Ghana in Qatar Weight of history looms over FIFA World Cup hopes

Ghana’s Black Stars have been able to go to Qatar not long from now however it appears to be our FIFA World Cup bid is hounded by the heaviness of history. We know obviously that success generally includes a loss. You need to overcome somebody to have the option to win. That mutually advantageous arrangement individuals discuss doesn’t exist, in actuality, and positively not on the football field.

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Ghana Vs Uruguay Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets
Ghana Vs Uruguay Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets

At times what you celebrate isn’t such an excess of the way that you have won, however, that you have crushed another person. We in Ghana have some familiarity with a route. Assuming you follow the Black Stars, our public football crew, you are familiar with living with catastrophe.

Ghana Vs Uruguay: Hypertension

This is the group who’s most fervent allies watch coordinate on the TV with their eyes shut. So following these most recent Qatar Football World Cup qualifier matches was hypertension actuating trial. Eventually, we needed to overcome South Africa and Nigeria to get to Qatar. The record books will show that the second of South Africa and Ghana’s two qualifiers occurred here in Ghana where a draw wouldn’t do we needed to beat them  thus we did.

The South Africans are as yet hurting from that loss, having fallen flat to get FIFA to topple the outcomes based on what they said were a progression of sketchy choices by the ref. Whenever Ghana qualified for its very first FIFA World Cup and went to Germany in 2006, it was South Africa who we needed to beat, and we oversaw it in Johannesburg, in the second of the two matches. For more know about Football World Cup Tickets Click Here.

Ghana Vs Uruguay Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets
Ghana Vs Uruguay Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets

This time around, the South Africans have not trifled with the misfortune and seemed joined in wishing we would lose against Nigeria. There in the Abuja arena at the last match against Nigeria, we could feel the consolidated petitions of South Africans and Nigerians against us. Be that as it may, we made due and came out victors. Overcoming Nigeria has a place in an alternate domain through and through – there is no rationale or objectivity to it.

If you are a Ghanaian, there isn’t anything very as difficult as losing a football match to Nigeria. Also, we know that for our Nigerian cousins, losing a football match to Ghana isn’t simply agonizing it is provocative. The Nigerians can lose to anyone however they find losing to Ghana excruciating. I can say we sympathize with and figure out their agony.

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