Turkey sends warship to Qatar for Football World Cup security operation

Turkey directed its ship, the TCG Burgazada, to Doha on Saturday to contribute to security processes for the Qatar Football World Cup in Qatar next month. Turkey has sent a war vessel to Qatar as part of security processes for the football World Cup set to start next month, the Turkish defence ministry supposed Saturday.

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Turkey sends warship to Qatar for Football World Cup security operation
Turkey sends warship to Qatar for Football World Cup security operation

Turkey directed the TCG Burgazada ship to Doha from the port city of Izmir to contribute to Operation Football World Cup Shield, a security process taking place for the 20 November-18 December tournament. Turkey, a close local ally of Qatar, accepted a motion earlier this month to organize troops to the Gulf country for six months.

Fikri Isik, a presiding party legislator and former Turkish defence minister, supposed the deployment would include 250 troops and a corvette-class naval vessel, like the TCG Burgazada. The troop placement would be in totalling around 3,000 riot police Turkey supposed it would send to Qatar to strengthen security at Football World Cup stadiums and hotels throughout the international football rivalry.

Turkish police going to Qatar is also existence taught English and given direction about what to imagine when they reach the Gulf state, rendering reports. The future Football World Cup is the first to be detained in a Muslim country, as trips in and out of Doha are predictable to upsurge by more than 50%, from 700 to 1,600 per day. Qatar imagines hosting more than 1 million companies throughout the tournament World Cup.

Turkey sends warship to Qatar for Football World Cup security operation
Turkey sends warship to Qatar for Football World Cup security operation

Football World Cup boom drives some Qatar residents out of homes

Qatari landlords judging income from the looming Football World Cup have been kicking out a rising number of typically foreign tenants, occasionally with just a few days’ notice. More than one million football followers are predicted to descend on the capital Doha throughout the November-December tournament world Cup, putting a strain on the tiny Gulf nation.

Landlords who have dotted an opening to upsurge rents show no pity and the market is conquered by greed, supposed an illustrative of a real estate business, speaking on condition of secrecy. Reem, a foreigner working for a major Qatari company, expressed she had a week to leave her apartment. The woman, using a pseudonym to avoid blowback from her employer, told AFP the owner of the block required the dozens of apartments he has borrowed from her employers deflated so they could earn more throughout the Football World Cup.

“We felt chastened,” Reem supposed.

The company has enthused Reem and other staff into a hotel, then they can only stay there until November 15, five days earlier the tournament kicks off. They were expressed they will then move into provisional apartments, she supposed. Leaving home with all our possessions in bags and boxes to go into a hotel room was a tragedy.

Turkey sends warship to Qatar for Football World Cup security operation
Turkey sends warship to Qatar for Football World Cup security operation

Other renters in Doha told AFP they were likewise forced to choose between paying more on rent or sendoff. Possessions in the tower where Reem is secondhand to live are promoted on booking. for $1,700 a night throughout the Football World Cup with a minimum stay of 14 nights. In the two years, she had been in the apartment, Reem supposed rent was $2,500 a month.

Most followers will be staying in apartments, hotels, cruise ships and desert camps reserved through the official Football World Cup portal. Despite some anxieties, organisers have maintained there will be enough lodging for all followers in the emirate of just 2.8 million people. Worldwide Tickets and Hospitality offers Football World Cup tickets for the Qatar Football World Cup at the best prices. Football fanatics and buy Football World Cup Tickets at exclusively discounted prices.

To ease the crisis, FIFA lately released thousands of hotel rooms it had kept, which specialists have supposed could drive prices down in the coming weeks. Some Football World Cup companies are rotating to the open market for luxury studios or better locations near exact stadiums, and the prices promoted for some Doha properties climax owners’ sky-high hopes. On Airbnb, apartments for two people go for $2,500 a night. A villa for the full 29 days of the Football World Cup will cost followers booking finished the online stage at least $13,000 but prices can go into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Very high demand

Some Doha inhabitants are stroking their flats and houses up for rent and fleeing Qatar for the month. Adel, who registered his small apartment on Airbnb for $900 a night, supposed that the request was very high when he first promoted it. Nonetheless, he had to cancel the misgivings after Airbnb requested him to deliver a statement from his landlord positive about the rent.

Turkey sends warship to Qatar for Football World Cup security operation
Turkey sends warship to Qatar for Football World Cup security operation

Rents have also increased sharply for tenants pending the end of their leases in new months. Though Qatari law allows for an upsurge of up to 10% for a lease regeneration, rents in some districts of Doha have increased by as much as 40% over the past year, rendering to Anum Hassan, head of investigate in Qatar at international consultancy firm Valustrat. A Western envoy in Doha supposed embassy staff has required augmented salaries to meet their rental payments.

“Rents will stay high for a while, supposed Nabil Ghorra, a 59-year-old Lebanese-American who lives in Doha’s expensive Pearl district. I feel that there are people taking benefit of the situation, and then this occurs all over the world when there’s an event” like the Football World Cup.

Qatar Is Wooing Wealthy World Cup Fans with Luxury Accommodation

With deluxe match packages selling for thousands of dollars and five-star hotels doing a brisk trade, a sheen of glamour coats the FIFA World Cup in Qatar despite football‘s working-class roots. A penchant for luxury in the energy-rich Gulf state, which has one of the world’s highest GDPs per head, has rubbed off on an unusually high-end edition of a tournament for the masses.

If you’re able to spring US$4,950 (RM23,255) for a VIP ticket to a group game, you can enjoy drinks, a six-course meal and entertainment at a lounge overlooking the halfway line at Lusail Stadium, north of Doha. Those with bottomless budgets in the resource-rich region have attractive accommodation options too, with one third-party site offering $4,000-a-night hotel rooms and $26,000 for a “head of state” suite with a 30-night minimum stay.

Turkey sends warship to Qatar for Football World Cup security operation
Turkey sends warship to Qatar for Football World Cup security operation

Things are a little different for ordinary fans. Cheaper options include a steel bed in a shared room in the semi-desert near the capital at $84 a night, or accommodation on docked cruise ships from $179 to $800. Stadium crowds will include Qatar’s migrant labourers, who were offered some tickets at 40 riyals ($11) to watch a sport whose players and core supporters are traditionally blue-collar.

According to Ronan Evain, executive director of Football Supporters Europe, the onus on premium experiences has left some fans cold. It’s clear that there’s a focus on premium tourism, but the vast majority that goes to a World Cup are middle-class, Evain told AFP. They’re not the sort of people who can afford to stay on a cruise liner at $5,000 a week.

FIFA World Cup in Qatar: Pricing out the less affluent?

The hordes of ticketless fans that usually descend on a World Cup will be reduced in number, as only ticket holders and up to three guests each can enter Qatar during the November 20 to December 18 tournament. Many supporters will stay elsewhere in the Gulf and board the estimated 100 to 200 World Cup shuttle flights a day from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Oman.

Even those options do not come cheap. In Dubai, an hour’s flight away and expected to be a major destination, an official World Cup package costs $1,500 for four nights in a shared room, including one return flight to Doha but no match tickets. The Qatar World Cup is at least compact, with all eight stadiums in and around Doha eradicating the cross-country travel needed at previous editions such as Brazil 2014 or Russia 2018.

Turkey sends warship to Qatar for Football World Cup security operation
Turkey sends warship to Qatar for Football World Cup security operation

“The problem with the World Cup in Qatar is that there are very few alternatives, said Evain. At a World Cup in Brazil or Russia, you can take a train, hire a car, stay 200 kilometres (120 miles) away or come just for the day of the match”.

“None of that is likely in Qatar. Either you can’t find lodging or accommodation is too luxurious, he added. People are looking for an answer and for quite a few people the answer is to cancel, as they can’t afford this sort of cheap.”

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