Qatar Football World Cup: The Mercury Rises and the Clock Ticks in Qatar

The sun rises before 5 a.m. and directly puts the whole city on a convection bake. By lunchtime, the high temperature has finished its systematic climb up the scale, from rare through sore to unbearable and then, finally, to corrupt. The wind off the bay offers no relief in June in Doha, even the summer breeze upsets the hot. This was to be the summer the Football World Cup came to Qatar.

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Football World Cup Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets
Football World Cup Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets

An idea that looks as ridiculous now as it did a dozen years ago, when the tiny Gulf country, let’s just say, learnt the hosting rights to soccer’s biggest contest. FIFA’s assessors had labelled a summer World Cup in the Gulf as high risk, and a single dawn’s walk this week inveterate that assessment. Still, for years, Qatari organizers assured to deliver what they had future.

Whatever FIFA asked new arenas, new hotels, new cooling skills, and a new frontier for soccer. Organizers, of course, finally came to their senses, or at least to that one sense that lets humans distinguish hot from sun’s anvil hot, and in 2015 moved the competition to the winter. The past week, though, offered a sight of what might have been.

Ever 8 days, Qatar hosted three international playoff games that strongminded the final 2 sides in the field for this year’s World Cup Australia and Costa Rica. Like so many of the tent events hosted in Doha in fresh years, the matches were a chance for Qatar to test-drive its facilities, its substructure and its tolerance for all the disparate guests.

How did that glimpse into the future look this week? Both comforting and incomplete, depending on one’s viewpoint. 5 months from the World Cup’s opening game, Qatar seems to have gotten the big things right. 7 of the 8 air-conditioned fields built or refurbished for the World Cup have hosted games, and the largest and last will have their 1st test events in the coming months.

Football World Cup Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets
Football World Cup Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets

All but 1 of the grounds are reachable by 1 of the three shiny new subway lines that speed under and finished the capital, and work lasts on office towers, apartment blocks, roads and sidewalks every day. Even with so much prepared to go, though, to see Qatar this summer, so close to its big instant, is to see a place that is a work in progress rather than a finished vision. Peru transported the most fans of any state playing this week.

Qatar Football World Cup: Qatar throughout the World Cup 32 cheering units

An unruly army more than 10k strong, but every morning it was likely to walk long city blocks without seeing a soul. Many inhabitants and visitors arose only in the evening, to sip coffees, stroll the parks and green spaces and wander the Souk Waqif, the capital’s rebuilt marketplace filling its tables, waning into its warren of stalls and shops. But even as the locals.

The Qatari relations and South Asian workers, pulled out their phones to snap photos and record videos of those fans liking this place they perhaps never thought they’d visit, 1 couldn’t help but feel that none of them could yet be sure what November would bring. Managers expect that more than a million fans overall will enter Qatar throughout the World Cup 32 cheering units.

 Just like Peru’s, but neutrals, too, all of them thronging the same spaces, enemy for the same hotels and cafe tables, all flapping their colours and carrying their hopes. Queries persevere about where all those guests will sleep, eat, shop and drink. Cruise ships and tent camps may help with that 1st problem, which leftovers the biggest unrequited question for fans and managers.

Qatar’s result to need those attending the Qatar Football World Cup to have proof of ticket purchase to enter the republic or book a hotel room could help keep the numbers down. Saudis and Emiratis who love soccer could dispense across the border to bring those numbers right back up. But the contest also is 4 full days shorter than its precursors in Brazil and Russia. If it goes into a chaotic mess,

Then at least it will be a shorter 1. There are still a few months to sort out the final details, to find the room and rent the cars and the boats, for Qatar to crop the smooth-running showpiece it assured, to flex all that shiny new soft power. The heat? That’s so low on Qatar’s list of anxieties that officials and engineers now discharge it with the wave of a hand. For more know about Football World Cup Tickets Click here.

Football World Cup Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets
Football World Cup Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets

Anyone who has spent time in the Gulf in the winter, will tell you, knows the mercury drops into the 80s by then, and it is cooler at night. Could that lower the temperature, literally and figuratively, in the fan zones and elsewhere? Maybe. On match days it won’t have to. The stadium air-conditioning systems worked

As promoted all week; on Monday, during Australia’s shootout win over Peru, blowers and vents built into the 40k -seat Al Rayyan stadium cooled the game to a comfortable 72 degrees Fahrenheit 22 Celsius, even though it was still well over 90 degrees outside the arena’s open roof and swirling metalwork shell.

In a few months, the last and most intricate system built into the 80k seat showpiece stadium in Lusail, which will host 10 games, including the final, will get its final tests. The engineer who intended it assured me this week that it would work. He had, he noted with a laugh, done the controls himself. FIFA has faced extensive criticism for awarding the 2022 FIFA World Cup to the tiny Gulf state.

Aptness to host the Football World Cup

Several Qatar’s senior players are contained in the game, with seven of their starting line-up also playing in their 0-0 friendly international draw with Slovenia in March. Defeat to Linfield is an awkward setback for Qatar as they make it to host the World Cup, which begins on November 21. Felix Sanchez’s side takes on Ecuador on the opening day of the contest.

Before facing Senegal on November 25 and the Netherlands on November 29 in their residual Group fittings. Tuesday’s game also acted as a pre-season welcoming for Linfield, who are training in Spain fast for their Champions League 1st round qualifier against The New Saints. David Healy’s side takes on the Welsh club over 2 legs on July 5 and 13. Linfield has a history of playing and beating international hostility.

They beat Kenya 1-0 at Windsor Park in 2002. Before they had hosted then ruling world champions Argentina in 1990, losing 1-0 against their South American foes. Their conquest of Qatar increases more doubts over the country’s aptness to host the Football World Cup. Nasser Al-Khater, the CEO of this winter’s rivalry, recently made a fee about public displays of liking in Qatar.

Football World Cup Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets
Football World Cup Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets

Which has a people over just over 2 million people. Qatar has never before qualified for the FIFA World Cup and was ranked 113th in the world when awarded hosting rights for the contest. Meanwhile, the country’s human rights record and action toward migrant workers have also been widely criticised since the republic was named host nation back in 2010.

“With very strict and scary penalties if you are wedged. There is a feeling this could be a very bad Qatar FIFA World Cup ­indeed for fans. The safety and security of every single fan are of the utmost rank to us. But public displays of love are frowned upon, it’s not part of our ­culture and that goes across the board to everyone.”

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