Hisense opens first brand store at Lagoona Mall in Qatar

Hisense, the worldwide electronics and white goods manufacturer and support of the Qatar Football World Cup, in partnership with Fifty-One East, Qatar’s favorite department store, newly opened its first branded store at Lagoona Mall. The company’s first entry into Qatar marks a strategic milestone for Hisense’s regional growth plans in the Middle East.

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Hisense opens first brand store at Lagoona Mall in Qatar
Hisense opens first brand store at Lagoona Mall in Qatar

The Hisense brand store inaugural ceremony was held under the support of Chinese ambassador Zhou Jian, who joined the event alongside Bader al-Darwish, chairman and handling director of Fifty-One East; Jason Ou, president of Hisense Middle East and Africa; Saoud al-Darwish, vice chairman of Darwish Holding; and other illustrious guests.

This brand store suggests a robust partnership between the two individuals and underscores Fifty-One East’s reputation as the husband of choice for international electronics brands. It also demonstrates Hisense’s steady progress in the region and the Qatari market as it improves its position as one of the leading brands in the customer technology sector.

Hisense’s brand store, the first in Qatar, delivers customers with a home-like involvement as it showcases its whole product line-up: top-of-the-range TVs, refrigerators, air conditioners (AC), washing tackles, dishwashers, microwaves, and smartphones, as well as its award-winning smart consumer technology ‘Laser TV’, a 100-inch TV screen that transports cinema to the living room.

Al-Darwish supposed, “We are pleased to host the first and complete Hisense store in Qatar at Lagoona Mall, the home of some of the world’s most preferred brands. This suggests our strong relationship and shared ideals and is in line with our growth strategy to bring the latest international labels to Qatar. We stay dedicated to offering the best tech brands and high-end facilities that surpass our customers’ beliefs and fulfill their lifestyle ambitions.”

We are ecstatic to publish the launch of our first brand store in Qatar, in the same year as the Football World Cup, making it even more unique. Hisense is one of the fastest-growing brands worldwide as it aims on providing best-in-class technology and goods that reverberate with local demands. Through our brand stores, we want to stage the innovation and unique experience of our technology the moment shoppers’ step within.

“We are also glad to have cooperated with Fifty-One East, with their knowledge and appreciation in the market, as we think it will be a great start for the Hisense brand store idea in Qatar. Having stated that, this is part of our bold growth plan to open Hisense brand stores around the Middle East region.”

Hisense opens first brand store at Lagoona Mall in Qatar
Hisense opens first brand store at Lagoona Mall in Qatar

The Middle East market is passionate about innovative technology, and for Hisense, a brand known for its consumer technology inventions, expansion is just the beginning. The brand will soon launch its smart technology in the area making it very simple for consumers to stay together with their appliances.

Being the year of the Football World Cup in Qatar, Hisense has impressive plans to raise its brand awareness around the region. With an advanced product line-up and exciting FIFA campaigns, Hisense is highlighting that it is a great game for your entertainment, as well as your home. It makes a lifestyle with not only smart but also wholesome technology for its end-users.

Arab cultural festival showcases Qatar Football World Cup Pavilion

Arab traditions are being showcased ahead of the coming Qatar Football World Cup through Sept. 16 -24 in the lobby of Coex in southern Seoul. The pavilion is part of a show held ahead of the Football World Cup which kicks off on Nov. 20 in Doha, Qatar’s capital city, and presents visitors a chance to go through Arab culture through events like trying on Arab costumes, tasting Arabic desserts, getting Arabic pattern tattoos, and taking photos in a majlis, or sitting room in Arabic.

Co-hosted by the Korea-Arab Society, Korea International Trade Association, and Qatar Embassy in Seoul and backed by the South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Qatar Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy, the pavilion delivers a glimpse of the future Football World Cup under the slogan Meet the Qatar World Cup in advance, in the heart of Seoul.

The Supreme Committee (SC) was founded by the Qatar government to deliver structure and plan operations for Qatar to host the Football World Cup and achieve national development goals creating a legacy for Qatar, Asia, the Middle East, and the world. Delivering statements at the opening ceremony, Qatar Ambassador to Korea Khalid Ibrahim al-Hamar emphasized the unique Arab-Korea collaboration, especially in Qatar, with broad tactical relationships in many fields.

Al-Hamar welcomed Koreans to the tournament emphasizing the first Football World Cup of the Middle East and the Arab World, where thirty squads will play 64 games in 8 stadiums. Giving to Korea-Arab society secretary general Ma Young-sam, the event, chiefly the theme of the Football World Cup in Qatar, is making awareness about Qatar and expanding Koreans’ point of view of the Arab world.

Koreans, particularly MZ generation and Coex guests, are showing great concern apart from diplomatic corps, foreign visitors, international students, and foreign citizens from Arab countries, Ma supposed while talking to The Korea Herald. The pavilion and festival are open to the public with no entry fee. Worldwide Tickets and Hospitality offers Football World Cup tickets for the Qatar Football World Cup at the best prices. Football fanatics and buy Football World Cup Tickets at exclusively discounted prices.

Qatar planning for Footballs World Cup admirers to avoid prosecution for minor crimes

Football World Cup followers in Qatar caught committing minor crimes such as public drunkenness will evade trial under plans being developed by authorities in the moderate Muslim host nation, a diplomat, and a person acquainted with Qatari meetings to foreign police told Reuters. While the policing plan for the Nov 20-Dec 18 contest has yet to be completed, organizers have warned diplomats and police from qualified countries they expect to show elasticity for minor infringements, the sources told.

The signals reproduce the subtle balance which Qatar, a tiny Arab state where many shadow the same blue school of Sunni Islam as in neighbouring Saudi Arabia, is trying to hit between obeying religious rituals and accepting the wild enthusiasm of more than a million visiting followers. Qatar’s Football World Cup organizers, the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy, did not react to a call for comment.

“Enhanced leniency satisfies the international community then comes with the risk that it might upset fundamentalists inside the country,” another Western diplomat told.

Organizers have not openly explained their attitude to policing, and many consulates have warned followers they face retribution for behaviour that would be stood elsewhere. Remember, while you’re in Qatar, you are topic to local laws, US diplomat Morgan Cassell spoke in a YouTube video.

Agreeing to Qatar’s legal code, freedom of representation is limited, homosexuality is illegal and sex outside marriage is banned. Public drunkenness can suffer a prison sentence of up to six months and some things deemed benign away like public displays of fondness or wearing revealing clothes can be grounds for detention.

Hisense opens first brand store at Lagoona Mall in Qatar
Hisense opens first brand store at Lagoona Mall in Qatar

Disagreeing with or abusing others in public could lead to arrest. Activities like protests, religious preaching, activism of atheism and criticism of the government of Qatar or the faith of Islam may be criminally accused here. That relates to your social media posts, too,” Cassell said.

Though, organizers already plan to relax Qatar’s stern laws limiting the public sale of alcohol and will let beer to be helped near stadiums a few hours before games kick off. Unofficially, they have also said police from European countries which have fit for the tournament and some diplomats in Doha to wait for police to show elasticity in implementing other laws, such as drunkenness or public syndrome.

“Minor crimes won’t result in a fine or detention, but police will be told to go to a person and ask him or her to comply. Somebody who removes a T-shirt in public will be invited to put his T-shirt back on. There is some sort of acceptance,” stated the person aware with Qatari meetings of several European police dispatching officers to Qatar.

While Qatari experts have not verified this approach, special legislation taking influence during the tournament gives Qatar’s Football World Cup security chief known as the Gold Commander significant leeway in confronting breaches of Qatar’s laws. It says the leader, in coordination with agencies, can take decisions with how to treat turns in violation of the obligations of the laws in force in the country.

Police plan tougher legal action when the security of people or property is under threat, Football World Cup organizers told diplomats in a meeting a few months ago, several diplomats told. Followers who commit such actions, like using flares or fireworks which could cause harm, or being engaged in a fight still where there are no serious harms can look ahead to face fines and termination of their Hayya card, the license to enter Qatar and open stadiums, the source said.

It was not clear out whether followers who forfeit their Hayya card would be given a deadline to leave the country or would be arrested for deportation. Security is just one question facing Qatar, the first Middle East country to host football’s Football World Cup and the smallest nation to do so. With a populace of less than 3 million people, it will host an inflow of 1.2 million followers an extraordinary challenge for the Gulf Arab state.

Hisense opens first brand store at Lagoona Mall in Qatar
Hisense opens first brand store at Lagoona Mall in Qatar

To help the policing attempt, organizers have asked each qualified country to send at least four police officers to be on the field in Qatar during the Football World Cup, the resource with knowledge of policing plans told. They will be established at a Ministry of Interior command facility and around the capital Doha to advise their Qatari colleagues.

“They will police it as they see fitting. Our job is to answer, this is how we think you should deal with our followers because that’s what gets the best outcomes,” told Mark Roberts, Chief Constable of the Cheshire police and the UK’s policing lead on football.

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