FIFA World Cup FAQs

Qatar is hosting the FIFA World Cup. The paper answers FAQs on the contest, including rights for workers and LGBT+ people and information for fans. In November 2022, Qatar will become the 1st republic in the Middle East to host the men’s football world cup. 32 teams will participate, including England.

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FIFA World Cup Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets
FIFA World Cup Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets

Wales or Scotland may succeed in the finals via the June playoffs. Since the republic was awarded the rivalry, there have been allegations that football officials were induced to vote in support of Qatar’s bid, concerns over the action of migrant workers working on world-cup facilities, and for the rights of LGBT+ people in the republic. To its critics, Qatar ascribes a low priority to human rights,

But its protectors have pointed to developments in the rights of workers from the late 2010s. This briefing speeches key questions on the contest. For background on Qatar’s politics, the wider human rights state, including for women, and its relations with the UK, visit the Library’s Qatar Republic profile briefing.

Qatar Football World Cup: Was Qatar awarded the tournament fairly?

Allegations that Qatar bribed officials to support the state’s bid and engaged improperly with them past the Federation International de Football Association’s (FIFA) decision have not been verified. There are ongoing surveys in France and the United States, however, into aspects of the decision. 

Qatar discards the allegations as false. A 2014 FIFA report, which was available in 2017, concluded nothing unsuitable occurred in the decision to award Qatar the contest. It did, however, endorse reforms to the bidding procedure such as greater transparency and meeting with independent experts to evaluate bids.

How are migrant workers treated in Qatar?

According to Qatar’s Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs, there are more than 1.9 million migrant labourers in Qatar. They are mostly from South Asia and Africa. As non-citizens, they lack numerous rights and until reforms in 2020 had to seek their employers’ consent to change jobs and to consent and enter the country. In 2021 the least wage for all workers was also presented.

The most important allegation against Qatar is the high number of employee deaths in stadium construction. 8 stadiums have been built or refurbished for the contest. In 2021, the Guardian estimated more than 6,500 workers from 5 Asian countries died from 2010 to 2021, a figure Qatar argues to be misjudged.

FIFA World Cup Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets
FIFA World Cup Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets

The UN’s International Labor Organization (ILO) has also disapproved of Qatar for gaps in data copy. The ILO estimated that 50 workers died and 500 were harshly injured in 2020. With the contest now approaching, scrutiny is now concentrating on whether the 2020 improvements are being applied and on the rights of hospitality labourers.

What general guidance is there for guests on clothing and public displays of love?

Regardless of sexual location, Qatar’s travel website states that visitors are predictable to show respect for the local culture by avoiding unduly revealing clothing in public. It cites instances of making sure knees and shoulders are roofed. It also advises against public displays of liking by visitors. The UK Government warns that any confidence in public between men and women may lead to arrest.

Are any teams planning to boycott the tournament?

No team has loyal to boycott the cup. In 2022, England manager Southgate said he was shy about what this would achieve, given this would nasty challenging long-held views and arrogances in Qatar. The UK Government has also disallowed a boycott. In its place, it said it would engage with Qatar to recover its human rights record. This stands in contrast to the Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022, where the UK buoyed a diplomatic boycott with public officials not joining.

Qatar has loyal to hosting the 1st carbon-neutral world cup. It said this would be attained through the use of public transport, recycling, renewables and carbon offsetting e.g. implanting woodland. Meeting the goal is likely to be dependent on high levels of carbon offsetting. In 2021, FIFA estimated the contest will generate 3.6 million tons of carbon dioxide equal to carbon dioxide plus other pollutants. For more know about Japan Vs Spain Tickets Click Here.

FIFA World Cup Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets
FIFA World Cup Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets

Spain Vs Germany: What support is there for UK nationals?

The British Embassy in Doha, the wealth of Qatar, cannot offer legal advice but can help run local information (e.g. lists of lawyers, and interpreters) and support if people are victims of a crime. The UK Government has also issued advice for those planning to attend the tournament.  Queen’s grocer will soon open a store in Doha despite fears over unproven human rights abuses Fortnum & Mason will return to the Middle East

With a new store in Doha despite fears about alleged human rights misuses ahead of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. The upmarket branch store is working with a local business partner to open the site in Place Vendome, a luxury shopping mall, in the coming weeks. It will have cafe vending items including zero alcohol sparkling tea and chocolates.  In response to concerns about unproven human rights misuses in the region, chief executive Tom Athron said:

“All of those issues are hugely important to us, whether or not that is worker welfare, LBGTQ+ rights or gender equality. What we have done, with our [business] partner in the Middle East, we have done the same as we do with all our partners, which is make sure we have a clear code of”

“Practice across all of those things. If we just take Qatar, what they say is, they’re very welcoming of everyone, but they just ask that people respect their laws and customs when they’re in their country, and that’s the same as anywhere else.”

Human rights campaigners have highlighted poor working circumstances ahead of November’s Qatar Football World Cup in the Gulf state. Political leaders in Doha have said worker privileges are on a par with those in the West. The Queen’s grocer is best known for its flagship store at 181 Piccadilly in London, where it has dealt for more than 300 years. It has 3 smaller shops in the capital and another in Hong Kong.

 Japan Vs Spain: It closed its store in Dubai in 2017 after the mixed triumph.    

An important number of Fortnum patrons are from America, Europe, and the Middle East, particularly from Qatar.  Mr Athron said he did not plan on inaugural more stores, but physical retail was alive and kicking in the Middle East so more could follow if running thought they would be fruitful. The focus remains on increasing its online operations.  The cost of making some Fortnum products had risen between 5pc and 10pc,

FIFA World Cup Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets
FIFA World Cup Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets

 Mr Athron added, saying: “We’re having to surge some prices. Same-sex sexual families between both men and women are illegal in Qatar, and it is possible for men betrothed in such acts to be sentenced to death. But, there are no reports that this has been applied. Civil society sets have cited examples of hostility to LGBT+ communities, including on surveillance and censoring of LGBT+ content.”

Qatari establishments have said transgender and gay fans will be welcome, but stress public displays of affection by anyone is frowned upon. Security officials have optional rainbow flags that may be seized to protect fans. The UK Government has said it will last to work with Qatar to ensure all fans are welcome. It has bent foreign travel advice for LGBT+ people.

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