Qatar ready to receive tourists from around the world for Football World Cup

The countdown has begun for the next Football World Cup tournament in Qatar. It is the first carbon-neutral football World Cup in FIFA’s history and the first-ever in the Middle East-Arab region. Games will take place in eight stadiums; thirty-two base campsites for space and practice for squads will be assembled and visitors coming to watch the contests could choose from stay choices as diverse as floating hotels to Arabian Bedouin tents.

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Qatar ready to receive tourists from around the world for Football World Cup
Qatar ready to receive tourists from around the world for Football World Cup

Local transportation choices range from Doha Metro to water taxis; safety will be supplied by top nations such as the US and 20,000 volunteers will be ready with their public services. All these arrangements took around 10 years the longest for any Football World Cup so far. Qatar is anticipating around fifteen lakh spectators to watch the games by the thirty-two teams joining in the event. Apart from football supporters from other countries, official envoys and heads of various nations will also appear in Qatar during the Football World Cup.

The FIFA world is planned to take place in Qatar from November 20 to December 18 this year. Thirty-two players will play for the trophy and there would be sixty-four games in total. While the inauguration match will take place at Al Bayt Stadium, Al Khor the final will be held at Lusail, Lusail City. There would be 3,80,000 seats in total at the eight stadiums. Currently, 95% of the basic infrastructural works, as well as roads, are over and the full end is likely by September.

Each of the thirty-two teams participating in the Football World Cup will be allocated a base camp, where stay and training services are available. This prevents the need to shift room for different games. Moreover, players can reach the venues effortlessly. This is one of the unique elements of the Qatar Football World Cup. The agencies offering security to the event include Homeland Security of the US, NATO, and the British Army. Not only players but also observers would be protected under the security procedures for the conduct of a safe Football World Cup. Training for the security workers has already been finished.

Qatar ready to receive tourists from around the world for Football World Cup
Qatar ready to receive tourists from around the world for Football World Cup

Football followers arriving in Qatar from across the world would be presented with a wide range of accommodations, with hotels, apartments, villas, holiday homes, followers’ villages, cruise ship hotels, Bedouin tents in the desert, and train villages. Guests can choose the place of stay agreeing to their activities and bank balance. Meanwhile, visitors wishing to put up with their relatives or friends in Qatar can do so by offering the address where they plan to stay while applying for the Hayya Card to enter the country along with the Football World Cup ticket.

Services of helpers will be offered to guests in forty-five sectors at the FIFA World Cup. They would be present at the airport, hotels, and fan zones, among other places. There would be 20,000 helpers, hailing from not only Qatar but also other countries. Corresponding to the authorities, the volunteers will be on the field from October. Eco-friendly transportation services are ready for travellers reaching Qatar to view the Football World Cup games. They consist of Doha Metro, Karva electric buses, taxis, water taxis, and trams.

Guests can also tour free of cost on public transport with the Hayya Card on the days of the matches. Moreover, the Doha Metro connects directly to five stadiums. The health sector in Qatar has taken all precautions to keep players, delegates, and viewers safe from the COVID-19 pandemic during the Football World Cup. Previously, even when the crisis was acute, Qatar had effectively conducted various tournaments under the bio-bubble arrangement. This has increased the confidence of the participating nations and other countries.

Qatar ready to receive tourists from around the world for Football World Cup
Qatar ready to receive tourists from around the world for Football World Cup

Entire Qatar would be decked up from September for the historic Football World Cup. The decorations will be overseen by the Public Works Authority of the country and local citizens as well as residents going to other nations can spruce up their homes for the event. Offices, educational institutions, cities, and private as well as government institutions can decorate their buildings by joining the project of the Authority. 

Qatar could be lenient on minor offences by foreign followers at Football World Cup

Minor violations will not result in a fine or arrest, although police will be told to go to a person and ask him or her to conform, the source known with Qatar’s consultations of European police forces told. Someone who eliminates a t-shirt in public will be invited to put his t-shirt back on. There is some sort of acceptance.

They included that each qualified nation has been asked to send at least four police officers to the Football World Cup to help offer advice to their Qatari counterparts. A firmer stance is about incidents endangering the safety of persons or property, with supporters endangering fines and the revocation of their Hayya permit card if they engage in fights or light pyrotechnics, according to the source. Worldwide Tickets and Hospitality offers Football World Cup tickets for the Qatar Football World Cup at the best prices. Football fanatics and buy Football World Cup Tickets at exclusively discounted prices.

The use of alcohol by fans has been one of the ambiguities in the build-up to the World Cup tournament. Qatar is a highly moderate nation and being drunk in public can result in a prison punishment of up to six months. Alcohol is not part of Qatari traditions or traditions, being restricted largely to luxury hotels and private clubs, though a privilege has been agreed by organizers for the Football World Cup, with beer to be on offer for followers close to stadiums earlier than the start of games.

Qatar ready to receive tourists from around the world for Football World Cup
Qatar ready to receive tourists from around the world for Football World Cup

Qatar’s treatment of LGBT+ fans at the Football World Cup has been a major fear leading up to the Football World Cup, with homosexuality illegal in the country. Restrictions on women’s rights and clothing in Qatar have also come under the limelight. A western diplomat cited by Reuters warned that any reduction in Qatar’s legal stance during the Football World Cup risked antagonizing rows in domestic society.

“Enhanced leniency pleases the international community but then comes with the risk that it might upset traditionalists within the country,” they supposed.

The Supreme Committee (SC) for Delivery and Legacy which is supervising Qatar Football World Cup did not reply to Reuters’ request for comment. The Football World Cup is due to begin on November 20, and Qatar’s final policing plan has yet to be agreed upon. Qatar’s Gold Commander in charge of Football World Cup security is likely to hold important sway in the country’s handling of violations of its law.

Ahead of Football World Cup, influencer ‘Mr. Q’ lifts shroud in Qatar

At a moment when thorny issues are being requested about Qatar and its hosting of the Football World Cup, Khalifa Al Haroon deals a smile, a sigh, and a nod off as he seeks to explain its thrillers. Known to his rising number of followers as Mr Q, the 38-year-old has become a social media hit by partly lifting the veil over the tiny but mega-rich Gulf state that defines itself as a conservative Islamic country.

The first Football World Cup in an Arab nation has put a spotlight on Qatar’s care of foreign workers, gender rights, and even the use of air training in stadiums. Haroon’s cheerful #QTip videos broach all from saying Hello in Arabic to the right way for men to wear the flowing ghutra headdress. There is also an issue with labour rights.

Qatar ready to receive tourists from around the world for Football World Cup
Qatar ready to receive tourists from around the world for Football World Cup

With less than 60 days to the Nov. 20 start of the FIFA World Cup tournament, he now has more than 100,000 fans on Instagram and more than 115,000 on YouTube. And the numbers keep growing. Qatar has dozens of online influencers on topics ranging from modest but pricey fashion to the latest sports car being smuggled into what is now one of the world’s wealthiest countries.

Haroon imprinted out his niche by expounding Qatar’s unknowns to its growing expatriate community and now the hordes of football fans for the Football World Cup. Haroon who was born to a Qatari father and British mother and spent 16 years in Bahrain thought he was first faced with global stereotypes about Qatar and the Middle East while studying for a law degree in Britain. He had liked to become an actor, but then instead unveiled his social media presence in 2008 with a blog.

“I was in the ideal position because I was a Qatari who has never lived correctly in Qatar,” he stated.

I was like a foreigner in my own country and so I had the same problems that foreigners did, and so it just made it easy for me to start knocking together information. Haroon stated there must be a difference between sad news and misinformation about his country. When it comes to fake news, everybody knows that it is not true and so the only thing that I could do is show people videos and pictures and show them what we are really like as you can trust your own eyes.

Some people, he supposed, have told him they decided to move to Qatar after watching his videos. Haroon, who is now an advisor to the Qatar Football Association and an esports mogul, stated he is excited about the Football World Cup because people can now come here and experience it for themselves and make their rulings instead of just believing what is written.

Qatar ready to receive tourists from around the world for Football World Cup
Qatar ready to receive tourists from around the world for Football World Cup

His main complaint is how outsiders see something negative about Qatar and then trust that all Qataris receive it, or we all agree with it. Many fans of the thirty-one foreign countries who will play in Qatar have raised concerns, though, about the welcome awaiting them. Can they drink? And what will happen to same-sex couples in a nation where homosexuality is illegal? The government has claimed that beer, normally limited, will be available and that everybody is welcome. Haroon wants outsiders to practice real Qatari hospitality, with its food and coffee society.

Of course, there are going to be some social norms, told Haroon. What we are asking for is just regarding the country. And of course, the country will be recognizing everyone that comes. Some people might make errors because they do not know what the rules are and that is OK, he added. The point is our culture is all about intent, and our religion is about purpose, so if you have good intentions and you want to do the right thing, you have nothing to concern about.

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