Qatar Football World Cup: FIFA World Cup logo to appear on special number plates from June

The Department of Home Affairs has announced that special numbers recently auctioned off in Metrash2 will mark the Qatar World Cup 2022 starting next month. The number of special plates recently sold in Metrash2 will carry the FIFA World Cup logo. From next month, the numbers will be included on new vehicles with the new World Cup logo, said a traffic official at the Milipol Qatar Exhibition Department. The General Directorate of Traffic has organized an electronic auction of various numbers, which will conclude tonight at 10 pm.

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Qatar will host One Tide Week to raise awareness of plastic pollution

Organizers of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar will be urging individuals and businesses to dispose of disposable plastic bags during a week-long campaign, starting on May 29. The Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC), in partnership with the Seven Clean Seas, is organizing a One Tide Week campaign to promote measures to combat plastic pollution in the world’s oceans.

The campaign aims to eliminate recycled plastics as well as to promote the use of recyclable materials, including cups, containers, and cutting materials. The talks follow the March launch of the One Tide program, which informs people in Qatar, regionally, and internationally about the importance of reducing plastic waste. Every minute, the equivalent of one plastic garbage truck is dumped at sea and if this continues, by 2050 we will have more plastic in the sea than fish, said Eng.

Bodour Al Meer, Sustainability Director of SC. These plastic pollutants endanger aquatic life, threaten human health, and cause countless hidden costs to the economy. Such a global threat requires a global response from all of us, organizations, and individuals. We need to get together to fix this problem. Al Meer said the One Tide Week campaign was an important milestone in Qatar, as the country neared hosting the first FIFA World Cup in the region.

This is another opportunity to increase the capacity to host the Qatar World Cup 2022, said Al Meer. In partnership with the Seven Pure Oceans, we are spreading awareness on an important environmental issue and helping to ensure that our tournament leaves a lasting legacy for Qatar, the region, and the world.

The campaign will include a series of workshops at Al Bidda Tower for Qatari organizations and industries, as well as a roundtable discussion on future policy recommendations for dealing with plastic pollution. There will be a strong focus on the hospitality industry as One Tide conducts a series of workshops on plastic reduction to help businesses develop strategies to address this problem.

FIFA World Cup fans in UAE may have to pay up to $ 20,000 for special charter flights

Special rental flights from Dubai will be available to UAE-based football fans who are keen to watch live FIFA World Cup matches starting on November 21st. DC Aviation Al-Futtaim, a joint venture between Stuttgart-based DC Aviation GmbH and the UAE-based private corporation Dubai Corporation Al-Futtaim, will provide special lease flights from Dubai to football fans to Doha and support their teams. For more to know about Qatar World Cup tickets Click here.

We understand the power of football and how it unites people from all over the world. At DCAF we are happy as fans who will travel to Doha to support their teams, said Holger Ostheimer, director of DC Aviation Al-Futtaim. Recent industrial data show that flights from the UAE to Qatar have risen sharply ahead of a major event due to strong demand as economic prices jumped by about 1,900 percent.

The one-way economy class flight, starting from as low as Dh360 on May 25, rose to Dh7,110 on November 20, the day before the start of the major event, according to tourists. The increase in the cost of regular commercial flights closes the gap between regular and chartered flights and those who cannot afford them will buy special charter flights as we have received increased inquiries from company executives, businessmen, and businessmen, according to an official chartered private airline.

Market experts and bookmakers say the chartered airline will cost $ 5,000 per passenger or up to $ 20,000 per passenger route depending on the aircraft and other facilities included in the FIFA event package. Typically for a small group of four to six passengers traveling on a private plane during a FIFA World Cup the cost can range from $ 18,000 (aircraft) upwards if you are on the road depending on the type and size of the plane, Osteimer said.

Once in a lifetime

With less than six months to go before the start of the FIFA World Cup 2022, round-trip flights to the world’s largest sporting arena will give UAE fans a chance once in a lifetime to see their favorite team in action. Specialized charter flights from DCAF can accommodate a variety of team sizes from individuals, families, groups of friends, or companies looking to entertain their VVIP customers and partners and arrive in Doha in a sporting style, according to a statement from DC Aviation Al-Futtaim. For more to know about Spain Vs Germany Tickets click here.

Football fans will also be able to enjoy a special 1,300sqm lounge in addition to a spacious conference room, bathrooms, and more, he said. As the only VVIP Lounge and Hangars facility in Dubai South, we will provide fans with instant access from the descent of a limousine to a plane parked directly in front of the FBO thus providing unparalleled information.

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From customs and migration to security assessments conducted within the comfort of FBO, fans can board their flight in a few minutes thus giving them more time to enjoy this time, Osteimer said. The FIFA World Cup is scheduled to take place from November 21 to December 18. It is expected that the trip between Qatar and the UAE, especially from Dubai, will continue much further in the event. Currently, fly Dubai of UAE Network Company, Etihad and Air Arabia and Qatar national airline Qatar Airways operate flights between the two Gulf States.

Qatar Airways increases the frequency

Meanwhile, Qatar Airways on Wednesday announced an increase in flights from Abu Dhabi, operating three times daily from the Emirate to Doha, starting July 10, 2022. The additional flights will give passengers more flexibility and better connectivity to the Qatar Airways international network. With this increase in services, the airline will operate 21 weekly flights from Abu Dhabi, as well as a total of 56 flights from three Qatar Airways airports in the UAE Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi, according to the airport statement.

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