Football World Cup Tactical Preview

Saudi Arabia will contribute to the Football World Cup for the sixth time this year ensuing their proper qualification at the highest of group B of the third round of the qualifiers. Saudi Arabia has been making for a long period for this involvement as they would similar to make up for their unsuccessful 2018’s Football World Cup trip by outstanding the group phase during the upcoming Football World Cup.

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Really, the task will not be as easy as it sounds, but at the similar time, the circumstances are not going against Saudi Arabia in relation to opponents. In other words, Saudi Arabia could have been drawn into a much additional complicated group than Group C in which they’ll look at Argentina, Mexico, and Poland.

In fact, all of this group’s squads are hard to beat, especially Argentina. However, Saudi Arabia is talented in challenging both Mexico and Poland and they have almost equivalent probabilities with these dual squads to fight for the second spot. Therefore, if Saudi Arabia prepares well and is at its best during the race, it can threaten individually Mexico and Poland and why not a goal to take four or more points out of these two matches?

What will also support Saudi Arabia in this race is that their head coach, Herve Renard, is known to be a very pushy person who has had various lucky international skills, especially with African national squads, and he will certainly require to use all of that skill to aid his Saudi Arabian Football World Cup trip.

In this planned analysis scout statement, the focus will be directed towards the investigation of Saudi Arabia’s attacking and defensive tactics, their predicted starting line-up, their key player, and a lot more data based on footage and data.

Saudi Arabia have been alternating between the 4-3-3, 4-4-2, and 4-2-3-1 formations lately and they can play well according to these three types of formations. However, Renard is additionally likely going to opt for the 4-2-3-1 one and might modify to the 4-3-3 during the match if required.

He will start the tournament with Al Owais as a goalkeeper since he has been the starting goalkeeper for the previous period and he is the furthermost skilled present Saudi Arabian goalkeeper. At a similar time,, Mohammed Nawaf Al-Aqidi, Al Rubaie, Fawaz Al-Qarni, and probably will be the backup goalkeepers. The defensive line will be calm of, Abdullah Madu, Sultan Al-Ghanam as a right-back and Yasser Al-Shahrani as a left-back, and Abdulelah Al-Amri as a center-backs.

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This defense is calm of skilled players who played with each other a lot and therefore it is predictable that the defensive line will be solid during this tournament. In midfield, the team will furthermost likely rely on Salman Al-Faraj and Mohamed Kanno as central midfielders while Salem Al-Dawsari and individually Fahad Al-Muwallad would play on the wings, significant that the two players can be very risky in these positions.

On a similar line, Hattan Bahebri will bring his knowledge to this attacking midfield line while playing as a forward-thinking playmaker behind the striker Firas Al-Buraikan who can be tested, Haroun Camara, Haitham Asiri, Saleh Al-Shehri, and Abdullah Al-Hamdan. The team expressions are stable on paper even though it lacks players with a physical strong points.

 Therefore, the squad will have to show on the field that they are capable of handling attacks like Argentina’s, Poland’s, and Mexico’s, and that will certainly not be an easy mission. These squads have some risky attacking players Serie A and Napoli’s Hirving Lozano, s Lionel Messi, PSG‘Inter Milan‘s Lautaro Martinez, Barcelona‘s Robert Lewandowski,   and many more key players.

To score goals, they will necessity to exploit set pieces very well and make definite to make use of counterattacks, knowing that they have got some fast and well-organized attacking players like Hattan Bahebri, and Salem Al-Dawsari. Also, midfielders will have to serve the ball accurately whenever they intercept the ball and make certain they make obtainable key passes whenever thinkable in order to surprise opposing defenses.

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Having an attacking line of players below 25 years of age, except for Saleh Al-Shehri, can serve the team in terms of physical skills and especially in terms of stamina. The team should use this strength and rely on these attacking players more often during their match and not just focus on defending or playing for a draw. Such players can signify a threat to defenses that have some weaknesses such as the Argentinian defense, the Mexican defense, and even Poland’s defense.

In truth, these squads are not known for having some of the top defenses in the world and Saudi Arabia should exploit this fact in their favor without leaving spaces behind or attacking without reasoning. The age profile shown below also specifies that numerous players are actually at their peak and not many of them are previous their peak years knowing that for goalkeepers like Al-Owais the peak years can start at 30.

Saudi Arabia’s attacking statistics are not actually encouraging. The squad doesn’t win a lot of offensive duels, the players do not shoot on mark a lot per competition and more significantly, their goalscoring statistics are quite low. If they play with similar attacking tactics and keep having similar statistics, it is unlikely that they will score goals during this group phase.

 To overcome this problem, Saudi Arabia will have to focus on assessing its opponents’ defensive lack and attempt to work on exploiting them. For instance, they will have to effort a lot on set-piece competence to use them against one of the squads that are weak in defending set-pieces. However, if the squad is unsuccessful to spot their opponents’ weaknesses, they will not be able to injure them or be dangerous.

Shooting from distance is one of the tools Saudi Arabia is good at and they should attention to using this in their favor, especially when playing against goalkeepers who are not outstanding in saving shots from distance. Saudi Arabia has got numerous players who can shoot well from distance, such as Salman Al-Faraj.

Mexico boss Martino still hoping to have Corona at Football World Cup

Mexico football coach Gerardo Martino has moved to Seville to assess winger Jesus “Tecatito” Corona’s fitness next Sevilla football coach Jorge Sampaoli said the player would not improve from damage in time to play at the Football World Cup, ESPN described on Tuesday. Corona, who has scored 10 goals in 71 arrivals for Mexico, underwent surgery after fracturing his left ankle while physical activity with Sevilla in August.

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Martino previous week named Corona in his 31-man preliminary team for the tournament in Qatar despite the 29-year-old playing only once this time. ESPN described that Martino will seek talks with fellow Argentine Sampaoli as the Mexican medical staff trust it is thinkable to speed up Corona’s rehabilitation.

 Mexico expects Corona to join the squad’s physical activity camp in Girona, Spain on November 14 or 15 despite Sevilla earlier saying that he would only be able to reappearance to training in December. Martino’s side takes on Sweden in their ending warmup match on November 16 before kicking off their Football World Cup campaign against Poland in Group C six days later. They will also face Argentina and Saudi Arabia.

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