Japan vs Spain: Dangerous and concerned, Ivica Osim believed in the Japan team

Previous Japan Football World Cup team coach dies at 80. Ivica Oshima’s relationship with Japanese football began in 2003 when he took over as manager of JEF United Ichihara. An intermediate club in the Far East Football League that was convinced by the passion of JEF general manager Hidetaka Ubagai at the time. At the 1990 FIFA World Cup, Osim nearly led Yugoslavia, upset current champions Argentina when his side lost in the quarterfinals on penalties.

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Japan vs Spain Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets
Japan vs Spain Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets

Osim from Sarajevo, who played for Yugoslavia at the Olympics and later captained Japan’s World Cup team, died Sunday at the age of 80. The cause of his death is unknown. From the first year of JEF,
Osim showed a leadership style such as grinding stones to make jewels and defeating large enemies with a small number of troops. He quickly made JEF United Chiba a team that could make it to the finals.

In 2005, the club won their first title in the J-League Yamazaki Nabisco Cup now known as the YBC Levain Cup. Hard work contributed to the rapid development of JEF. Ubagai said he was surprised to learn that even after a month of Osim taking over, not a single rehearsal was repeated. Osim told Ubagai, I have between 1,000 and 2,000 measures in my head. World Cup players are inspired by a variety of Oshima practices that strengthen the body and mind.

Some people expressed concern about the harsh practice, but Osim did not pay attention. Do they play football for relaxation? No, they play football to win. He also said, Tense muscles? Do you think that if a rabbit is chased by a lion, its muscles can tense up? However, he had a keen sense of controlling the amount of training. Oshima Japan World Cup team can be tough. Don’t give the players a place where they feel comfortable, he said.

Japan vs Spain Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets
Japan vs Spain Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets

Osim expressed a memorable World Cup ambition

It is better to have a J2 Second Division player who is passionate about the game than a player without ambition. At a news conference upon his appointment, Osim expressed a memorable ambition, he wanted to improve Japan FIFA World Cup side. It was obvious he felt Japan’s soccer had strong potential after his experience as manager of JEF. This ambition apparently was based on a clear vision for bringing out more of Japan’s potential and reflected his confidence in achieving it.

In an interview with Nikkei for a column titled “Osim Japan” that ran while he accomplished the national team, he said: Predicting the future is the most difficult thing to do in any occupation, but the important thing is to find out who among the World Cup players will be viable tomorrow, not who are viable now and groom them with five years later in mind. Osim once referred to Japanese players as follows, in Japan, talented players are given the freedom not to run.

But we have to change that at the Qatar World Cup team because modern soccer will not be complete without running. Osim intended a national team skilled at ultrafast soccer, making quick transitions between offence and defence. No player should be spared from running just because they have better techniques than other players do, he said. It’s not good against opponents who can run faster and better. Japan repeated the same mistake. For more to know about Japan vs IC Play-off 2 Click here.

Japan vs Spain Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets
Japan vs Spain Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets

I don’t know how football tactics will change in the future, so it will depend on the situation. Rules such as target size and pitch. But all I can say for sure is that football will never slow down in the future, said Osim. The best runners run fast, sprint, and run faster. He spoke. Developing individual performance further in the athletic field may bring tactical progress, for example, 11 skilled technicians like Ronaldinho of Brazil running fast.

Japan World Cup players meet these necessities

Japan World Cup players meet these necessities. For example, skilled technicians like Yasuhito Endo should be able to run faster and play more violently, Osim said of the central midfielder who made 152 national team appearances while playing the bulk of his career at Gamba Osaka in Japan. To do that, players like Shunsuke Nakamura should be stronger physically, he said, referring to the midfielder who played at Scottish powerhouse Celtic FC at the time.

Japanese midfield players should run more and shoot for goals more greedily, Osim said. If there are three playmakers and goal-getters, it would be very dangerous and difficult for opponents to contain them. But the Japan Football World Cup that Osim envisioned was left unfinished when he collapsed from a stroke in November 2007 Japan failed to reach the final at the Asia Cup in July that year, but the method of taking risks to aim for goals was obvious when Japan defeated Switzerland 43 in a global friendly game in September, two months before Osim was taken with illness.

This reporter’s last long interview with Osim took place in November 2009 at a hospital in Tokyo’s Shibuya Ward, where he worked hard to rehabilitate from the stroke. He thanked the Japanese people, Japanese soccer officials and medical staff. As always, he talked about a wide range of things, including the impact the global financial crisis would have on the world and the Japan Football industry.

Japan also has a good chance to beat most nations

The Japan FIFA World Cup team has a bad habit of believing that their opponents are stronger after spending too much time doing research on them, Osim said. Spain and England could be better than Japan, but Japan also has a good chance to beat most nations. Comrade talked about the Christmas tree in the hospital lobby. Take the Christmas tree, for example. Although Japan is not a Christian country, there are more Christmas trees in Japan than in Europe.

Japan vs Spain Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets
Japan vs Spain Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets

How about Japanese football? Honestly, the Japanese Christmas tree could be darker, he said. I would say that Japanese football is different from European football. The Christmas tree may not be a good example. Oshim continued to say that he would not slander Japanese football. Japan is more friendly than Europe in terms of football association, stadium, and environment.

It is a play that can only be left behind. I don’t know if it’s sheep, history, tradition, or experience, he said. Money cannot buy experience or tradition. Money can buy Manchester United, but if you bring it to the Japan World Cup team, it is not Manchester United. The name can be bought with money, but the thoughts and energy of those who have invested in it cannot be bought with money. so is life.

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