England Vs Wales: Ben Chilwell Reveals England Qatar Football World Cup Dream

After using it as an encouragement to come back from injury, Ben Chilwell has expressed his aspirations of being selected for the England team in the Qatar Football World Cup. Following a season-long absence due to an ACL injury, the Chelsea defender made his comeback in May against Wolves on the penultimate day of play. He was required to get surgery before the new year after suffering an injury in training after he was taken off against Juventus back in November 2021.

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England VS Wales Tickets | Qatar FIFA World Cup Tickets

Chilwell has returned to preseason along with the rest of the Chelsea team, who are currently playing three games in America. Chilwell will be looking to rack up some quality playing time before the Premier League season kicks off on August 6 against Everton. Emerson Palmieri will be his rival, while fellow left-wing-back Marcos Alonso is most likely to go on to Barcelona this summer. However, Chilwell will be Thomas Tuchel’s first pick, and if he is healthy, he will be chosen.

The defender has his sights set on more than just a return to the England team for the Football World Cup later this year. Chilwell is hoping to participate in the World Cup, and Luke Shaw, Kieran Trippier, and Tyrick Mitchell are set to be vying for the left-back places in Gareth Southgate’s team. In an interview with the media, Chilwell stated, I’m back in full training now. I trained with the group in the last week of the season and came on for a few minutes.

After a demanding six months of rehabilitation, it has been good to be away from it all for a few weeks. I’ve been here for three weeks and returned early, and I feel prepared. It was broken on Christmas Day. During a workout outside, I fell on my knee. I visited my surgeon, Andy Williams, on Boxing Day, and we decided to proceed with the procedure. I was fairly upbeat and took it in stride. I believed it could help me mentally.

Both the Chelsea season and the World Cup are major motivators. I’m convinced I’ll make the team if I do well between now and then. That’s how I think, therefore I wasn’t concerned. To give me the best opportunity of being selected, I simply wanted to play well for Chelsea for four months while being the best version of myself. Since I can remember, I’ve always wanted to play in the Football World Cup. Knowing that it’s coming up gives me even more incentive to try to earn a berth.

England VS Wales Tickets | Qatar FIFA World Cup Tickets | Qatar World Cup Tickets | Football World Cup Tickets | FIFA World Cup Tickets
England VS Wales Tickets | Qatar FIFA World Cup Tickets

Particularly following the Euros, which was a trying period for me. I want to play left-back for the squad, and I believe we can perform admirably and advance far. It would be incredible. It would be the pinnacle of both my life and my work. I will therefore work for it for the ensuing four months. Welsh supporters will be eager to watch Rangers players Tom Lawrence and Rabbi Matondo in action.

WELSH supporters will be ecstatic to see Tom Lawrence and Rabbi Matondo play for the Rangers. According to Nathan Blake, a former Dragons hero. According to an exclusive scoop from Herald & Times, Lawrence joined the club last week. Joe Aribo, who completed his transfer to Southampton over the weekend, was replaced by the 28-year-old. Although Matondo hasn’t officially signed with Rangers, a £3 million agreement is likely to bring him and his fellow Welshman together this week.

And according to Blake, Lawrence and Matondo may break onto Rob Page’s national team roster for this winter’s Qatar Football World Cup as a result of their prospective performances at Ibrox. It’s fantastic for Welsh football to have two lads competing at the highest level in Scotland, he told the Scottish Sun. Without insult to Belgium, I would rather that they perform there rather than, say, in that country. But I am aware of the Scottish league’s difficulty.

Okay, so one of the top two usually wins, but there is still competition. If you play for Rangers, you still need to defeat Celtic winning and drawing just won’t cut it. It’s a way of thinking that you have to adopt. When I was a little bit of an agent, I always told the youngsters that if they were going to Scotland, they had to play for one of the big two teams. It represents the peak of Scottish football, whether it be Rangers or Celtic. To know more about Football World Cup Tickets click here.

England VS Wales Tickets | Qatar FIFA World Cup Tickets | Qatar World Cup Tickets | Football World Cup Tickets | FIFA World Cup Tickets
England VS Wales Tickets | Qatar FIFA World Cup Tickets

Simply put, I believe it’s fantastic for the Wales Football World Cup team that these two men are there together right now. More significantly, having that kind of opportunity for those players is amazing. Blake inserted Tom is skilled and a great player. He will excel for the Rangers. He is, in my opinion, an undervalued player. He plays more effectively than many people give him credit for. I’ve suggested he join the Welsh team, so I’m not sure why he hasn’t played more frequently.

I am aware of the circumstances at Derby, and he may have had one or two problems personally. But I believe he has a fantastic opportunity there. By the Football World Cup, if he can go and score 15 goals, which he is more than capable of doing? He puts himself in a fantastic position to be selected for that group, even if he only scores 12 or 13 points and provides five or six assists. Several years ago, he was the flavour of the month. He has demonstrated his abilities on a global scale.

Can he accomplish it? Yes. Does he perform it frequently enough for Wales? Yes.  It’s terrible that he’s been having trouble with his club. But because I am familiar with Rob Page, I am certain that Tom is on his mind. Rabbi is clearly at his breaking point. He must perform well on the field, score goals, provide assists, and ensure that the board the trip to Qatar Football World Cup. It is encouraging for Wales and the Rangers.

it can act as an inspiration for McKenna on Burns Wales debut

Wes Burns’ recent Wales debut, in the opinion of Ipswich Town manager Kieran McKenna, may be useful in luring new players to the team. Burns played third-tier football for Fleetwood Town for five seasons before joining Portman Road for a pittance last summer. The former Bristol City youth, though, was transformed by Paul Cook from a right-back into a flying winger, and after McKenna took over in December.

England VS Wales Tickets | Qatar FIFA World Cup Tickets | Qatar World Cup Tickets | Football World Cup Tickets | FIFA World Cup Tickets
England VS Wales Tickets | Qatar FIFA World Cup Tickets

he hit his stride when employed as an advanced right wing-back. He won multiple season-ending honours, signed a new, better deal through 2025, finished the season as Town’s leading scorer with 13 goals, and received his first three international caps against Poland, Belgium, and Holland in the Nations League. If Burns is selected for Wales’ team for the winter Qatar Football World Cup and is subsequently absent for Town’s matches in late November and early December.

McKenna responded I think it’s an excellent advert for the club. We didn’t pay a big sum or anything like that to obtain him from Fleetwood. Wes was 26 when he came here. His professional arc hadn’t gotten too long. But he found the right fit here, we all rallied behind him, he feels confident, he feels at home, and he’s kicked on in his career, said the coach, and he’s had a good League One career up until then.

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