Football World Cup: Full guide to eight venues and where England will play

England will be one of 32 countries to be playing at the upcoming Football World Cup contest and they will play in a number of the secret World Cup stadiums. The Qatar Football World Cup will be the home to a full host of new fields that many fans of the world will not have seen earlier. All eight of the sites are built in 21 miles of vital Doha, the capital city of Qatar, but 7 of them are set to feel main changes. Some will see their sizes cheap while others are being taken down fully after the end of the contest.

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World Cup Football: Lusail Stadium

The Lusail Stadium is the poser-boy of stadiums for the Qatar Football World Cup. It holds 80,000 people and will play host to 10 competitions across the tournament, counting the final on December 18. Many of the spaces after the tournament are being occupied and handed over to emerging countries.

Al Bayt Stadium

With a 60,000 volume, the Al Bayt Stadium is the 2nd-largest on offer at the competition. It will host the 1st match of the struggle between Qatar and Ecuador on Sunday, November 20 earlier showcasing England’s clash against the USA Football World Cup teams and one of the semi-finals. It will have a telescopic roof to keep out the heat if the temperatures converted too irresistible.

Stadium 974

This brilliantly named arena has been built from transport containers 974 of them are meticulous. It will only host the Football World Cup matches up until the Last-16 before being undone. Given the way it has been industrial, it should come as no astonishment to learn that it is one of the 3 smallest stadiums in the struggle.

Al Thumama Stadium

The 40,000-seater stadium for the Football World Cup in Doha looks extraordinary from the external. It will host 8 matches, counting a quarter-final clash before it misplaces half of its volume after the assumption of the competition. A mosque and a hotel are set to be built in its absence.

Qatar Football World Cup: Khalifa International Stadium

This is one of the older stadiums in the state. Built in 1976, the Khalifa Intercontinental Stadium is the home of the Qatar national Football World Cup team. It has experienced a significant makeover since that day and it is set to congregation 8 matches, counting the 3rd-place play-off.

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Education City Stadium

Holding just ended 45,000 spectators, the Education City Stadium will host 8 Football World Cup competitions, 2 of which will be knock-out competitions. It is located just external the center of Doha and it had been built earlier Qatar had been named as FIFA World Cup host it has been named the rhombus in the desert.

Located just outdoors in the center of Doha, the Education City Stadium will congregation 8 matches through the Football World Cup, counting two knockout round fittings. It has been designated ‘the diamond in the desert as it is intended to glisten by day and glow at night and was now built before Qatar was called the 2022 crowd. For more know about Football World Cup Tickets.

Ahmad bin Ali Stadium

Located in Al Rayyan, and originally dubbed the Al-Rayaan Stadium, the Ahmad bin Ali Stadium will congregation Wales in contradiction to England as one of its 8 Football World Cup matches. The 40,000-capacity stadium is predominantly close to the desert so temperatures could be warm.

Al Janoub Stadium

The Al Janoub Stadium will win plaudits for its groundbreaking cooling system and folding roof. It resides in the city of Al Wakrah, grips 40,000 fans, and will host seven matches in the Football World Cup contest, but it will not feature any game after the last 16. Again, like additional stadiums in the state, its capacity will be shared after the end of the rivalry.

FIFA World Cup: Wales will shine a light on Football World Cup in Qatar problems

Captain Gareth Bale says Wales’s idea to highlight the problems there are going on in Qatar during the Football World Cup. Wales start their 1st FIFA World Cup operation in 64 years against the United States on Monday, 21 Nov. Qatar has been censured for its stance on same-sex relations, human rights annals, and the action of refugee workers. Of course for us as footballers, it’s been a hard subject to talk about, said Bale. We can hut a light on the difficulties there are going on.

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We’ve verbal to the FAW (Football Association of Wales) and they’ve been talking to the Welsh rule, who’s been in dialogue with Qatar and FIFA World Cup, working on these topics. As players, we’re fully late and care all we can do. US as footballers, the most we can do is raise alertness and it’s for people difficult to make those choices and confidently make a change for the well. After the USA match, Wales face Iran on 25 Nov earlier seminar England in their final group-stage game 4 days later.

Bale, 33, will wear a One Love captain’s armband through the contest. OneLove is a crusade ongoing in the Netherlands before Euro 2020 to endorse diversity and inclusion and as a note against judgment. Wales has linked the Dutch, England, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland Football World Cup teams to back up the ingenuity. Football Association of Wales’s chief office Noel Mooney has said gripes over human rights topics in Qatar are not a splendor parade.

Gay relations are banned and in contradiction to the law in Qatar and gay, lesbian, and transgender people in the country face penalties, time in prison or even the death verdict. The Football World Cup’s managers say everyone is wanted and claim no one will be distinguished alongside. Though, chief managerial Nasser al Khater said there will not be an alteration to Qatar’s laws during the contest and asked guests to admire our culture.

He has said that in Qatar any civic displays of liking such as kissing between pairs whether gay or straight are socially unsuitable. We support all in terms of the armband, said Bale. We’ll be doing all and doing as much as we can to confidently get change in the right way. Some Wales Football World Cup team admirers who are associates of the LGBTQ+ public have decided not to travel to the FIFA World Cup because they would not feel harmless in Qatar.

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We would love for everyone to be there but that’s the way they feel and we’ll do all we can to care for them, Bale added. They’ll still be with us in souls and we’ll be hostile for them like we continually do, and confidently, we can do them proud. As Wales prepare for their 1st Football World Cup arrival since 1958, nice midfielder and past national captain Aaron Ramsey echoed Bale’s opinions. We disagree with a lot of things successful over there in Qatar, he said.

As a group, we’ve made our posture very clear on that. The FAW has been employed closely with the administration, FIFA, and other things to try and move things onward. As players, we’ll be exhausting that armband and presenting our support, and hopefully highlighting other subjects over there as well. But eventually, we’re there to play football and to signify our country at a Football World Cup.

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