Football World Cup: Saudi Arabia national football team

The Saudi Arabia national football team signifies Saudi Arabia in men’s international football, and the team’s colours are green and white. Saudi Arabia has known as-Suqour the Falcons and Al-Akhdhar the Green the team representing both FIFA and Asian Football Confederation. Considered one of Asia’s most successful national teams, Saudi Arabia has won the Asian Cup 3 times, reached a joint-record of 6 Asian Cup finals and has qualified for the World Cup 6 times since debuting at the 1994 event.

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Saudi Arabia Vs Mexico Tickets | Football World Cup Tickets Qatar | Football World Cup Tickets
Saudi Arabia Vs Mexico Tickets | Football World Cup Tickets Qatar | Football World Cup Tickets

Saudi Arabia is the first AFC nation to reach the final of a senior FIFA competition when it was achieved during the 1992 King Fahd Cup, which would eventually become the eventual FIFA Confederations Cup. Only Australia and Japan achieved to repeat this feat, in 1997 and 2001, though Australia achieved it when it was a member of the OFC. In the 1994 Football World Cup, under the leadership of Jorge Solari, Saudi Arabia beat both Belgium and Morocco in the group stage before falling to Sweden.

Thus Saudi Arabia became the second Arab national football team in history to reach the Round of 16 in a World Cup, after Morocco’s Round of 16 elimination in the 1986 FIFA World Cup, and one of the few Asian state football teams others being Australia, Japan, South Korea, North Korea to accomplish such a feat to date.

FIFA World Cup: The idea of a Saudi national team

The idea of a Saudi national team 1st came about in 1951, when a Saudi XI team consisting of players from Al-Wehda and Al-Ahli took part in a friendly game in contradiction of the Egyptian Ministry of Health on June 27, 1951, at the Al-Saban Stadium in Jeddah. The following day, the Egyptians took on a Saudi national World Cup team made up of players from Al-Ittihad and Al-Hilal in Al-Bahri in Jeddah.

On August 2, 1951, His Royal Highness Prince Abdullah Al-Faisal organized the 3rd friendly with the Egyptian team against a Saudi National Football World Cup with players from Al-Wehda, and Al-Ahli. By then the knowledge of a national select team to represent the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was now in full flow, and in 1953 the first-ever Saudi team travelled to play friendly matches abroad.

The same year, a Saudi team travelled to Damascus to play welcoming matches as part of then-Crown Prince Saud bin Abdulaziz’s visit to the country in April 1953. In 1957, the Saudi national World Cup team took part in their 1st international tournament at the 2nd Pan-Arab Games in Beirut, where King Saud was requested to attend the inaugural ceremony and the inauguration of the Camille Chamoun Sports City Stadium with Lebanese President Camille Chamoun on October 18, 1957.

Saudi Arabia Vs Mexico Tickets | Football World Cup Tickets Qatar | Football World Cup Tickets
Saudi Arabia Vs Mexico Tickets | Football World Cup Tickets Qatar | Football World Cup Tickets

The 1st game played at the stadium was between the national teams of Lebanon and Saudi Arabia. Abdulmajeed Kayal counted for the Saudis while Levon Altonian netted for his side. The Saudi Football World Cup team players came from teams from Jeddah and Mecca, while the team was given support and help from Prince Abdullah Al-Faisal for their trip to Beirut.

Though their football federation was established in 1956, the Saudi Arabia national World Cup team did not contribute to a tournament until they were capable for the AFC Asian Cup in 1984, which they gained. They subsequently became one of Asia’s most successful national World Cup teams, reaching the next four consecutive Asian Cup finals and winning two of them in 1988 and 1996. They have fit for every Asian Cup since, but their best performance in that period was reaching the final in 2007.

Saudi Arabia is capable of their 1st FIFA World Cup in 1994. Under the leadership of Jorge Solari and with talents like Saeed Al-Owairan and Sami Al-Jaber, reinforced by national veteran Majed Abdullah as team captain, Saudi Arabia weary both Belgium and Morocco in the group period before dropping to Sweden in the Round of sixteen. Saudi Arabia qualified for the next 3 Cups, built did not win a group stage match in any of them. They are unsuccessful to qualify for the 2010 and 2014 tournaments. For more know about Football World Cup Tickets.

Saudi Arabia secured a requirement for the 2018 tournament, ahead of Australia. However, they started on a sour note by letting host Russia rout them 0–5 in this opening match, making this the 2nd second-large story of any host nation at the World Cup. The record of the host’s largest opening conquest is still by Italy, beating the United States 7–1, in 1934. Once again, Saudi Arabia was unsuccessful to reach the next round, after suffering another overthrow, this time, losing 0–1 to Uruguay.

Saudi Arabia’s routine in the tournament was deemed to be their worst performance since the 2002 Cup, where they were beaten 8-0 by Germany in their inaugural game and finished 32nd and bottom in the final rankings. Though they were eliminated, they managed to salvage some pride by winning their final group stage match and their first win at a FIFA World Cup since 1994 against Red Sea neighbours Egypt.

Saudi Arabia Vs Mexico Tickets | Football World Cup Tickets Qatar | Football World Cup Tickets
Saudi Arabia Vs Mexico Tickets | Football World Cup Tickets Qatar | Football World Cup Tickets

After the 2018 World Cup, Saudi Arabia participated in the 2019 AFC Asian Cup with very high optimism after an acceptable presentation in the Cup, with the Saudi winning the 1st World Cup game since 1994 the edition. However, Saudi Arabia finished 2nd in the group stage, after falling to Qatar in the final game, and had to face another giant, Japan, in the round of 16. The Saudis dominated the whole game, but eventually lost 0–1 due to a poor final and crashed off from the competition.

On 15 October 2019, Saudi Arabia Football World Cup played its 1st-ever game with Palestine in the West Bank; the game marked an alteration in policy for Saudi Arabia, which has previously played matches in contradiction to the Palestinian team in 3rd-party countries. The visit was condemned by some Palestinian activists, who considered the game as a start of normalizing the relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel, but it was viewed by the Palestinian State Authority support.

Football World Cup Final: The game ended in a scoreless

The game ended in a scoreless draw. Due to past reasons, matches in contradiction to Iran have been frequently followed and seen by Saudis as the most important rival. This stems from the strong hatred between Saudi Arabia’s national World cup and particularly law in recent years due to religious sectarianism and old enmities. Saudi Arabia is trailing behind the series, but only one game overthrow, with 4 wins, 6 draws and 5 losses. It’s one of the 10 months of heated rivalries with political influence.

Saudi Arabia’s other heated rival is Iraq. Though, the rivalry only began in 1970sthe. Due to the Gulf War, in which Iraq invaded Saudi Arabia’s ally Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Iraq eventually become bitter rivals to salvage Arab pride. The 2 countries since then have had a hand p-and-down in relations, often ranging from lack of cooperation and political confrontation about the FIFA World Cup.

Saudi Arabia almost pulled out of the World Cup after the country was rejected to host the competition in a move believed to be motivated by Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia’s other rivals are mostly from football, notably Qatar, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates. Historically, Saudi Arabs played most of their home competitions in King Fahd International Stadium, located in the capital Riyadh.

Saudi Arabia Vs Mexico Tickets | Football World Cup Tickets Qatar | Football World Cup Tickets
Saudi Arabia Vs Mexico Tickets | Football World Cup Tickets Qatar | Football World Cup Tickets

The stadium was also where some of Saudi Arabia’s most significant fixtures were when the country hosted the first 3 King Fahd Cups predecessor of the Confederations Cup. The stadium was also home to some of Saudi Arabia’s big games in the FIFA World Cup qualifiers. Saudi Arabia is ongoing to diversify the use of venues from outside Riyadh in the 2000s, with the 2002 Cup qualifiers’ 1st round played in Prince Mohamed bin Fahd Stadium in Dammam.

The 2nd round was played entirely in Prince Faisal bin Fahd Stadium. In the 2006 FIFA World Cup qualifiers’ 2nd round in contradiction of Sri Lanka and at the first fixture in contradiction of Uzbekistan in the third round, Saudi Arabia played again in Prince Mohamed bin Fahd Stadium. It was accelerated from the 2010s onward as Saudi Arabia began to play frequent home fixtures in the newly built King Abdullah Sports City in Jeddah and Marisol Park also in Riyadh.

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