Business of the Football World Cup as 100 days to Qatar World Cup

With less than 100 days to go till the kick-off of the Qatar Football World Cup, Euronews looks at the massive industrial benefits of the world’s biggest companies’ convergence on Qatar. From Stadia to Software, we consider how the Football World Cup is making advances in transportation, technology, and sustainability.

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Business of the Football World Cup as 100 days to Qatar World Cup
Business of the Football World Cup as 100 days to Qatar World Cup

Qatar’s asset in infrastructure

The State of Qatar has paid $220 billion on building world-class transportation, including new roads, public transport, hotels, and sporting services. The games will be held in eight high-tech stadiums, make sure maximum ease for viewers.

And 1.5 million followers are anticipated to visit Qatar for the historic event, giving a boost to the tourism and food and beverage industry. Nasser Al Khater is the CEO of Qatar Football World Cup 2022, and inquired him about Qatar’s football journey,

The past 12 years have been a very busy has been a very busy time for financial development, has been, um, spurred and quicker by the Football World Cup, then also rather has been, you know, in this mega master plan growth since 2008, what we’re looking at is the profits of it over the next 20 years.

Euro news also spoke to FIFA President, Gianni Infantino, just about Qatar’s responsibility for hosting the mega football contest, I’ve never seen a host being so ready so much in advance. All stadiums are finished. Infrastructure in conditions of hotels and roads is being finished. So, Qatar is ready. FIFA is ready, and the world is ready. And after some difficult times with pandemics and others, we need to come together again.

Business of the Football World Cup as 100 days to Qatar World Cup
Business of the Football World Cup as 100 days to Qatar World Cup

Football World Cup boost business

Qatar will make history by giving the Football World Cup to the Middle East for the first time, welcoming millions of followers, and teams from around the world, and giving a boost to businesses and shareholders across the region. Sheikha Alanoud Al Thani is the Deputy CEO and Chief Business Officer of the Qatar Financial Centre,

In my view, delivering a successful Football World Cup will establish that Qatar’s sports industry is a class unto itself, and Qatar has a one-of-a-kind chance to put itself on the international sporting map or the international business and economic map. Qatar’s financial promises into building an infrastructure capable of hosting a super event like the FIFA World Cup 2022 has given many companies a boost, particularly in the field of sports technology.

One of them is SponixTech, a Qatar-based company that offers immersive replay technology and virtual advertisements through live games. In just two years, they’ve joined the FIFA Arab Cup and the Premier League. Mohammad Ali Abbaspour is the founder and CEO of Sponixtech,

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FIFA profits and investment

FIFA earned 5.4 billion dollars of revenue from the 2018 Football World Cup. That was a 16% jump from its revenue in the 2014 Football World Cup tournament. But as a non-profit organization, FIFA capitalizes most of its profits back into the development of football. In 2018, $4.3 billion was quickly spent back on football programs.

Business of the Football World Cup as 100 days to Qatar World Cup
Business of the Football World Cup as 100 days to Qatar World Cup

FIFA created more than $3 billion in revenue from television and broadcast licensing rights throughout the previous Football World Cup. The reputation of football around the world has fired fierce rivalry among global presenters. FOX won a request war with rival ESPN, clinching a $400 million deal with FIFA for television rights for this year’s Football World Cup.

The expenditure on advertising and marketing around the Football World Cup is set to hit a world record high this year and specialists speak that its timing in the run-up to Christmas and New Year, gives Qatar Football World Cup 2022 the potential to provide the most unique knowledge for brands.

So, after 12 years of its creation, all eyes will soon be on Qatar when it hosts the Football World Cup 2022 in November. The stage is now set for what pledges to not only be a historic event in the region but possibly a lucrative boost to Qatar’s economy for years to come.

Ahlibank shows a campaign for customers to win tickets to Football World Cup

Ahlibank, a leading Qatari retained financial institution, has joined with Visa, the Official Payment Service Partner of FIFA, to launch a limited campaign that gives Ahlibank Visa Qatar Football World Cup cards holders a special chance to win game tickets to watch various stages of the first Football World Cup in the Arab world, thanks to Visa.

Business of the Football World Cup as 100 days to Qatar World Cup
Business of the Football World Cup as 100 days to Qatar World Cup

The campaign, which is targeted at celebrating the historic sporting event FIFA World Cup with the customers and allowing them to watch the tournament World Cup live in Qatar, will run from September 1 to October 31, 2022.  The campaign will see a total of 30 lucky winners selected with a raffle draw to win full game tickets, thanks to Visa, to attend the opening game, quarter-final games, and the final game of the Football World Cup.

Across the raffle draw that will take place on November 6, 2022, 10 clients will win tickets for the opening Football World Cup match, 10 lucky winners will get tickets for quarter-final games and 10 others will go home with tickets for the final game and closing ceremony, thanks to Visa. 

Through the campaign, Ahlibank customers who pay out a minimum of QR5,000 on their Visa cards worldwide in foreign currency stand a chance to enter a draw to win game tickets for every QR2,500 spent. Customers who use their Visa cards locally will enter a draw to win tickets for paying a minimum of QR5,000.

Observing the campaign, Mohamed Al Namla, Deputy CEO of Business Support, Services, and Human Resources at Ahlibank, supposed: “We are thrilled to partner with Visa to offer this excellent chance to our valued customers to watch the Qatar Football World Cup, the first in the Arab world live in Qatar. This campaign is an opportunity to return to our cardholders for their faith in us and our partner, Visa. We also think that this campaign will catalyze to further reinforce the already strong collaboration between Ahlibank and Visa as we together create more fun and ease for our loyal customers.”

Business of the Football World Cup as 100 days to Qatar World Cup
Business of the Football World Cup as 100 days to Qatar World Cup

Al Namla further added, stated: “We are thrilled to collaborate with Visa to bring this once-in-a-lifetime chance to enjoy the thrilling knowledge that accompanies Qatar Football World Cup to the bank’s customers. This campaign will serve as a give back to Ahlibank customers thanks to Visa, as we all rejoice with Qatar for presenting this mega event.”

Dr. Sudheer Nair, Visa’s Country Manager for Qatar, stated: “We are excited to further reinforce our collaboration with Ahlibank through the launch of yet an exciting new project. With less than 100 days to go, this campaign comes at the ideal time to offer football followers a once-in-a-lifetime chance to enjoy a game live in Qatar, the first country to host a Football World Cup in the Arab world. As the Official Payment Services Partner of FIFA, we seek to provide innovative, reliable, and rewarding payment solutions to all our cardholders, while maximizing cashless events to boost Qatar’s digital economy.”

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