Football World Cup: Robert Lewandowski and Arkadiusz Milik are a Polish dream pair

Three goals in six matches, or four, since the VAR, not recognized by the referees’ blunder, is the accomplishment of Arkadiusz Milik in the Football World Cup. Unquestionably better than most fans expected. It means that these days the Polish national team has a duo of full-fledged strikers from two foremost teams in the world. This has never materialized in history. One can risk saying that this is the best attack since the periods of the Andrzej Szarmach Grzegorz Lato duo.

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Poland Vs Argentina | Football World Cup Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets | FIFA World Cup Tickets
Poland Vs Argentina | Football World Cup Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets | FIFA World Cup Tickets

On paper, it looks like this, but they have to authorize it at tournaments. I would be corresponding with Robert Lewandowski to develop the top scorer of the FIFA World Cup. He is an eccentric player. When he was leave-taking, the Germans said that he only added his leg. And suddenly there is no one to change a leg to? And in Barcelona, ​​the young branch of knowledge. But it’s one thing at the team, but now it’s good for him to amazement at the challenge, and so is Milik.

I was the top scorer of the Football World Cup, Andrzej consumed 5 goals in 1974, and then he was the top scorer at the Olympics cutting-edge Montreal. We frolicked together in the club for 8 years in the squadron. Also, this duo looks inordinate but is it better than ours? They have to demonstrate them says, Grzegorz Lato.

In Football World Cup, we transcribed in Przegląd Sportowy that the selector of the Polish national lineup has nuclear weaponries, Robert Lewandowski. He just requires to know how to use it. Regularly it was speculated which of the aggressive midfielders should be positioned behind Lewy for him to passion. The mystery was resolved by Adam Nawałka, who shaped the Lewandowski-Milik pair.

The young striker essentially started in the team with Waldemar Fornalik, but he converted into a full-time representative for Nawałka. Nawałka hunted to use him from the commencement of his term as a player in Gornik Zabrze, nonetheless, he played in the youth side of the FIFA World Cup. When I took the position of coach, it was clear to me that we have to give the side such Lewandowski as was in Borussia Dortmund. For a particular reason, he didn’t shoot in the surround, he couldn’t unleash his potential. From the very commencement, it was clear to me that he would form a twosome with Arek Milik.

Poland Vs Argentina | Football World Cup Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets | FIFA World Cup Tickets
Poland Vs Argentina | Football World Cup Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets | FIFA World Cup Tickets

After a year of investigations, when Nawałka was mixed with mud, Milik bounced into the team for the Football World Cup qualifying, and rapidly the national team zaprybiła. It was a development time for both players. Lewandowski became a thespian of Poland, and Milik, after an ineffective adventure with the Bundesliga, found a haven in Amsterdam. Originally, he was a substitute, and the first special player was Kolbein Sigthorsson. And although originally many observers believed that the Icelandic was a sophisticated class footballer, initially, the quality difference was not that large.

But before that happened, the undeveloped player from Katowice made an eccentric duo with Lewandowski. In the qualifying circles of 2016, Poland was the continent’s most efficacious team. Biało-Czerwoni counted 33 goals in Football World Cup. In 25 of them, someone from the pair Lewy Milik was involved. In that 5 goals were scored after their dual action. Lewandowski assisted once and Milik for four periods in FIFA World Cup. In the qualifying rotund Lewandowski had 13 goals and 5 assists, Milik 6 goals and 7 assists. It was a duo that stunned Europe.

Then, during the tournament in France, my belongings were not so good. Both counted one goal each. Lewandowski couldn’t sprout himself, he was frustrated, and he didn’t have many probabilities in Football World Cup. Fans doubted, but experts praised him. Like Guy Roux, whom we encountered in Lyon. I can see that Robert Lewandowski is being congested all the time by his adversaries. But he is a fantastic player, he bounces the team all of himself, and he sees how to sacrifice himself.

Thanks to him, others play healthy in FIFA World Cup. He is somewhere with the adversary and the others are living. This is why Poland is such a good crew said the legendary trainer AJ Auxerre. It was like that, Lewandowski ran to the side, took out his rivals’ protectors, Milik entered free spaces, and had many probabilities. Inappropriately, he could not hit.

Argentina’s Scaloneta has assumed Lionel Messi based on Football World Cup beauty

When Argentina takes on Honduras and Jamaica in future friendlies, there will be few vicissitudes to the Albiceleste squadron that has not lost a match in additional than two years. And why would there be? Competent for the Qatar Football World Cup in style, and whipped European champions Italy in June in a masterpiece match at Wembley. Worldwide Tickets and Hospitality offers Football World Cup tickets for the Qatar Football World Cup at the best prices. Football fanatics and buy Football World Cup Tickets at exclusively discounted prices.

Poland Vs Argentina | Football World Cup Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets | FIFA World Cup Tickets
Poland Vs Argentina | Football World Cup Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets | FIFA World Cup Tickets

This would be extraordinary in any circumstances. But it is almost off the scale of astonishing when two things have reminisced. First, Argentina was a complete shambles at the FIFA World Cup in Russia. Second, rookie coach Scaloni was selected as a stop-gap caretaker pretty much as he fulfilled the sole criteria at the time he wasn’t a big monetary risk. And now his team is mentioned in Argentina as the Scaloneta the house that he erected.

Argentina had beforehand made a long-term bet with high-profile, self-motivated Jorge Sampaoli. It was a disaster that should have been prophesied. Argentina simply did not have the speedy defenders and ball-playing keepers that wanted to play the Sampaoli way in Football World Cup. The mature squad limped away from Russia where they trifled with first-round removal. With a huge payoff, Sampaoli was discharged. Money was in short supply, and so originated Scaloni. He didn’t talk like a concierge.

[FIFA World Cup qualifiers] France and Croatia robbed the ball and were in a place to shoot in 3 or 4 seconds, which was his post-Russia deduction. That’s the way football is successful, it’s the football I like and the moment has come to familiarize this in Argentina. We’re going to be more direct and perpendicular.

There was an obvious problem with this approach. It is not a model of play that is a respectable fit for Lionel Messi. It got off to a bad twitch. Scaloni’s first competitive competition was their 2019 Copa America opener in contradiction of Colombia. Argentina were all strained out and easily picked off on their way to a 2-0 defeat. The rest of the rivalry was Argentina’s attempts to edge near a more workable idea of play. They frolicked well in that semifinal damage to Brazil in Football World Cup. But with Messi plus two demonstrators Lautaro Martinez and Sergio Aguero they were top weighty and too easily hit on the counter dose.

Poland Vs Argentina | Football World Cup Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets | FIFA World Cup Tickets
Poland Vs Argentina | Football World Cup Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets | FIFA World Cup Tickets

It would be something of astonishment if Honduras on Sept. 23 in Miami and Jamaica four existences later in New Jersey, worsen those statistics in Football World Cup. But that is hardly the point. These are mere warm-up sports, serving to get the group together and create any late tweaks it might be interesting, for example, to understand if Brighton’s Alexis Mac Allister is given another chance in the deeper midfield role that he frolicked in the last game, a friendly in contradiction of Estonia back in June.

But even a shock overthrow in these FIFA dates is not going to derail the Scaloni scheme and is highly unlikely to affect sureness as Argentina builds for the Football World Cup. Scaloni distinguishes that his team has to lose certain times he cites Italy as an example, where an extended unbeaten run did not prove good sufficient to get them to Qatar. Given the choice between an extended unbeaten run and winning the FIFA World Cup on Dec. 18, there is no uncertainty about which one Scaloni would indicate. Maybe he can have both.

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