Upcoming destinations for visitors in Qatar during the Football World cup

Before the Qatar Football World Cup kicks off in November an assortment of extraordinary new tourism developments will open around Qatar. From a winter-sun wonderland to a water sports paradise, these developments each add a little special to the country’s diverse mix of values and activities to fit every type of traveller.

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Upcoming destinations for visitors in Qatar during the Football World cup
Upcoming destinations for visitors in Qatar during the Football World cup

Corresponding to Qatar Tourism, by the year 2030, enticing over six million international tourists will be the target to make Qatar the quickest growing target in the Middle East. Qatar seeks to exploit the inflow of over one million visitors for the Football World Cup 2022 and show the world its hidden gems and unmissable holiday ability.

CEO of Qatar Tourism, Berthold Trenkel, stated: “The countdown to the Football World Cup is well on track and there are lots of world-class attractions to come before the matches begin. Amongst the buzz over the game itself, we hope people are wowed by Qatar’s state-of-the-art new tourism developments, boosting the country’s interest as a leading holiday destination. There are new beaches for those looking for sun, sea, and sand, theme parks and water sports hotels for the adventurous, and lots of new resorts, spas, and restaurants for tourists seeking a more peaceful getaway.”

Doha Winter Wonderland for Qatar World Cup

The first target that is likely to attract over 1.5 million tourists per year is located at Al Maha Island in Lusail city. The theme park will be open from November to March every year. The park will host fifty fun rides ten thrill rides with a 395-roller coaster, 25 family trips with a giant 150 ft Ferris Wheel, and 15 children’s rides.

Upcoming destinations for visitors in Qatar during the Football World cup
Upcoming destinations for visitors in Qatar during the Football World cup

Doha Winter Wonderland, which will include seafront chalets, restaurants, festival matches, rides, and cafes, bringing the festive spirit to the Middle East, will be operated by IMG, the same company that turns Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park each year.

Fuwairit Kite Beach for Football World Cup

Situated on Qatar’s northern coast in Fuwairit village, with warm clear water and constant wind, Fuwairit Kite Beach resort is supposed to be the global home of kitesurfing. It’s created in a way that draws to the Kitesurfer’s lifestyle, outfitted with restaurants, a pool and yoga studio, and other services.

Fuwairit is a coastal village an easy hour drive north of Doha with superb kitesurfing conditions thanks to steady winds, ideal sea water, and powder-soft sands.

Upcoming destinations for visitors in Qatar during the Football World cup
Upcoming destinations for visitors in Qatar during the Football World cup

The Outpost Al Barari for FIFA World Cup 

The Station will be the first of its kind in Qatar, combining close-to-nature events, sustainability, and luxury hospitality into one lovely resort in the globally unique Inland Sea nature preserve.
Encircled by soaring dunes and desert wilderness, twenty-one luxury lodges with secluded pools will offer the perfect refuge from chaotic city life.

Astronomy, warm air ballooning, and immersive desert go where you will learn about the local wildlife will be among the events on offer, alongside Emerge in Nature spa treatments and sensational culinary skills.

Upcoming destinations for visitors in Qatar during the Football World cup
Upcoming destinations for visitors in Qatar during the Football World cup

Qetaifan Island North and World Cup

Advertised as the first Entertainment Island in Qatar, Qetaifan Island North will feature swimming hotels, beach clubs, and a water park with 36 rides with The Icon Tower zone, including an 85-meter-high slide set to grow to be the highest of its kind in the world.

Set over 1.3 million rectangular meters, the island is close to the Lusail Stadium, where the final of the Qatar Football World Cup will take place.

Upcoming destinations for visitors in Qatar during the Football World cup
Upcoming destinations for visitors in Qatar during the Football World cup

Football World Cup and West Bay North Beach Project

The West Bay North Beach design is situated along the business area in Doha, 10 minutes away from West Bay Metro Station and close to several leading shopping outlets, parks, and hotels. As a portion of the first phase, 6 coasts will be delivered for hotels nearby West Bay to improve tourism, but the second phase will be revealed at a later stage.

The plan will add a unique leisure destination for families and tourists in Qatar to enjoy exceptional services and perform diverse events in a single destination. The project is likely to become a major new tourist draw in Qatar. The public and personal beach areas will offer distinctive beach events with a wide variety of food and drink gifts, to make a sought-after city beach feel for everybody to enjoy.

The wave of new roads and advantages adds to a flurry of gaps in Qatar over the last couple of years. In March 2022, the 3-2-1 Qatar Olympic and Sports Museum were revealed as one world’s most modernized sports museums. In 2021 one of the area’s largest theme parks called Desert Falls Water & Adventure Park began with twenty-eight slides and rides. And last summer a theme park called Quest Doha was revealed highlighting the world’s tallest enclosed rollercoaster.

There will also be lots of thrilling events in Qatar after the Football World Cup 2022. The country will host a Qatar Formula 1 Grand Prix for at least a period from 2023, along with the new Geneva International Motorshow Qatar. For more to know about Football World Cup Tickets click here.

Upcoming destinations for visitors in Qatar during the Football World cup
Upcoming destinations for visitors in Qatar during the Football World cup

Why Qatar Airways Is Planning for Pain During Football World Cup in Its Country

Qatar Airways will cut off flying and may lose money, throughout the Football World Cup in Doha later this year. Then that may not matter as the country takes to boost its product with the event. Large sporting events are frequently known for their athleticism and big displays of national pride by the host. A successful Olympics or FIFA World Cup can go as far as to set a country on the map in conditions of global appreciation.

However, these experiences are often a distinct story for airlines. They can be a drag on profits and even loss-makers as profitable business travellers, and other non-event-related trips, are rescheduled or ditched entirely during these periods.

That is what Qatar Airways is making for when its namesake country hosts the Federation International de Football Association’s FIFA Football World Cup later this year, from November 21 to December 18. It is an agony that we will have to take, and it is only for 30 days, Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker told of the sporting event at the Farnborough Air Show in the UK on Tuesday.

Time Al Baker did not go as far as to say the airline would lose money through the games, Qatar Airways will postpone flights or reduce timetables to more than thirty targets around the world. It will also overhaul its plan at the Doha airport to release space for other airlines to add flights throughout the Football World Cup, he added. Destinations that will see decreased service are ones where few observers are likely to travel to see the games, for example from nations that did not qualify for the Football World Cup.

Tanzania and Mogadishu, Kilimanjaro, and Zanzibar, Somalia is among the targets that Qatar Airways will suspend during the world cup, Cirium plans show. At the same time, the carrier will add flights to other shops, including Chicago O’Hare and Madrid. In total, it will operate 10% fewer flights worldwide in November, when the Football World Cup starts, than during the month earlier.

Upcoming destinations for visitors in Qatar during the Football World cup
Upcoming destinations for visitors in Qatar during the Football World cup

The final number of flights that Qatar Airways will postpone has not been completed, Al Baker stated. Other Middle Eastern airlines plan to add air travel to Doha during the football world cup. Air shuttles will be accessible from Dubai on Flydubai, Kuwait City on Kuwait Airways, Muscat on Oman Air, and Riyadh on Saudia. The extra flights will help relieve what is likely to be an alteration crunch in Doha during the event Football World Cup.

British Airways’ knowledge during the 2012 Olympics in London shows the financial consequences for airlines. While its parent company, International Airlines Group, did not lose money during the matches that crossed July and August that year, IAG did report a substantial hit to unit profits the amount an airline makes holding a passenger per mile, or kilometre in British Airways’ case as an outcome.

Revenue presentation for the quarter has been affected quite heavily by the Olympic Games, then IAG Chief Financial Officer Enrique Dupuy de Lome Chavarri told in November 2012. We knew the Olympics were going to have a dilutive impact on revenues, on unit profits. It’s not about volumes. It’s just about the mix of road traffic.

What was less obvious is what British Airways earned from its sponsorship of the matches. Its name and brand were included prominently during the Olympics, which then CEO Keith Williams stated in 2012 helped enhance UK consumers’ views of British Airways. What was less clear was whether that changed to financial help for the airline.

Qatar Airways is the official airline of the 2022 Football World Cup, and its brand will similarly be featured highly during the event. The financial toll of the event beyond the “pain” Al Baker mentioned is, yet, unclear.

Only losses may not be a problem for Qatar Airways. The Qatari airline is state held rather than publicly swapped as IAG was and an element of the country’s soft power all around the world. A brief time in the red may be less crucial to the carrier than the global coverage it will receive during the Football World Cup.

The Football World Cup will be a distinctive marketing springboard to put Qatar tightly on the map of tourism and drive understanding and respect for the destination, Qatar Tourism CEO Berthold Trenkel stated in April.

Upcoming destinations for visitors in Qatar during the Football World cup
Upcoming destinations for visitors in Qatar during the Football World cup

Qatar Airways has then seen a robust rescue from the pandemic. Al Baker told the airline improved its market share with travellers by ongoing to provide global connectivity during the widespread pandemic lockdowns in 2020. Many other airlines grounded most of their planes, particularly the ones that flew long-haul international roads, at the time.

And travel need remains strong, especially in markets where limits have eased, Al Baker stated. Demand is so strong, that the airline had to briefly resume flying its largest passenger aircraft, the Airbus A380, despite his view that the plane was his biggest mistake a view Al Baker reiterated Tuesday to meet the marketplace.

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