Orchestra to perform Gulf folk music concerts during Football World Cup

Football admirers and the public have rather more to look forward to throughout this Football World Cup as the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra (QPO) showed it will hold performances featuring Gulf folk music. Nasser Sahim, Deputy Executive Director said to The Peninsula that a similar concert which was performed in August entitled Gulf folk meets Philharmonic will be played during the mega football World Cup tournament.

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Orchestra to perform Gulf folk music concerts during Football World Cup
Orchestra to perform Gulf folk music concerts during Football World Cup

The August show was the first of its kind in Qatar. Sahim emphasized that they used the polyphony type of music to combine Gulf folk music and the orchestra. The Deputy Executive Director is the focal person after the concert where he made the musical plans for five to six months. The sold-out August 27 concert wowed the meeting corresponding to Sahim.

They liked the music and the performing, and the vital thing that they saw is the folk Qatari music placed within the orchestra, he stated.  He said that regardless of if the audience was local or expatriate, they liked the concert and had opened doors to learn more about the Qatari culture.

“What I did in the show ‘Gulf folk meets Philharmonic’ is I’m utilizing the same music the sea songs and conventional music and re-arrange it to polyphonic music from the monotone form to the polyphony form, that involves from one voice to harmonization. We used the same theme and rhythm, creating the art with more harmony to make it fit as a polyphony composition,” Sahim described.

Throughout the almost half a year composition of the musical arrangements, he organized with experts and researchers in the industry including Dr Faisal Al Tamimi, a writer, Qatari director, and scientist in arts and Qatari folklore.

Sahim emphasized that the upcoming concerts are devoted to residents and guests who will come to Doha, for them to encounter the traditional folk music in the orchestration style. More than a million soccer followers are anticipated to attend the tournament Football World Cup.

Orchestra to perform Gulf folk music concerts during Football World Cup
Orchestra to perform Gulf folk music concerts during Football World Cup

In protecting and encouraging the Gulf folk music, particularly the Qatari folklore, Sahim believed that the QPO is a musical cultural ambassador of Qatar and one of their aims is to present the local music in the orchestra direction. 

We must present rather worthy and teach other communities just about our themes, cultures, and the type of methods that we use in our music. Qatar is established financially as a country, and with all these developments efficiently, and culturally, the musical culture is well equal to these developments.

The Gulf folk sees the Philharmonic which will be performed during the largest sporting event in the world will also improve a broader sense of folk music and emphasize its strength and importance to the region. The upcoming concert will include the music Rouah Al Maqam, Ya Sadja, Khamary Ma Agwa, Samaritan, and Sea Journey, among others.

Pm Shehbaz Sharif Visits Football World Cup Stadium 974 In Doha

Shehbaz Sharif, who is on a two-day official visit to Qatar, visited Football World Cup ‘Stadium 974’ in Doha and lauded the forces of the Qatari government in determining state-of-the-art amenities for the future sports event. Upon arrival, the prime minister was given a driven tour of the stadium and was instructed on the vast preparations accepted by the government of Qatar to host the Football World Cup 2022.

Orchestra to perform Gulf folk music concerts during Football World Cup
Orchestra to perform Gulf folk music concerts during Football World Cup

He lauded the grandeur of the football stadium and related amenities, depicting the Qatari culture and identity, constructed in a short period. Remembering the less than 100 days countdown of the Football World Cup, the prime minister asked the people and leadership of Qatar for a decisive victory in the convention of the mega event.

The PM also highlighted the important impact of the Pakistani workforce in building the football world cup associated infrastructure and told that Pakistanis were proud of the fact that the football, Al-Rihla, the official game ball of Qatar Football World Cup, is made in Pakistan. Worldwide Tickets and Hospitality offers Football World Cup tickets for the Qatar Football World Cup at the best prices. Football fanatics and buy Football World Cup Tickets at exclusively discounted prices.

It is appropriate to mention here that the Pakistan Army will help Qatar with security in the upcoming Football World Cup. The federal cabinet accepted the agreement after Doha sought the Pakistan Army’s support for the security of the mega football event starting from November 20. The football world cup will be played from November 20 to December 18 in Qatar.

Football World Cup CEO speaks nation has faced unfair criticism ahead of World Cup

Qatar has confronted a lot of unfair blame over its hosting of soccer’s Football World Cup which was not founded on truths, but it has reacted to any fair criticism, Qatar Football World Cup Chief Executive Nasser Al Khater stated on Thursday. Khater, speech during the first news meeting organizers have held in months, told that 70 days before the tournament’s kickoff, sports and transport transportation in the tiny wilderness country were full and the remaining work was artistic.

Orchestra to perform Gulf folk music concerts during Football World Cup
Orchestra to perform Gulf folk music concerts during Football World Cup

The ruling to have the Football World Cup in Qatar, the first Middle East country to host the event, has haggard criticism from human rights groups over the Gulf state’s treatment of foreign migrant workers and preventive social laws, under which homosexuality and sex outdoor of marriage are forbidden.

“We think that a lot of the blame has been unfair, not based on objective reality. Whatever we felt was fair condemnation we have taken on board,” Khater told.

He talked at Lusail Stadium, which will host the Football World Cup final. The 80,000-capacity arena will handle a capability crowd on Friday for the first time for the Lusail Super Cup, the last major test event for the FIFA World Cup. Qatar Football World Cup organizers disregarded questions about how Qatar’s protection authorities would deal with followers who broke laws such as trafficking alcohol into stadiums or being brutal.

Orchestra to perform Gulf folk music concerts during Football World Cup
Orchestra to perform Gulf folk music concerts during Football World Cup

They also did not offer details about which countries would send police officers or soldiers to Qatar to help ensure the tournament World Cup, which starts Nov. 20. Over a million followers are anticipated to attend the event, with many flying or driving in from nearby Gulf states.

Doha spent years improving its infrastructure in the lead-up to the Football World Cup, involving building seven new stadiums, a metro system, and new superhighways. Khater told me the cost of Qatar’s World Cup was in line with or less than the last three.

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