Qatar to launch 1st animated web series ahead of FIFA World Cup

With Qatar under the worldwide spotlight as the host of the FIFA World Cup, young Qataris have thrown the 1st animated local web series called Kawkabani, after the main charm of the show. Kawkabani is resulting from the word kawkab, which means planet in Arabic. Qatar’s News Agency (QNA) reported that the 5-episode series, which is in Arabic, aims to present to a global audience.

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FIFA World Cup Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets
FIFA World Cup Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets

To the local culture whilst endorsing the major generous event. It was produced by Nefaish Animation Studio, written and scripted by Qatari writer Amal Al Shammari, and fixed by Hossein Heydar. The show’s 11-minute incidents follow the story of Kawkabani, a lost unfamiliar in Qatar. The alien, who has never wasted a World Cup, stopped his spaceship in the Sealine desert on his way to the sporting event in Qatar.

Luck looks to be in Kawkabani’s favour when he is started by 3 Qatari young men who leader home about the country and present him with the culture. Commenting on the drive of cartoons, Heydar said that the approach itself is a global language that can be unspoken by people of all ages and peoples. He said that the series is the effect of the creators’ help with different local things.

And talents to contest with a global market. Heydar is the co-founder and handling director of the Nefaish cartoon studio and Al Shammari is the co-founder and original director of the entity. The studio aims to deliver innovative story-telling approaches to connect with a wider audience. The 1st episode is going to be accessible on Nefaish’s YouTube channel on the 1st day of ‘Eid,

Which is exorbitantly taking home on 2 May. The show is backed by Qatar Football World Cup establishing body, the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC). The project has also been supported by the Doha Movie Institute (DFI) and Vodafone Qatar. The series conventional the spring 2019 grant from the DFI. World Cup Qatar mascot, star players and soundtrack.

The intro song of the series was sent by Nefaish on 20 April on YouTube to give the spectators a glimpse of the Qatari manufacturer. It showed a trivial pink alien whose judgements widen as passes by lures in Qatar and outlay time at the ‘majlis’ with the men who found him. Nefaish studio also created a Twitter account for Kawkabani under the handle Kawkabani Q for people to follow his lie.

FIFA World Cup Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets
FIFA World Cup Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets

Germany Vs Japan: Importance of culture

With up to 1.5 million football fans predictable in Qatar for the FIFA World Cup, some initiatives have been presented to deliver a cultural skill for foreign guests. Last year, the SC announced its presentation of the Host a Fan initiative, a 1st-of-a-kind project that lets households across Qatar volunteer to host visiting fans throughout sports events. The idea behind it was to promote the quality of welcome in the country, which is a basic part of the Qatari culture.

It is free of charge and will be imperfect to hosts and fans who are fully inoculated, in line with the Office of Public Health’s preventive regulations to fight the feast of Covid-19. The Supreme Committee also revealed the Football World Cup’s mascot this month, La’eeb, which understands as a ‘super expert player’ in Arabic. The charm is stirred by the Qatari old-style clothing headdress, the ghutra.

 “La’eeb inspires everyone to believe in themselves as Now is all? He will bring the joy of football to everyone, Culture has also been integrated into different football stadiums. This includes the Al Bayt Stadium, which resembles a traditional tent that was historically used. The big reveal was made on 1st of April during the FIFA Final Draw in Doha.” FIFA stated on its website.

Qatar has bent an online space platform that has around 80% of the hotel list for Qatar Football World Cup fans. Organizers complete that when friends book a hotel using the chosen site, they can be assured that their request will be satisfied and that no false price increases will occur. Fans will be able to select from 2 to 5-star hotel rooms, apartments, villas, luxury cruise ships, and desert camps finished the room portal. For more know about Football World Cup Tickets Click Here.

FIFA World Cup Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets
FIFA World Cup Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets

MSC Cruises has decided to lease 2 cruise liners to Qatar throughout the FIFA World Cup. The cruise liners, which will be posted at Doha Port and used as floating hotels, will have a total volume of 4,000 cabins and offer audiences a spectacular view of the West Bay cityscape. Rental cruise liners are regarded as a sustainable option that Qatar has been as part of its

Football World Cup lodging strategy for a while. The gulf state also decided to furnish 60,000 rooms and villas with Accor, Europe’s leading hotel worker, thru the tournament. World Cup organizers have promised cliques that the event will be as affordable as possible for everyone,” FIFA World Cup Qatar CEO Nasser Al-Khater noted in an interview with Sunspot.

The price of staying in some bed-sitters is about $80 per night while buying a room in a luxury floating hotel with eateries and recreational activities is around $180 per night. The FIFA organizers have also set a limit on room costs that hotels can cost fans. The price of a 3-star hotel is capped at around $120.

FIFA World Cup fans now have the choice to stay with their friends or kin throughout the global sporting event. The choice to host friends and domestic who are coming to see the Football World Cup is only available to Qatari nationals and people. These friends are comfy to stay with them as long as the host registers the visitors, including their passport numbers and unit info.

Qatar Football World Cup accommodation concerns

Hosts can invite up to ten people during the contest, and applications may start as early as May 2022. The application for the Hayya card will continue incomplete for international fans staying in Qatar unless they have long-established their lodging. The Hayya card is a form of documentation card that is required for all local and worldwide fans attending FIFA World Cup matches.

Route 76 is now open and operational. All other transport options for the Doha Metro’s Gold and Red Lines are by electric buses. Karwa will slowly open eight bus stations equipped with electronic charging stations in Al-Sudan, the Industrial Area, Al-Wakra, the Education City, Lusail, Gharrafa, and Msheireb from May to August 2022. Moreover, in November 2022, the West Bay Central Bus Station will open for commercial.

FIFA World Cup Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets
FIFA World Cup Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets

In addition, in the 3rd quarter of this year, Karwa will take 4 bus depots, each with all facilities and living facilities for the staff. 6 hundred bus charging devices will also be full and installed at bus stations, depots, metro stations, and other sites along the approved routes. 2 thousand 6 hundred bus stops will be built at busway and bus stop locations, with the 1st stage of the project slated to be done in October 2022. Overall, electric cars will be employed on 44.

Metro link roads and 48 public carriage routes by 2023 and outside. Qatar plans to offer safe, dependable, and nearby transport for the FIFA World Cup, with electric buses serving as the primary mode of transportation. The keenly anticipated football contest will be the 1st of its kind to feature electric mass transit buses, signifying Qatar’s commitment to clean energy carriage solutions around the world.

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