a security concern. Airbus deprived of it as a safety concern and fluffy the issue aside. Qatar airlines were not content with the Airbus organization’s answer, so it grounded all of its A350s and rejected to fly them until Airbus did a root cause investigation.

Legal battle:

Airbus kept its posture, so Qatar airlines took Airbus to court and requested a 1 billion dollar recompense. Airbus respondent Qatar airlines of raiding Airbus to compensate for its losses due to Corona verse travel limitations.

Airbus, in turn, has kept on hold its transport of airplanes for the FIFA World cup 2022 to Qatar airlines. Many claims that Airbus must conduct detailed research on the matter as many A350s as still functioning by other airlines, and the safety of travelers is of greatest importance. The subject is still in argument in court.

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