Qatar relaxes laws on drinking beer at Football World Cup

Qatar is set to reduce its rules on eating alcohol for this winter’s Football World Cup as followers get ready to flock in for the largest football tournament in the world. There had been fears about a major clash of cultures at this tournament World Cup, but it appears there will now be the chance for followers to buy beer, then only after 6.30 pm.

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Qatar relaxes laws on drinking beer at Football World Cup
Qatar relaxes laws on drinking beer at Football World Cup

A report from FIFA on Saturday read:  Within the stadium bowl ticket owners will have open to non-alcoholic Budweiser Zero. At the FIFA Fan Event, Budweiser will be offered to buy from 6.30 p.m. Qatar is not the only country to deal with issues like this at a Football World Cup, with Brazil also having to be similarly more accommodating than usual on alcohol laws when they hosted the tournament in 2014.

Long lines and lack of water mar the Qatar World Cup stadium trial

Can’t you see the metro location is full? Stop! a weary supervisor shouted as green-vested marshals linked limbs to contain thousands of fans running from the stadium that will host soccer’s Football World Cup final in Qatar. It was after a night on Friday and, for hours, nearly 78,000 people had been kept out of the stadium after a near-capacity game examined the small Gulf state’s enthusiasm for the tournament World Cup, which kicks off on Nov. 20.

Qatar relaxes laws on drinking beer at Football World Cup
Qatar relaxes laws on drinking beer at Football World Cup

Let us through! We have children, screamed one man carrying a sweaty toddler. We need water. Is there water? a woman screamed from behind the line. Stadium stands were out of the water by halftime and there was none out there, where the late summer heat was 34 Celsius but felt far hotter as of the moisture. Friday’s game, called the Lusail Super Cup, was the first time the new Lusail stadium has held such a troop. At 80,000 seats, it is the largest of Qatar’s eight Football World Cup stadiums and a gold-clad showpiece intended to host the final game on Dec. 18.

Qatar is the first Middle Eastern country and the lowest nation ever to host the Football World Cup. Though it has spent billions of dollars on the substructure, it has never prearranged an event on such a scale which remarkably for a Football World Cup will also be held in or about a single city. There will be four games around Doha every day for the first 12 days of the tournament World Cup. World soccer governing body FIFA says 2.45 million tickets out of a possible 3 million are previously sold and an unprecedented 1.2 million people, equal to nearly half Qatar’s population, are projected to visit.

Organizers told exactly 77,575 people passed through the entrances on Friday, the largest crowd ever in Qatar. Families took young children to the stadium, coming ahead of a concert by Egyptian singer Amr Diab. Hundreds of Saudi followers wore the blue jersey of Al Hilal, the Saudi squad which beat Egypt’s Zamalek on penalties after a 1-1 draw.

Qatar relaxes laws on drinking beer at Football World Cup
Qatar relaxes laws on drinking beer at Football World Cup

With immigrants often moved in to fill empty arenas, hundreds of South Asian and African workers were also there altogether in a section of the stadium, wearing identical white, blue, or red t-shirts. They left end masse at halftime to board buses away. Asked about the odontiasis problems, a spokesperson for planners, the Supreme Committee (SC) for Delivery and Legacy, told Reuters the game was intended to recognize operational issues and learn lessons for a seamless Football World Cup.

“Every team interested in the event’s organization achieved invaluable knowledge they will carry into this year’s tournament,” the spokesperson added in a statement.

This is such a mess

In the post-game turmoil, one fan put away the stadium swear, shoved a marshal in the neck, and broke through with the cordon, followed by numerous others, trying to reach the metro. The station entrance hall is 400 meters from the stadium, although followers waited in a 2.5-kilometre line snaking back and forth around an empty lot. Officials stated that was to avoid a stampede. Worldwide Tickets and Hospitality offers Football World Cup tickets for the Qatar Football World Cup at the best prices. Football fanatics and buy Football World Cup Tickets at exclusively discounted prices.

This is such a mess, confirmed Eslam, an Egyptian fan who has lived in Doha since 2004 and had his arm over a bleary-eyed and fatigued friend in the line. I do not want to go to the Football World Cup any longer. Not if it is like this. Some providers, caterers, security personnel, and medical staff had trouble retrieving the stadium, a provider told Reuters.

“Even some ambulances were running around trying to figure out where they were supposed to be placed. We have given the wrong ways over and over and the parking permits we had been for lots that didn’t happen,” told the supplier, who did not want their name issued due to the warmth.

Qatar relaxes laws on drinking beer at Football World Cup
Qatar relaxes laws on drinking beer at Football World Cup

The stadium refrigeration system, which Qatar has defined as state-of-the-art, tried to keep the stands cool. Humidity levels and heat will be lower when the tournament Football World Cup starts, then there will be other challenges. Unlike on Friday, ticket holders will be able to drink beer beside stadiums before and after every game.

Friday’s match was also a litmus test for stadium security. Close to the pitch, guards in dark clothes and baseball caps were placed every few meters in the aisles, monitoring followers, who were enthusiastic however well-behaved. Outside, guards patrolled the perimeter in groups of five men or five women, each with a hook-shaped baton hanging from their belt. Some taken fistfuls of zip-tie handcuffs. Measures go far beyond the stadiums.

To prevent traffic through its only land border with Saudi Arabia from jamming roads, organizers are turning a section of wilderness where supporters will park their cars and board buses for the 100 km journey up the desert highway to Doha. Sanctions will limit cars on the roads by buying schools to close for the tournament World Cup, banning vehicles from swathes of the city, and encouraging businesses to have staff work from home.

An old airport is back in control to handle extra flights and new passport control rises are being proposed to triple the number of passengers Qatar can handle. Qatar Airways is shifting 70% of its flight plan to create more landing slots throughout the tournament Football World Cup.

The first national forum on human rights highlights the nation’s strides

The first Qatar National Human Rights Forum started yesterday with officials highlighting strides made by Qatar in safeguarding human rights. The two-day event, which ends today, is being held under the theme, The role of law prosecution agencies in keeping human rights during Football World Cup 2022.

The event is held by the Qatar National Human Rights Committee in partnership with the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Sports And Youth, the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC), and the United Nations Human Rights Training and Certification Centre.

Speech at the start of the forum, NHRC Chairperson H E Maryam bent Abdullah Al Attiyah spoke as the country awaits the Football World Cup, the first to be held in the Middle East and Arab region, Qatar reiterates its commitment to the value of human rights. She also stated the role of law prosecution in raising human rights and executing the country’s constitutional provisions for human rights, particularly through the November 20 to December 18 tournament World Cup.

“This event Football World Cup in Qatar is an ample chance for us to work towards executing ecological development and keeping human rights. As an agency, we aim to highlight human rights issues worldwide and tackle them. As part of our authority, we work diligently to ensure we channel all towards defending human rights,” the NHRC head said.

The forum will host various sessions which will examine 11 working papers. The meetings aim to increase awareness of the need to consider human rights in law implementation institutions within the context of national performance to ensure a profitable Football World Cup enriching the Qatari human rights training.

Qatar relaxes laws on drinking beer at Football World Cup
Qatar relaxes laws on drinking beer at Football World Cup

Al Attiyah combined that the NHRC, in organization with its partners, looks forward to gathering the goals of the forum. The commission has also carried out several workshops and training for its staff and law prosecution to build capability on how to handle audiences during the Football World Cup while guaranteeing a friendly tournament World Cup.

Temporarily, Assistant Undersecretary for Labour Affairs at MoL, Mohammed Hassan Al Oba idly, said Qatar had commenced significant changes to protect workers’ rights in the country in line with the UN ecological development goals and Qatar National vision 2030. We are pleased that we are always keen to work for a brighter future for the three-making parties. We also carried out thorough changes regarding labour laws and rules to guarantee and defend migrant workers. 

Brig Gen Saad Salem Al Dosari, Assistant Director, Department of Human Rights at MoI, told, “We want to emphasize the work of law administration in maintaining security in sports places. We also want to ensure you that we will make all exertions to ensure the safety of the Football World Cup.”

He stated that the Ministry is keen to preserve human rights and praised the NHRC’s role in encouraging human rights and regard for human dignity. He supposed the forum would offer knowledge of how the government protects human rights, particularly in preparation for the Football World Cup.

Mohammed Al Hajri, Workers Welfare Department at the Supreme Committee (SC), stressed that keeping human rights is part of the pillar of the SC’s authority. Labour shield is important to attaining achievement in Football World Cup plans. We have held numerous workshops and applied procedures to safeguard labour rights.

He combined that the SC is employed hard to guarantee worker’s safety and compensation agreeing to the law and is in partnership with appropriate bodies and FIFA to fix any mistakes as the Football World Cup methods. Dr Abeer Jamal Al Khuraisha, Director of the UN Center for Training and Documentation in the Field of Human Rights for Southwest Asia and the Arab Region also stated that the Football World Cup could drive change through several platforms.

Qatar relaxes laws on drinking beer at Football World Cup
Qatar relaxes laws on drinking beer at Football World Cup

She added, “It’s important to work with participants, particularly security, to build power as such events can be a force to encourage and build human rights. States must develop the law to help law prosecution achieve human rights goals. All through sports, we can endorse tolerance, shared values, and a more serene society that highlights human pride, regardless of their religious experience and ideology.”

A presentation on human rights titled Human rights and football and Human rights in the society of Islam is also being held along the forum. On the forum’s opening day, the NHRC endorsed a letter of understanding with the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies.

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