Qatar World Cup: Mexico directs the National Guard to the FIFA World Cup

Mexico sends the National Guard now to the Qatar Football World Cup to guard over the Mexican admirers. Elements of the GN will provide accessory functions to the Qatari police, link with the fans and warn to avoid conflicts. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs SRE, in charge of Marcelo Ebrard, stated that a group of members of the National Guard will be sent to the World Cup in Qatar to supervise the Mexican fans, although they will not have police responsibilities.

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At a press session, the SRE offered the Mexico-Qatar Center, whose point will be to coordinate support for 80,000 nationals with facts, protection, assistance and consular facilities during the sporting event. The chief officer of the National Guard, Arturo Medina Mayoral, clarified that a group of 10 people will be sent to support the Mexican fans, which will be one of the major in the Qatar World Cup.

Medina Mayoral explained that as the National Guard we cannot act as a law force, or security, nor dress in the uniform. We received through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the invitation from the Government of Qatar, its national police and the International Football Federation to link the global cooperation centre that will be existing during November and December, he said.

The activities that the National Guard will carry out are to escort the Qatari police, link with the Football World Cup admirers and dissuasion to avoid conflicts. Although it is not the first time that the Mexican police have contributed, it is historic that thanks to the intervention of the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the National Guard will be able to escort and protect our compatriots, he said. 

In his talk, Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard tense that the Mexico-Qatar Center will aid so that Mexicans attending the FIFA World Cup know the comments of the host country, and thus avoid viable clashes. Among these, he tinted that it is forbidden to travel with alcoholic drinks. The Mexico-Qatar 2022 Center will have all the essentials to support our fans, and it will be the most important presence of Mexican men and women in history in a Middle Eastern country, he worried. 

The president of the Mexican football federation, Yon de Luisa recognized the hard work of the Foreign Ministry to found a service centre for Mexicans in that country. In addition, he thanked the foreign minister for his support in the work corresponding to the group of the 2026 Football World Cup, whose command centre will be in Mexico, the United States and Canada.

FIFA World Cup Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets | Qatar FIFA World Cup Tickets
FIFA World Cup Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets | Qatar FIFA World Cup Tickets

Qatar buses feel the FIFA World Cup hotness in competition check

Football World Cup managers on Thursday sent 1,300 buses onto the streets of Doha in a test of what they have called one of the most elegant transport operations ever riding for an international event. With more than one million people likely to descend on the tiny Gulf state for the competition, the government is taking no gambles with their multi-billion dollar arrangements.

And getting the football crowds around the city and between the eight stadiums promises to be one of the biggest challenges. This is the most complex transport operation ever mounted for a major sporting event, said Ahmad al Obaidly, the chief working officer of Mowasalat, which works in Qatar’s bus and taxi facilities. In the first inspection of their years of training, the organiser’s copied the schedule for the busiest days of the contest when about 300,000 admirers could be in Doha at the same time.

Amid roasting summer heat, hundreds of air-conditioned but mainly empty buses went out to stadiums, metro places and pickup points. At the Al Wakra metro station in the Doha outskirts, more than 1,000 Mowasalat drivers pretended to be fans to be ferried to the Al Janoub stadium five kilometres 2.5 miles away. The Al Bayt arena, where the opening World Cup game will be held on November 20, does not have its metro station. For more to know about Football World Cup Tickets click here.

Hundreds of buses without travellers worked the 25 kilometres 15 miles to the nearest station in the new city of Lusail, as they will when they take England and US admirers to their game. The buses even made the return trip after midnight to copy conditions for the Group B late-night game. We want to make sure our tactics are going in the right direction, said Thani Al Zarraa, flexibility operations director for the Qatar directors.

FIFA World Cup Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets | Qatar FIFA World Cup Tickets
FIFA World Cup Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets | Qatar FIFA World Cup Tickets

Obaidly said 3,000 buses had been bought and there would be more than 4,000 on the streets for the Football World Cup. The company has also doubled its number of drivers to 14,000 for the event. Most have been brought in from South Asia and Africa. They have been trained in defensive driving to avoid on-the-road hazards and there are contingency plans for worrying viewers, the management said.

Each bus also has five CCTV cameras watched at a central command centre for rabble-rousers. After the contest, Qatar’s older buses will be given away and as part of its FIFA World Cup legacy, it will be one of the first nations in the world to have a pure electric public transportation service, said Obaidly. Al Zarraa advised staying fans to plan their trips and be patient. But the bus firm chief promised, that no fan will be left late.

Coca-Cola starts N400m Qatar World Cup promotion

Coca-Cola Nigeria has kicked off a consumer-reward drive for football lovers to delight their admirers with a unique experience of the Qatar FIFA World Cup. Marked, believe and win under the top promo, with rewards worth over N400 million, five lucky customers across the nation will get to feel the World Cup with an all-expense paid trip to Qatar and direct airtime to be won by clients across all networks.

FIFA World Cup Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets | Qatar FIFA World Cup Tickets
FIFA World Cup Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets | Qatar FIFA World Cup Tickets

The Coca-Cola belief and win under the top promotion was revealed at an event in Lagos. Marketing Leader, Coca-Cola Nigeria Ltd., Bunmi Adeniba, said the advertisement will cover 35cl/50cl RGB and 35cl/50cl/60cl PET of the core products which includes Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, Fanta, Fanta Zero Sugar, Sprite, Sprite Zero Sugar and Schweppes. The five lucky victors would be chosen from each region Lagos, West, East, Central, and North regions, at national lures.

She said it is about transporting people together, refreshing our groups and being there for our customers at all times. As official backers of the Football World Cup, the promo echoes Coca-Cola’s continued care for the football passion point across the nation and is a follow-up to other football-related activities as the Qatar FIFA World Cup games begin.

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