Sergio Ramos of Spain is dissatisfied with his Football World Cup absence

Sergio Ramos, a defender for Spain, expressed disappointment at not being included in the team for the World Cup despite being fully healthy following a calf injury that curtailed his playing time with Paris St. Germain last season. Enrique chose to omit seasoned players like Ramos, midfielder Thiago Alcantara, defender Marcos Alonso, and goalkeeper David de Gea from his 26-man roster for the tournament in Qatar.

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After spending 16 trophy-filled years at Real Madrid, Ramos, 36, joined PSG last year. After missing out on the chance to play in his fifth World Cup, Ramos addressed an emotional tribute to his fans. “I committed my entire being to healing and regaining my previous sense of well-being. Thankfully, I can state that I feel like myself once more this football season and am loving the game,” Ramos posted on Instagram. Of course, I wanted to fulfill it because it was one of my main aspirations. Unfortunately, I’ll have to watch it at home. It would have been my fifth,” Ramos remarked.

Ramos and Spain won the 2010 World Cup

He added that the sun would still rise in the morning, adding that it was difficult. “I wouldn’t alter a thing about who I am. That is not the way I think. Not my thing. Not with my dedication, work, and commitment. Spain plays Jordan in a friendly matchup on Thursday before facing Costa Rica in the World Cup opener.

World Cup predictions from Dan


Spain plays in the Tika Taka genre, which the world once adored but has now grown tired of. The Spanish have a history of controlling the ball, passing it sideways in attractive patterns, but failing to convert chances while possessing it. It’s as if the opposition has learned how to play Spain by allowing you to take them apart.

That’s Spain’s ethos principles that the country has lived by since its inception. They reason that the more the ball is in your possession, the more likely you will win. Because of this, players start learning how to win the ball back as quickly as possible in the youth setup. Luis Enrique, a member of the Barcelona lineup, is fiercely protective of this viewpoint.

He will occasionally play a false number 9 because he knows they still don’t have a reliable, world-class striker (another Spanish tradition). They have a plethora of skilled midfielders, and their boss has never been reluctant to put his faith in young players. Candidates who have the potential to become well-known names include Pedri and Gavi.

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Their possession percentages during qualifying never dropped below 60%. Any team controlling the ball can win against anyone on any given day. They might not have a top-tier finisher to help them win close games.


Germany is participating in a major tournament without Joachim Low for the first time in 16 years. (Hansi Flick lifted this prize in 2014 as a crew member. In reality, both on and off the field, everything needed to be updated.

Germany and Spain share the same refreshing mentality, the development of young players, and the overall ability to defeat any country on any given day. Do they, however, possess that top-tier number 9 who will contribute in close games? Germany has been through this process before, and you can tell that a new cycle is beginning that will lead to better things for them in the future. Progress will be made with this as a foundation.

Busquets are crucial to Spain’s World Cup chances

When he has the ball, he will split opposing lines, sending rival defenders one way and rival midfielders the other, making him the best among equals. On the football field, his basic survival depends on breaking organized solidity into chaotic particles. However, the separation was different when he initially appeared in Barcelona.

More first-team equals were hard to come by; nevertheless, he finished his Barcelona occupation, having been introduced only 13 times. Injury-hit invocations at Lazio, Real Betis, Numancia, and Gimnastic were disastrous to catch fire things – and he ended up opening his career in Holland with Go Into the future Eagles in 2012 at just 32. For more to know about Football World Cup Tickets, Click here.

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On the other hand, Pep Guardiola believed that Busquets was football’s equivalent of splitting the atom, a talent of such explosiveness that he might prove to be kryptonite to all other super-teams. Those who evaluated the progress of academy kids thought he was thin, slow, and surplus to requirements. Guardiola’s viewpoint eventually won out, but only after the lanky, lax “pivote” had already been given the “shall be sent out” designation.

Busquets’ presence and playing style at his first World Cup alienated fans, the media, and to some extent, the 2010 champions-elect team itself as they navigated the rough patches on their way to defeating Holland in the final. Vicente del Bosque wanted to play Spain with a “double pivot” formation in midfield, including Busquets and Xabi Alonso. Given that Spain won each of its final four games of that tournament by a score of 1-0, you could argue that Del Bosque was correct. Xavi, Iniesta, and Busquets believed that two coordinating, crucial central midfielders were one too many. As a midfield trio for Barcelona, Xavi on the right, Busquets in the middle, and Iniesta on the left, they had just won the treble.

When Barcelona lost the ball, Busquets, also known as “Busi,” alternated between being the last defender before the defense was penetrated and the mental recycler who turned evil possession into deadly possession. He was as wise, cynical, and good at protecting himself as he was a creative, imaginative, and sixth sense in attacking. In football, there isn’t another position like it.

The Barcelona trio regarded Alonso as unnecessary. Del Bosque disagreed when the then-21-year-old Catalan was deemed to have performed only reasonably well in the 1-0 opening match against Switzerland, and a bitter media and public discussion developed. Some people believe he helped the Swiss score the strange winning goal by Gelson Fernandes.

Busquets had experienced division ever since, for good and bad reasons, even more so when Luis Enrique harshly critiqued Busquets’ status quo. He utterly adores this icon of positional-processional play.

Spain’s World Cup squad:

The Spain coach put into words what many others, including supporters and rivals, were already thinking when he acknowledged that he had already started the unlikely task of attempting to convince Busquets to consider playing in the World Cup 2026.

“Busi is still the No. 1 in his position,” the former Barca coach stated. “If we can manage the style of match and make it the one we want, meaning controlling possession and dominating the opponent around their defensive region of the pitch.” Busquets is no longer the “best” pivote if we allow the game to devolve into end-to-end, long-pass football. But across the football landscape of the world, nobody comes to mind who is better at understanding and putting into practice the style of football we want to play. He serves as the cornerstone of both our offensive and defensive strategies.

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This was not the only thing Busquets’ manager had to say about him. I’d like him to play for four more World Cups, Luis Enrique said to me recently during our interview, only half-jokingly. This is not the first time a La Roja coach has defended “Busi.” When controversy erupted at home following the 2010 World Cup defeat to Switzerland and Busquets felt unfairly singled out, Del Bosque, a stout and multiple-award-winning midfielder for Real Madrid, stepped out.

He remarked, “Look if I could somehow return as an active player right now, I’d want to be like Busquets. “He carries out every action. He always puts himself at the disposal of the entire squad, always assists the player closest to him, gives his all defensively, and is excellent at restarting the play when we get the ball back. Spain’s football is far more fluid when he is in top form.”

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