Switzerland vs Cameroon: Samuel Eto’o provided player, and now Cameroon as FA president

This brief respite in the crowded calendar before the next European season means the onset of an entertaining, risky and frustrating sideshow called the transfer market. Often, it can be useful to reflect on the past and how it informs the present in the Football World Cup. We are approaching the 13th anniversary of an atrocious piece of Barcelona’s summer market business that didn’t have the same economic penalties as their fresh misadventures.

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Switzerland vs Cameroon | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets
Switzerland vs Cameroon | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets

At the time, Barcelona had just gained the treble, only the fifth FIFA Football World Cup Final to do so, Pep Guardiola had emerged as a catalytic figure not only for his club but for a most exciting and intricate brand of football and footballers like Carles Puyol, Gerard Pique, Sergio Busquets, Pedro, Xavi and Andres Iniesta were about to overcome the world.

Switzerland vs Cameroon: Samuel Eto’o

Yet Samuel Eto’o, despite the top form of his career and 36 goals scored during that treble-winning season, was educated he would be offloaded to bring Zlatan Ibrahimovic from Inter Milan. You read that correctly enough adults at Camp Nou were foolish sufficient to think that getting Sweden to star instead of Africa’s top player was a beneficial exchange and that Zlatan was worth a higher transfer payment than Eto for training to play the Football World Cup.

In the procedure, Guardiola allowed Barcelona to take on a moody, self-interested player, but pressed out a ferocious, free-scoring, Tasmanian Devil force of nature to do so, and paid a €46 million fee for the training of the FIFA Football World Cup. The rest is history Zlatan lasted one hopeless season in Blaugrana colours, while Eto’o immediately became the only player in history to win the treble in successive seasons.

General, was indefensible, both in its unique form and with the benefit of hindsight. However, there was a little bit of context newly when Eto’o, now president of the Cameroon Football Federation, went into his national Football World Cup team’s dressing room following their narrow success over Burundi and let rip, using some juicy language, at the players for the the the their energies. The context is: Eto’o is not an informal man with whom to coexist.

Switzerland vs Cameroon | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets
Switzerland vs Cameroon | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets

Cameroon, who have previously qualified for the Qatar World Cup, was trying to qualify for the following African Cup of Nations. You might think that a success, featuring massive possession control, by Cameroon at the end of a long, tiring season, was, as they say, a win. Not Eto’o. He reckoned he’d observed one of the things he most despises a lack of an all-or-nothing boldness. And so, he misplaced it.

Initially, it was ironic that Eto’o, who was continually in dispute with his national FA, his employers at the club level, his colleagues and, inevitably, the broadcasting one of whom he head-butted while in the major of his career should directly use his new position to hammer the players who signify his country. Ironic because there was just such an incendiary conflagration back in Football World Cup.

In questioning Eto’o and his energy while playing for the Indomitable Lions, Milla said that he is done much for Barcelona and Inter, but nil for Cameroon. The tit-for-tat continued, with Eto’o intimidating not to bother playing for his country at the Football World Cup Final if that was how he was observed. All in all, it was a ludicrous condition that was eventually avoided, and Eto’o scored both of Cameroon’s goals as they were eliminated after a group stage containing losing finalists the Netherlands, and Japan.

So was Eto’o conscious of the likely consequences, I wonder, when he let rip at the present squad for the Football World cup while in Tanzania, where their win over Burundi was presented and was he aware that some of them may take it as badly as he took Milla’s words back in FIFA Football World Cup It wasn’t an elongated verbal battering, so I’ll reproduce greatest of it here. For more know about Football World Cup Tickets.

Switzerland vs Cameroon | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets
Switzerland vs Cameroon | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets

I think for nearly anyone outside the qualifying game, it’s the type of diatribe you’d imagine giving to a set of players if, by some magical process, you were abruptly in charge. Themes like try harder, show more pride, I’ll drop you without or don’t be under any misapprehensions that I’m the big bad supervisor would be sensible. Also, most of us believe often incorrectly that these themes are central to a Football World Cup team’s underperformance.

Whether it’s actual or, more probably, dangerous to attack modern, well-paid, pampered experts like that and let it be seen in public is highly arguable, but that’s not the key element attracting my courtesy. For anyone who saw Eto’o try to throttle a club employee for the FIFA World Cup Final who had given an offside in contradiction of him in Barcelona training who knows of his related story that as a kid he hid for months in his sister’s flat in France to enter the the that country illegally.

Who heard him raging in contradiction of Ronaldinho and Frank Rijkaard when standards were dipping at Camp Nou in the era before Guardiola was removed over or who sympathised with his almost constant railing against Fecafoot’s disorganization and self-interest back when he was their leading player, there will have been a clear sympathetic, watching this video that Eto’o hasn’t changed because he wants to win the Football World Cup Final match.

Football World Cup: Drill session

He is powered by a vast, volcanic and volatile internal fire that led him, unerringly, to speak the truth as he saw it, to not fear retribution and to treat every drill session, every match and every struggle as if it were life or death because it is his will to play the FIFA Football World Cup. This video, for those who did not have the privilege to see him in full flow back in the day when he achieved for Madrid, Mallorca, Barcelona, Inter, Chelsea and Cameroon, is Eto’o in the raw, a force of nature.

Now think for a next. How many players do you know, nowadays, who are like this not unconditionally identical in every indomitable, irascible detail, but broadly cut from a similar cloth I’ll bet that those you name, from whichever club or state Football World Cup team, are usually successful, regarded as leaders and, even if polemic figures, are well-regarded by their peers.

Switzerland vs Cameroon | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets
Switzerland vs Cameroon | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets

This latest bout of Eto’o-ism may or may not work well; certainly, Serbia, Switzerland and Brazil, Cameroon’s Football World Cup Final group stage opponents, will be watching hawkishly. But the motive I mentioned Laporta, Xavi, Cruyff, Alemany, Begiristain and Guardiola at the top of this column is that all of them are involved in trying to find a little bit of that Eto’o-style aggression which to improve their team.

For as much as they need to cut costs while adding talent, Barcelona patently lacks punchy, all-or-nothing, naked competitive violence in their team only Gavi, Pique and Jordi Alba succeed as exceptions in FIFA Football World Cup. While Manchester City staffed by Begiristain and Guardiola, who individually signed and sacked off the early Cameroon striker have, I think, just added some of these invaluable intangibles in Erling Haaland.

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