England Vs USA: Will Luca de la Torre’s La Liga move to Celta Vigo result in a USA Football World Cup spot?

USA Football World Cup team player Luca de la Torre is accustomed to placing bets on himself and winning them. He moved from San Diego to the Fulham academy when he was 15 years old. De la Torre progressed through the levels and eventually made the first team, but after experiencing a lack of playing time, he transferred to the lowly Dutch club Heracles Almelo in 2020. The 24-year-old midfielder is moving to the league that many consider being the best in the world.

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Which will put him to the test like never before. But he welcomes the action. He spoke to ESPN over the phone from Vigo and said, It’s the kind of step-up I wanted, to a really good league, and a team that kind of fits my style of play. They enjoy holding onto the ball. They enjoy playing highly aggressive football. It’s a great place to be because the manager also expects a lot of work ethic off the ball, which I believe kind of fits me as a player.

The impact of the change on De la Torre’s hopes for the United States national team may be the largest concern. He very likely would have been guaranteed playing time had he continued with Heracles, albeit in the Dutch second division after the club was demoted. His chances of making the American team for the Qatar Football World Cup were not anticipated to increase under that circumstance.

But now, with the Football World Cup only four months away, he’ll be attempting to break into a Celta team that placed 11th last season. De la Torre was referred to as a player to increase the level of competitiveness in the team but not as an immediate starter in a report from the Spanish publication Marca that was translated into English. That description may not be flattering, but De la Torre doesn’t feel the situation to be threatening.

He’s been here before, after all. According to how I see myself, every job move I ultimately have to make will always be ambitious and a step up in the level of competition, he said. I appreciate that. I’ve kind of embraced that circumstance, which is why I’ve had success with the national team. I’m glad to have that here, therefore. I also had to earn a spot with Heracles. Football always uses the same strategy. With such talented players.

I believe this will be incredibly enjoyable. The typical requirements for adjusting to a new culture and language will be present as a result of the migration. De la Torre obtained his father’s Spanish passport, but whatever Spanish language abilities he had possessed have long since vanished. He said I’m going to have to take lessons. Although De la Torre believes that his passing and ability to move the ball on the dribble match up well with his new setting.

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England VS USA Tickets | Qatar FIFA World Cup Tickets

There is also the adjustment to the team’s style. I believe that many people would describe me as being somewhat of a stereotypical Spanish player, you know, highly technical. I, therefore, believe I’ll blend in well here. He progressed similarly with the American team. De la Torre was only called up with the entire team toward the end of 2021, and as Qatar Football World Cup qualification progressed.

His duties grew, including starts in pivotal games against Honduras and Panama, both of which the United States won. De la Torre has advanced to the point where he wants to start the game rather than just board the plane to Qatar Football World Cup. That goal is doable given Berhalter’s constant tinkering with his midfield and the reality that injuries are a constant concern. Making the most of his transfer to Celta will be necessary for him to seize it.

According to De la Torre, Berhalter approved of the transfer because it suited the player’s skill set. I need to get used to a new club, which often takes some time, but I want to start playing as soon as possible, get some playing time, and truly prove my worth here so that I can influence the national team, he said. There has been a wager placed by De la Torre. It’s now time to see if it will be profitable.

English midfielder discusses his Chelsea contract, the World Cup, and moving up the ladder

Mason Mount is eager to extend his time at Chelsea by signing a new deal there before the club makes a serious run at the Premier League championship this coming season. The present contract for the England Football World Cup team midfielder expires in June 2024, but Mount says he is already preparing for negotiations with the club’s new owner. To Know more about Football World Cup Tickets click here.

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England VS USA Tickets | Qatar FIFA World Cup Tickets

Last season, Chelsea placed third in the Premier League and missed out on domestic hardware after losing to Liverpool in both the League Cup and FA Cup on penalties. However, Mount is aiming for additional accolades for both club and nation in the upcoming season. I just have two years, but I couldn’t be happier at this club. Since I’ve lived here since I was six years old, I anticipate that the conversations will begin sometime in the coming months, which is great.

Each new year is unique. Coming to Los Angeles has been a great opportunity for me to get back into it because I didn’t get to go on a preseason tour the previous season. All the boys have been buzzing, and there is a great vibe in the group. Our goal is to resume training and diligent effort. We’re about to enter a really busy season. I feel like I’m getting older and more experienced after every year, but I still feel youthful, so I need to step up and take the lead.

It might be challenging when you return from a preseason trip, but because I play quite a few games and am seasoned for my age, I can speak to the younger boys and instil confidence in them when they come to train. Since he signed his current contract three years ago, Mount’s standing has increased, but the England international is aware that every area needs to be improved if Chelsea is to close the 19-point deficit to reigning champions Manchester City.

Although the first full season under Thomas Tuchel wasn’t altogether barren with victories in the European Super Cup and Club World Cup, the ambitious Mount is still eager for more as England gears up for the upcoming Qatar Football World Cup, which begins in November. The season prior, I thought I succeeded off the ball by working hard, being a team member who won back balls and pressed from the front, and last season.

I focused on increasing the numbers and being in the top three in terms of goals and assists. Before the season, I established goals that I was able to accomplish. It was a good season for me. Although I could have performed better over the entire season, I was nevertheless delighted with it overall, and you can now eagerly anticipate the next. After 16 rounds of Premier League play, the current season is interrupted for the Qatar Football World Cup.

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England VS USA Tickets | Qatar FIFA World Cup Tickets

Thus the players going to the competition will face a different obstacle this time. Mount is prepared to handle it with ease. It will be strange to stop around Christmas and resume after it. We’ll see what happens. We are anticipating and anticipating the Football World Cup with great excitement. The nation is in such a frenzy, especially in light of the recent Euros events. However, for us as players, it will be a protracted season.

A solid start is necessary. You want to enter the Football World Cup with positive feelings and strong team performance. I certainly hope it is. It will be great because this group includes a couple of lads from England and one from the United States who will be in our group. We simply need to continue to be a solid unit.

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