Qatar pressed on the safety of women travelling to the Football World Cup

Lawyers for a group of women exposed to invasive searches at Doha Airport two years ago called Sunday for Qatar to ensure female fans travelling around to next month’s Football World Cup will be safe. Five women are charging Qatar Airways and the state-run Qatar Civil Aviation Authority after they were eliminated from flights for non-consensual gynaecological exams in October 2020.

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Qatar pressed on the safety of women travelling to the Football World Cup
Qatar pressed on the safety of women travelling to the Football World Cup

“This group of courageous women has been involuntary to go to court to send a message to Qatar that what occurred was wrong and should not be allowable to occur again,” lawyer Damian Sturzaker told AFP.

With the Football World Cup less than a month away female travellers are called to an assurance from Qatar that their human rights will be established. Authorities in Doha carried out the searches hoping to find the mother of a newborn baby thrown in an airport bathroom bin. After the child was found, the airport was locked down and women on about 10 flights were rushed into ambulances where they were subject to invasive exams to see if they had just given birth.

The event triggered a major political incident and urged the sincerest clarification from the prime minister of Qatar. Two years later, a group of women is taking Qatari rights to court in Australia, alleging unspecified costs and losses for the trauma of the event. Consenting to reports filed with an Australian national court earlier this month, the five women were between 31 and 73 years old at the time. They were all travellers on flight QR908 from Doha’s Hamad International to Sydney.

One was legally unsighted, and another was attending to her five-month-old child. As the plane sat on the tarmac, a cabin statement ordered all women aboard to leave the aircraft with their passports, and persons in dark outfits armed with guns arrived at the aircraft. Four of the women were then taken into ambulances, their clothing was taken, and they were subjected to intrusive tests of their genitals and in one case the chests and stomachs. One woman had her newborn son on her chest at the time.

Qatar pressed on the safety of women travelling to the Football World Cup
Qatar pressed on the safety of women travelling to the Football World Cup

The women are all told to be experiencing post-traumatic anxiety. They accuse Qatar Airways and the authorities of negligence, attack, battery, false incarceration, and a range of other breaches of the law. Qatar Airways and the government of Qatar did not immediately respond to requests for comment, although the authorities have earlier announced that hearings would be made of those accountable for the searches.

Facing possibly devastating commercial and reputational damage, Qatar has recurrently pledged to guarantee passengers’ future security and security. The timing of the court case comes as Qatar arranges to host at least a million followers for the Football World Cup from November 20. The Gulf nation has confronted intense scrutiny over its human rights history ahead of the tournament, and concerns just about strict local customs that might trip up foreign tourists.

Wearing a Muslim mask is not mandatory for women, although they must dress reasonably in public, and cover up from the shoulders to knees. Sex out of marriage is unlawful and can be reprimanded by whipping though there is no track record of when it was last used. In November 2020, Qatari authorities stated they had found the parents of the neglected child and the runaway mother from an Asian country. She faces 15 years in jail if arrested.

Qatar BANS Mexico followers from wearing Lucha Libre masks at the Football World Cup

The Mexican government approved the Qatar 2022 Organizing Committee’s decision as the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs Alfonso Zegbe looked for an explanation. The latest update from the Organising Commission is that masks will not be permitted. I must admit that we gave some fighter masks to ask if they could be applied and they asked us if they did not see him.

Qatar pressed on the safety of women travelling to the Football World Cup
Qatar pressed on the safety of women travelling to the Football World Cup

Lucha Libre veils are considered a prohibited item and are not permitted to be worn inside the stadiums at the Football World Cup. Zerbe has warned Mexico fans against taking masks to games. Let’s not ignore that we are in a difficult region, which is the Middle East. In its latest update, where it says what can and cannot be done, masks are forbidden, he added. If it is at the airport, the alcohol is routinely seized, if there is something that surpasses minor governmental penalties, then you will have the consular safety of the Mexican authorities.

Let’s remember that we have had a Mexican consulate in Qatar since 2014 and that the Mexico Qatar Football World Cup Center is an expansion of our embassy, ​​due to the high number of fans, there will be people in advance of their protection there. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has a great feel for this consular aid if their condition is vulnerable. Worldwide Tickets and Hospitality offers Football World Cup tickets for the Qatar Football World Cup at the best prices. Football fanatics and buy Football World Cup Tickets at exclusively discounted prices.

Security could seize any Lucha Libre masks if followers attempt to sneak them into stadiums. The masks are listed as a prohibited item alongside other restrictions like alcohol. The Qatar 2022 Organising Committee claims the banning of Lucha Libre masks is a security reason. It will blow to Mexico, whose fans are famous for wearing masks at matches and other traditional pieces. Mexico opens their Football World Cup campaign against Poland on November 22 already facing Lionel Messi’s Argentina and Saudi Arabia.

Qatar pressed on the safety of women travelling to the Football World Cup
Qatar pressed on the safety of women travelling to the Football World Cup

Are women permitted at games at the Qatar Football World Cup?

A total of 64 games will take place at the Football World Cup, with hosts Qatar kicking off the action beside Ecuador on November 20. The Arab nation held the right to host the centrepiece event in 2010. They beat bids from Australia, Japan, South Korea, and the United States. The granting of the Football World Cup to Qatar resulted in huge debate, with critics highlighting the nation’s human rights concerns.

Among those difficulties is the treatment of refugee workers, with The Guardian stating in a February 2021 report that 6,500 workers from Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka had died since Qatar won the right to host the Football World Cup back in 2010. Another major issue is that of women’s rights, which are limited by the country’s male custody laws.

There have been improvements made in recent years, although they must obtain permission, as per HRW, from male caretakers to marry, study abroad on government scholarships, travel abroad until certain ages, and more. Women are permitted to enter stadiums and watch the action during the Football World Cup in Qatar.

Qatar pressed on the safety of women travelling to the Football World Cup
Qatar pressed on the safety of women travelling to the Football World Cup

Speaking earlier this year, the deputy secretary general of the 2022 World Cup Organizing Committee, Nasser Al Khater, stated: In Qatar, we have no restrictions on women’s access to the stadium. They have been attending matches for a long time.

FIFA announced in May that three female referees, and assistant referees, will take charge of matches at the Qatar World Cup in 2022. These are Salima Mukansanga, of Rwanda, Yoshimi Yamashita, of Japan, and Stephanie Frappart, of Germany.

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