Byron Castillo will Play in the Qatar football world cup

FIFA has decided its investigation into claims of an ineligible player used by the Ecuadorian football federation (FEF) during World Cup qualifying, as the nation’s place at the Qatar world cup hung in the balance. According to a right brought forward by the Chilean federation, Ecuador deployed an unentitled player, throughout World Cup qualifying and the contention was that should be removed from the Qatar football World Cup after qualifying for Qatar 2022 as the 4rt-placed team in South America.

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FIFA open its analytical proceedings on May 11 and issued its ruling nearly a month later on June 10. After analyzing the submissions of all parties concerned and considering all elements brought before it, the FIFA Disciplinary Group has decided to close the proceedings initiated against the FEF [Ecuador]. … The present decision remains subject to an appeal before the FIFA Appeal Committee.”

Chile, which finished in seventh place in South American qualifying, maintains that Castillo was ineligible and that the Chilean team should earn the World Cup spot over Ecuador given it played two matches in contradiction to Ecuador in which Castillo played. 

Why was Ecuador investigated by FIFA?

FIFA’s investigation worried about the eligibility of Ecuador international fullback Byron Castillo. The global football governing body unlocked an investigation into Ecuador’s deployment of Castillo throughout CONMEBOL World Cup qualifying. The Chilean federation demanded to have proof that Castillo, who plays for Ecuadorian club Barcelona of Guayaquil, was born in Tumaco, Colombia, and that the 23-year-old has been using a fabricated birth certificate and passport.

Castillo occupies you in eight World Cup qualifying matches for Ecuador, in which the country picked up 15 of its 26 points. In those eight games, Castillo started seven and played 614 minutes, assisting one goal. On June 8, the lawyer on the case for the Chilean federation, Eduardo Carlezzo, specified that his side submitted all the proof to FIFA and he claimed that Ecuador would be disqualified from the World Cup.

Qatar Vs Ecuador Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets | Football World Cup Tickets
Qatar Vs Ecuador Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets | Football World Cup Tickets

Castillo’s parents were matrimonial in Tumaco, Byron was born in Tumaco and was baptized in Tumaco,” Carlezzo said, as quoted by TV Azteca in Mexico. “The impression of ​​this [investigation] is to present in a fairly clear and transparent way all the arguments we have, the documents we have. Whoever speaks the fact cannot be afraid [of the truth].”

FIFA did not ascertain Chile’s claim that Castillo was unentitled to play for Ecuador, and so La Tri remains in the Football World Cup. However, Chile could still petition the decision. If a petition is successful, one possible result would be the wiping out of all points that Ecuador won in the eight matches in which Castillo played, instead awarding those opponents forfeit victories in all eight games. That would leave Ecuador with just 11 points in South American (CONMEBOL) qualification, meaning the country would drop to ninth in the 10-team table, sendoff it external the qualification positions. That’s a scenario that would see Chile move up into a requirement spot.

If Chile petitioned to result in Ecuador being expelled from qualifying, that could result in the smearing out of all 18 matches. That sequence of action could see Colombia move up ahead of Chile. There’s no official word of any appeal from the Chilean federation, although reports indicated that it was likely.

Qatar Vs Ecuador Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets | Football World Cup Tickets
Qatar Vs Ecuador Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets | Football World Cup Tickets

While Chile is the nation that reported Ecuador to FIFA in the hopes of taking its Qatar Football World Cup place, it’s not guaranteed that Chile would be the team to replace Ecuador in Football World Cup if it pursues the appeal process and it proves to be successful. Worldwide Tickets and Hospitality offer Football World Cup tickets for the Qatar Football World Cup at the best prices. Football fanatics and buy Football World Cup Tickets at exclusively discounted prices. 

If Ecuador’s eight matches in which Castillo played were altered to 3-0 forfeits, Chile would rise from seventh into fourth in the positions, an automatic qualifying position. Castillo played in both matches and Chile was one step away with just one point out of a possible six.

Meanwhile, Castillo did not play in also games against Colombia or Peru. Therefore, if Chile increased an extra five points in the standings, it would be the one to finish in fourth place fast of Peru on the goal differential tiebreaker Chile’s new goal differential of +1 would best Peru’s goal differential of -3. In that instance, Peru would uphold its fifth-place position which has it playing the intercontinental requirement playoff Peru is currently set to face Australia on June 13.

If a positive appeal from Chile results in Ecuador being banned from requirement entirely and the next team in the table is taken, Chile would not be the first team elevated into a requirement spot.

In this alternative scenario, Peru would be raised to an automatic qualifying position (fourth place), while Colombia, the team that over just outside of the qualifying zone in sixth place, would see its Qatar Football World Cup hopes revived as the fifth-place playoff team.

Qatar Vs Ecuador Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets | Football World Cup Tickets
Qatar Vs Ecuador Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets | Football World Cup Tickets

The latter course of action seems highly improbable because it would bring with it serious logistical issues. Peru is currently in Qatar making it to play in the intercontinental qualifying playoff match against Australia on June 13. If Peru was jolted to quarter and Colombia was raised to fifth, it would mean the Colombian side would need to compete in the intercontinental playoff, and the game would almost surely need to be rearranged given the change of participants on such petite notice.

Chile was on the board of a 1994 World Cup ban after goalkeeper Roberto Rojas feigned a wound during the 1990 World Cup qualifying. It was exposed that Rojas used a hidden razor blade to cut himself, making it appear like he was hurt by a flare that never hit him. Chilean players declined to retake the field after the incident citing security concerns, but the video presented the sequence of events to be a hoax. The 2-0 forfeit loss was enough to knock out Chile from the 1990 World Cup and see it then punished with a ban from the 1994 competition.

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