FIFA urges World Cup squads to focus on the Qatar World Cup

FIFA has been classed as ludicrous and humiliating after President Gianni Infantino and secretary general Fatma Samoura called for all 32 nations fighting at the Football World Cup in Qatar to meet on football and stop handing out ethical lessons. The message went put down like a lead balloon particularly with Amnesty International given the Gulf state’s poor individual rights record, therapy of foreign workers, and contentious posture on LGBTQ rights.

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Amnesty International’s Steve Cockburn was astonished at FIFA’s line of messaging and told human rights declared cannot be overlooked. Graham Arnold’s Socceroos were in the fireline from FIFA following their joint statement of a rally late last month, which saw 15 current national squad players talk out in a video on events in the Arab country they didn’t concur with.

The communal message was clear the choice to award Football World Cup hosting rights to Qatar has caused pain and harm to numerous of our colleague workers, while also referencing that homosexuality is now illegal in the country. We stand up with FIFPro, the Building, Wood Workers Worldwide, and the International Trade Union Federation, seeking to insert changes and create a legacy in Qatar the video from the Socceroo summarized.

This is ludicrous and humiliating in so many aspects. Only what FIFA ignores is that it frequently needs to cash in on the power of the sport and how it can change the world. This must involve creating a migrant resource centre, efficient treatment for those who have been deprived of their rights, and the legalization of all same-sex relationships. These are the basic human rights that should be given to all and will guarantee continued progress in Qatar a legacy that goes well ahead of the final shrill of the Qatar Football World Cup.

FIFA urges World Cup squads to focus on the Qatar World Cup

The primary objective of the workout involving the Socceroos was a chance to raise understanding of some critical issues and help impact change globally and nationally. While many applauded the Aussie players for speaking out, they were also condemned by others. TV broadcaster Piers Morgan responded to the Socceroos’ stance, demanding they keep sport and politics separate. With the Football World Cup kicking off on November 20 in Doha in the oil-rich, highly fundamentalist Middle Eastern state, FIFA has now encouraged footballers to focus on their training as athletes. FIFA president Gianni Infantino and secretary general Fatma Samoura have had plenty of political messaging, with their letter blunted.

“Please, let’s now concentrate on the football” the letter stated.

We know football does not exist in space and we are similarly aware that there are many questions and problems of a political nature across the world. Only please do not permit football to be pulled into every political or electoral battle that happens. Previous this week, the Arab League states hit out at continuing critique of Qatar, calling it a libel campaign They also felt some Western nations such as Australia were being bigoted. One of the great powers of the world is its variety, and if presence means something, it requires having regard for that variety, a letter stated.

FIFA urges World Cup squads to focus on the Qatar World Cup

No one society or culture or nation is better than any other. Countries such as England, Germany, and France are likely to wear one-love armbands in Qatar to encourage inclusion and fairness. The hosts kick off the Football World Cup on November 21 when they take on Ecuador.

Qatar official slams hypocrisy of Football World Cup criticism

Qatar’s overseas minister has condemned the hypocrisy of people asking for a boycott of the football World Cup to march suspected human civil rights in the Gulf country. Minister of Foreign Affairs Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani asked Le Monde in a conversation circulated on Thursday that most of the world was looking forward to the tournament World Cup that starts in Doha this month and that the strikes were being made by a very small amount of people.

“It is honestly regrettable. The truth is that the world is looking forward to this festival. Over 97% of the Football World Cup tickets have been sold. Among the 10 countries that bought the most Qatar Football World Cup tickets, we find European nations like France,” Al Thani, who is also the assistant prime minister, stated.

FIFA urges World Cup squads to focus on the Qatar World Cup

Qatar is the first nation in the Middle East to host the football World Cup, although it has encountered a wave of condemnation since it was granted the tournament in 2010. Its treatment of migrant workers and its human rights records have been in the limelight, leading to calls for players to boycott the tournament Football World Cup altogether. Worldwide Tickets and Hospitality offers Football World Cup tickets for the Qatar Football World Cup at the best prices. Football fanatics and buy Football World Cup Tickets at exclusively discounted prices.

The country faced extensive censure from human rights groups for its preceding use of the kafala scheme under which workers are tied to an employer whose agreement they need to alteration jobs in the form of a No Objection Certificate (NOC) a law that rights campaigners have contended tied their attendance in Qatar to their bosses and led to abuse and misuse.

The kafala system was eliminated in August 2020 in Qatar amidst other landmark changes, with the establishment of a minimum wage. Several Gulf countries have, in current years, passed reforms to their kafala systems, which were once common across the six member states of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

Dual standard

Reacting to a query on why it took so long for Qatar to eliminate the kafala setup since all the stadiums had been constructed by 2020, Al Thani said such changes take time.

“This is real for any country it is not unique to Qatar. Of course, there are still mistakes and we are resolved to fix them,” he stated.

FIFA urges World Cup squads to focus on the Qatar World Cup

Though, the deputy prime minister stated there was a double specification in systematically criticizing the Qatari government for the difficulties facing workers, while in Europe, the slightest case is blamed on the company.

“I think there are some individuals who don’t believe that a small country in the Middle East is hosting such a worldwide event,” he added.

Very friendly country

In the discussion, Al Thani stated Qatar was a very friendly country and that the entire world is welcome in our country. All we expect is that followers regard our laws, just as we are likely to regard yours when we go to you, he added. The assistant prime minister said there would not be clashes among security armed forces and followers unless certain conduct put people in danger. That is the only condition in which they would interfere.

FIFA urges World Cup squads to focus on the Qatar World Cup

When questioned about what policy Qatar would agree to if players were to speak on non-sporting issues, Al Thani told they will be set free to do so, and we will certainly not stop anyone from stating themselves. Several contributing teams have underlined the treatment of migrant workers in Qatar, with Denmark, Australia, and England. In the meantime, the deputy prime minister told Qatar will continue to host sports tournaments in the hope to help unite people. The Football World Cup will take place from November 20 to December 18.

“We desire to do things that bring people all together and unite them. Sport is an essential tool to accomplish this goal. Our country is prepared to host the most important sporting events. The Football World Cup is just one example of this,” he told.

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