Liverpool Vs Nottingham Forest: Reds have Darwin Nunez transfer comfort & Niakhate injury setback

Liverpool was given cause for anxiety over Darwin Nunez after his rash head-butt, but they can seek transfer comfort from an unlikely Premier League source. Liverpool fans could be pardoned for having a little shake over Darwin Nunez. A deal that is likely to turn into a club transfer record was receiving off to an auspicious start, with a telling influence off the bench against Manchester City followed by a similar cameo against Fulham but an unintelligent red card against Crystal Palace on his home Premier League debut has recognised a seed of doubt.

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Liverpool Vs Nottingham Forest Tickets | Football World Cup Tickets | Liverpool premier league tickets
Liverpool Vs Nottingham Forest Tickets | Football World Cup Tickets | Liverpool premier league tickets

Previous to that, the various miskicks and scraped chances were viewed in a positive light: the Uruguayan was an irritation, someone who made things happen by his sheer attendance. But following the sending-off, and the prevention of Liverpool being winless from two Premier League games, those slightly uncooperative moments have come under far more intense scrutiny.

This is not particularly fair. Nunez has no choice but to take his medicine for the punitive lapse, for which he has apologised repeatedly. But the overall imprint he has made at Liverpool to date has still been predominantly encouraging. In particular, Jürgen Klopp’s decision to evolve into a more traditional centre-forward should not yet be questioned. The Fulham game was distinguished for the impact Nunez made, but there could be no doubt about who was captivating home the Man of the Match award.

Aleksandar Mitrovic subjugated Liverpool, scoring a towering header at the back post before winning and changing a penalty to give the hosts a lead for a second time. This is not Serb’s first time in the Premier League. But if his start is everything to go by, it could well be his best season. With his 90th-minute winner beside Brentford, he matched his tally from Fulham’s entire last operation in the top flight he needs eight goals in the remaining 35 games to equal his best-ever total.

In the past, Mitrovic has been cast as the eventual Championship striker: too good for the second tier, but not a technical fit for England’s elite division. His remarkable record of 43 goals last season of the Premier League underlined his dominance at that level; the big question was how that would define this time around.

The early answer has been forceful, and it should give a strange sort of comfort to Liverpool. Nunez is not as physical as Mitrovic and does not assert quite the same prowess in the air, but he does own many of the same traits. Klopp was right when he distinguished a changing of the wind: the Premier League has progressed, and it now suits this breed of striker.

Of course, Mitrovic merits credit for developing as a player since his last spell in the top flight. He had never earlier hit such dizzying heights in the Championship, and his all-around enhancement has certainly helped him settle in the Premier League so much better this time. But it would be equally foolish to disregard the changing microclimate within the division.

Liverpool Vs Nottingham Forest Tickets | Football World Cup Tickets | Liverpool premier league tickets
Liverpool Vs Nottingham Forest Tickets | Football World Cup Tickets | Liverpool premier league tickets

There has not been a complete return to days gone by when teams would launch symbols and long balls at a big man and use that as their complete game plan. But strategies do incline to come in cycles, albeit with new novelties each time. In a Premier League which has placed more focus on detail for years, many ramparts simply look ill-equipped to deal with physical attendance. Equally, in this age of amplified technicality, big strikers have not been intelligent to get away with unadulterated physicality.

Thus, the likes of Mitrovic and Nunez have had to progress toward more rounded games. The ball may have looked to bounce off the Uruguayan a few too many times so far at Liverpool, but there have also been moments where he has showcased outstanding technique. As for his Fulham complement, the neat way he won the consequence against Virgil van Dijk contradicted his towering figure. Van Dijk himself knows the danger these kinds of players pose. Speaking to Five in May, he named both Nunez and Erling Haaland amongst his top five toughest opponents and upset off the characters that even elite protectors fear: direct, quick, tall, strong.

Mitrovic lacks the flexibility of Nunez, but his height, strength and openness are certainly causing problems even in the rarefied air of the Premier League. For Liverpool, that should offer comfort their big-money transfer will eventually come good.

Nottingham Forest: Liverpool aligns with Premier League big six

Nottingham Forest has allied themselves with the Premier League big six after siding with them on a recent bondholder vote, according to football business expert Kieran Maguire. According to a report by the Daily Mail, Steve Cooper’s side is producing an effort to align themselves with the top-flight’s so-called biggest clubs. For more to know about Nottingham Forest Vs Liverpool Tickets Click here.

Liverpool Vs Nottingham Forest Tickets | Football World Cup Tickets | Liverpool premier league tickets
Liverpool Vs Nottingham Forest Tickets | Football World Cup Tickets | Liverpool premier league tickets

It has been exposed that the Midlands outfit recently sided with the big six during a shareholder vote regarding half-time interviews and greater training pulverized media access. Maguire believes that Forest is managed in this way to help hoist themselves to once again arise as one of the biggest clubs in England.

Speaking with Football Insider, the finance guru claimed: Under the owner, Nottingham Forest wants to see themselves as important players and build up major unions in the Premier League. Therefore, they are irritating to show that they aren’t going to bring into line all the time with the other 14 teams in the Premier League.

This is their way of saying to the big six, whose standing has been tarnished by the Super League, that they are new kids on the chunk and that they won’t pre-judge. They want a corporate relationship. Cooper’s side has made a robust start to their first top-flight campaign in 23 years having collected four points in their opening three games.

However, Nottingham Forest will be hoping to improve as the Premier League season goes on after spending just shy of £150m this summer following the recent entrance of Morgan Gibbs-White at City Ground, whose transfer fee totalled an amazing £42.5m including potential add-ons. If they do end up residual in the Premier League this season, the behind-the-scenes approach employed by the club will reap its plunders for years to come but this won’t entail a saunter in the park for Forest.

Nottingham Forest: Liverpool suffers Moussa Niakhate injury setback

The 26-year-old developed the Reds’ fourth signing of an inexorable transfer window earlier this summer, implementing a move from Bundesliga outfit Mainz 05. Niakhate has started two Premier League games already this season in the Liverpool Premier League, looking a force at the heart of Forest’s defence and winning 11 aerial duels in those entrances.

Unfortunately, the defender’s progress has been ceased by a significant injury setback. According to The Daily Mail, Niakhate is predictable to be side-lined for several months with a thigh problem offended in the 1-0 win over West Ham last weekend. Steve Cooper has established that a scan on the injury revealed an unwelcome outcome, so Forest will have to make do without the Frenchman for a protracted period. The Reds supervisor said of the 26-year-old, He is out for a few months.

Liverpool Vs Nottingham Forest Tickets | Football World Cup Tickets | Liverpool premier league tickets
Liverpool Vs Nottingham Forest Tickets | Football World Cup Tickets | Liverpool premier league tickets

He had an examination in the week and it didn’t come back too good. This is a big blow for Nottingham Forest, considering what an auspicious start Niakhate has made to life at the City Ground, and the news could arguably make the club consider signing a new centre-back, even with 16 Premier League summer arrivals already through the door.

The Reds seem to be in a healthy financial position now given their vast summer spending, so the funds should be there for Cooper to be permitted to bring in someone to fill the cancelled left by the former Mainz defender. Once Niakhate recuperates from his wound blow, any new signing could find his playing time incomplete thereafter, but it’s better to have a surplus of centre-back options to call upon rather than not adequate, as the likes of Liverpool can appear from recent campaigns.

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