Southampton new signings for Liverpool Premier League & Pete Haynes set to leave for Southampton

It is early days, however, but after the first two games 5 out of our 6 summer Premier League signings have made a decent influence on the side and that can only be decent for the rest of the season. I would say I was shocked at the amount of cynicism on social media this summer in the Liverpool Premier League when it comes to the Saint’s chances in the Premier League for the 2022/23 season, but sadly it is not much dissimilar from every other summer since 2014.

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But when I magistrate our squad at the start of a season I do so on whether we have healthier the depth and quality of it. In spirit we lost 3 players from last season’s squad, Fraser Forster, Shane Long & Armando Borja, all contributed something to the  Premier League season and it was sad to see them all depart, but their contributions were not inimitable.

In Goal Forster only played 19 Premier League games, precisely half the season, Shane Long started 3 games plus 10 off the pew and scored 1 goal and Armando Borja possibly made the biggest influence with 6 Premier League goals from 21 starts and 11 off the bench. As I say none of these aids is irreplaceable, Broja is perhaps the chief, but to be blunt 6 goals from a striker is not a great total and not a hard task for any of the three strikers we know have.

So in terms of the complexity of the squad we have lost 3 players, but brought in 5 players to replace them, so the depth of the squad has full-grown a little and more options can’t be a bad thing, particularly with the 5 alternate’s option now in force. So what about excellence, in goal as I say Forster played 19 games, McCarthy 17 and Cabbalero the other 2, it is fair to say though Forster came in and did a good job, there was still a need to recover.

Gavin Bazunu has come in and looked good in the opening two games, all the more so given the defence in front of him at the moment. But that protection is no worse than last year, in fact with the arrival of Armel Bella-Kotchap in terms of number it has another option and on Saturday against Leeds ABK looked talented and could surge forward in ownership too.

Yes the defence needs categorisation out, and yes it will be a case of occasionally we get away with things and sometimes we don’t, but it is still better than last year both in terms of depth and superiority. In midfield Romeo Lavia has seen a player and will only get better with experience, it is hard to trust that he has only played twice in modest football, both cup ties for Manchester City and never in a Premier League game until his entrance at Spurs, he is still knowledge, but again he adds both more depth and more quality to the side.

Southampton Vs Liverpool Tickets | Football World Cup Tickets | Liverpool premier league tickets
Southampton Vs Liverpool Tickets | Football World Cup Tickets | Liverpool premier league tickets

Joe Aribo has already turned heads and his goal against Leeds showed not only an eye for goal but composure, he didn’t fright and perhaps see the keeper block his shot, he took another step, left the keeper splashing and fired home. At the instant it is a question of where to play him, is he played as the link between midfield and the forward line or do we play him as a picket, who knows but he has already made a positive influence?

Sekou Mara has been here fewer times than the others, but he didn’t take long to brand a positive impact, 11 minutes into his entrance as a sub to be exact, with a little surge and then an inch faultless through ball for Kyle Walker-Peters to get the equaliser, Mara also got away a dressed shot from the coldness that made the keeper work. For more to know about Liverpool Vs Southampton Tickets Click here.

So although we are only two games in there have been green sprouts of retrieval and those have been provided by 5 of our 6 new ratifications making a positive influence in their first games. Now I know that it is the initial days yet, but if some are happy to pick out every responsibility, then others have to look to find some of the good things trendy.

This is not annotating things over, we all know the centre of protection needs sorting out, and it needs to get that knowledgeable leader in it, at the instant Jan Bednarek is not that man, he is playing like a man who supposed he was going to go to a big club, only to find out no one needs him, at least not the level of the club he supposedly did, will he get over that and protuberance down and play a part this Liverpool Premier League season or will he just sulk, we will soon find out.

But in the interim, let’s just enjoy seeing what appears like some half-dressed signings help the club move forward, Saturday was a game of varied emotions, initially, it was the prevention of seeing some lax defensive give Leeds a two-goal principal followed by the sheer excitement of seeing two well functioned and superbly over goals, if you can’t go to a football match and relish that, then what is the opinion of going.

Pete Haynes: Cheltenham Town coach set to leave for Southampton in this summer

Southampton Vs Liverpool Tickets | Football World Cup Tickets | Liverpool premier league tickets
Southampton Vs Liverpool Tickets | Football World Cup Tickets | Liverpool premier league tickets

Cheltenham Town Under-18s coach Pete Haynes will have permission to join Southampton’s academy next month. The 27-year-old has been the Robins’ principal professional growth phase coach since 2017. The previous Sir Thomas Rich’s School student was the newest coach on the Progressive Youth Award and Uefa A Licence coaching courses, walking up to manage Cheltenham’s youth team at 22.

He will currently become an Under-18 separate development coach at Premier League Southampton, with Will Armitage as one of the players he will be developing on the south coast. Central protector Armitage was 16 when he left Cheltenham to join the Saints for a six-figure fee in February. Haynes was also assistant manager at Evesham United last season of Premier League as part of a link with Cheltenham, who often use the Southern League club’s 3G pitch training services.

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