27 Greatest U.S.A Football World Cup side Soccer Players of All Time

The USA Football World Cup side or USMNT if you prefer has better dramatically over the past decade as America gradually begins to hold a sport that isn’t in the NFL, NBA, NHL or MLB. The American public’s receipt of the sport has finally allowable the nation to achieve better funding, coaching and airtime on major networks. Here are 27 of the best players that have jolted a football and called themselves American.

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Freddy Adu

Freddy Adu is the earliest goalscorer in MLS history. Now that he’s 22 years old, people are expecting him to lastly fulfil his possible as a footballer. Adu has 17 caps and two international goals to his name thus far all of which have enhanced the quality of their USA Football World Cup side.

Bart McGhee, Adelino Gonsalves

Bart McGhee is another USMNT player who didn’t victory many caps, but surely earned his place when he did feature. McGhee scored the 1st ever goal for the USA in the 1st ever World Cup. Jay DeMerit’s story is so exciting that they made a movie about it termed Rise and Shine. The Jay DeMerit Story. DeMerit left America for England with no Footballing proposals on the table.

He involuntary his way into a crew, and ultimately found himself in the English Premier League and the 2010 FIFA World Cu Adelino Gonsalves won the U.S.A Open Cup eight times as a player and played in 2 World Cups for the USMNT in 1930 and 1934. Champion. Thomas Florie was skipper of the USMNT in the 1st ever Football World Cup of 1930.

Michael Bradley, Rick Davis

Michael Bradley is the son of ex-USMNT coach Bob Bradley and now plays for Chievo in Italy’s Serie A division. Bradley has 64 caps and 9 goals, not bad for a 24-year-old. The General. Rick Davis was careful to be the best American player amongst a sea of foreigners throughout his heydey at the New York Cosmos.

Davis captained the USA Football World Cup side on multiple occasions throughout the 1980s. Standout. Ry Lassiter is a superannuated former forward who holds the record for most goals scored in an MLS season 27. Lassiter won thirty caps for the USA Football team and scored four goals. Short shorts.

Tab Ramos Carlos, Bocanegra

81 arrivals and eight goals for the USA Football Team isn’t a bad return from Tab Ramos. Ramos played midfield for the likes of Real Betis and MetroStars. Not Sergio. Carlos Bocanegra is the vice-captain of the SPL team Glasgow Rangers, and the present skipper of the USMNT. Bocanegra has 101 caps to his name thus far with XII goals. Go-to guy.

John Harkes, Jeff Agoos

John Harkes was the 1st American footballer to ever feature in the Premier League and irregularly captained the USMNT in the 1990s. Harkes won 90 caps and scored 6 goals. Debutant. Robert Millar was more known for his domestic triumph than that of the global variety. Millar coached the USMNT in the 1930 Football World Cup and featured for 9 different clubs throughout his playing career. In the 1914-15 season, Millar scored 59 goals in 34 matches for his side Bethlehem Steel.

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USA Vs Wales Tickets | Football World Cup Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets

Alexi Lalas, Joe-Max Moore

Joe-Max Moore was contained in 3 World Cups for the USMNT, winning 100 caps and scoring 24 goals. MLS side New England Revolt and EPL side Everton perhaps saw the player’s best years. Longevity. Alexi Lalas was the 1st modern-era American soccer player to play in Serie A, where he contained Padova. Lalas was inaugurated to the National Soccer Hall of Fame in 2006 and won 96 caps for the USMNT. Sideburns.

Kasey Keller, Earnie Stewart

Leicester City in the Premier League is where Kasey Keller made his name beforehand ultimately playing for Seattle Sounders in the MLS. Keller earned 101 caps throughout his career. Earnie Stewart was capped 101 times for the USMNT and scored 17 goals in the course. Stewart spent time in the Dutch leagues with Willem II and NAC before moving to MLS side D.C. United, where he won the MLS Cup in his 2nd season. Ascension.

Roy Wegerle, Marcelo Balboa

Roy Wegerle was somewhat of a journeyman throughout his club playing days and included several different sides, most notably Chelsea, Blackburn Rovers and Colorado Rapids. Wegerle had 41 international caps with 7 goals. There appears to be a steady theme of players who have seemed for the Colorado Rapids, also containing for the USMNT. Marcelo Balboa gained 128 international caps and scored 13 goals throughout his tenure as a stalwart pony-tailed defender.

Eddie Pope, Tim Howard

Eddie Pope played for the USA Football World Cup side for almost 11 years and became a mainstay of their defensive line-up during that time. Pope won 82 caps and scored 8 goals throughout that time, and ended his club career with Real Salt Lake in the MLS. Tim Howard is well on his way to being 1 of the best American players ever, but he has some way to go in being as reliable as players such as Brad Friedel. Howard has seventy-three caps to date.

Cobi Jones, Tony Meola

Famed for his dreadlock hairstyle, Cobi Jones has more caps than any other player for the Football World Cup side. Jones’s 164 caps with 15 goals saw him play the main chunk of his career with Los Angeles Galaxy in the MLS. Tony Meola played in 2 Football World Cups for the USMNT and has been initiated into the hall of fame. For more know about England Vs Wales Tickets Click here.

USA Vs Wales Tickets | Football World Cup Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets
USA Vs Wales Tickets | Football World Cup Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets

Brian McBride, Brad Friedel

Brian McBride is another American player who originates his feet in the Premier League, this time for London-based side Fulham. McBride has an outstanding international record of 96 caps and thirty goals to his name. Cottager. Brad Friedel is one of those goalkeepers who has become better and better with age.

Having been unsuccessful to make the grade with Liverpool Football Club in the Premier League, Friedel found his feet with Blackburn Rovers and Aston Villa, and now discoveries himself the 1st choice for Tottenham Hotspur at the ripe old age of forty. He has eighty-two caps for the USA Football World Cup side.

Paul Caligiuri, Thomas Dooley

Paul Caligiuri is an extra Hall of Famer who has 110 caps and 5 goals for the USMNT. Now old, Caligiuli over his career at Los Angeles Galaxy, was famed for scoring the goal that put the USA into the 1990 FIFA World Cup. Big-time player. You don’t play for Schalke, Kaiserslautern and Bayern Munich if you’re a pretty good player, and Dooley is up there with the best that have ever frolicked for the USA. Dooley gained 81 caps and scored 7 goals during his global career. Quality.

Eric Wynalda, Clint Dempsey

Clint Dempsey is probably the best midfielder that has ever come out of America. He is the current Premier League goalscoring record holder for Fulham, despite playing in midfield for most of his career. Dempsey has scored 25 goals in just 83 international advents for his country.

Eric Wynalda scored the first goal in Major League Soccer history in 1996 and was the all-time leading goalscorer for the USMNT Football World Cup team until Landon Donovan came along. Wynalda has thirty-four goals in one hundred and seven international arrivals.

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USA Vs Wales Tickets | Football World Cup Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets

Claudio Reyna, Landon Donovan

Claudio Reyna is considered by some people to be the U.S.A Football World Cup team’s best player ever. Having played for Rangers, Sunderland, Manchester City and New York Red Bulls, Reyna can boast a wealth of knowledge. He has 111 international caps and eight goals.

Landon Donovan is the USMNT all-time leader in goals and contributions. He has won 138 caps and scored 46 goals along with a career which has understood him to play for Bayer Leverkusen, Bayern Munich, Everton and Los Angeles Galaxy. Donovan is perhaps the best that the USMNT Football World Cup team has ever had.

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