Six essentials concerning for the Football World Cup host nations

When the FIFA World Cup starts in Qatar on November 20, the Gulf state will be the center of attention worldwide. Since FIFA gave the tournament to Qatar in 2010, many people have heard about how bad things are for migrant workers in the country. Migrants and domestic workers still have to deal with things like wage theft, forced labor, and being taken advantage of.

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But the way the state treats migrant workers is just one of several disturbing human rights violations. Qatar’s government restricts freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of association. Unfair trials continue to be a problem, and the law and everyday life still mistreat women and LGBT people. Here are six essential things to know.

1.     Freedom of speech and freedom of the press

The government of Qatar uses unfair laws to silence people who criticize the country. This includes both citizens and migrant workers. Amnesty International has found evidence that Qatari citizens have been detained without reason after criticizing the government and sentenced after unfair trials based on forced confessions. Malcolm Bidali, a Kenyan security guard, blogger, and activist for the rights of migrant workers, was taken away and locked up alone for a month because he brought attention to the problems of migrant workers.

Qatar doesn’t have much media that is independent or critical. The government limits press freedom by limiting broadcasters and making it illegal to film in places like government buildings, hospitals, universities, sites where migrant workers live, and private homes.

2.     Freedom to join groups and get together

It is still illegal for migrant workers to start or join unions. Instead, they are allowed to form Joint Committees, which is an idea that came from employers to give workers a voice. As of now, though, the initiative is not required and only affects 2% of workers. This is far from the fundamental right to form and join a trade union.

Both citizens and migrant workers can get in trouble for peacefully gathering together. In August 2022, for example, hundreds of migrant workers were arrested and sent back to their home countries after they protested on the streets of Doha because their company had repeatedly failed to pay them.

3.     Unfair trials

In Qatar, fair trials are by no means a given. In the last ten years, Amnesty International has found cases of unfair practices in which defendants’ claims of torture and other bad treatment were never looked into, and sentences were given based on “confessions” that were made under pressure. Defendants were often questioned while being held in incommunicado detention, where they couldn’t talk to their lawyers or get help from a translator. Abdullah Ibhais, a Jordanian, is serving a three-year sentence because of a trial in Qatar that he says was unfair and based on a “confession” that he said was forced out of him.

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4.     Rights of women

In Qatar, the law and everyday life still make it hard for women. Under the guardianship system, women need permission from their male guardian, who is usually their husband, father, brother, grandfather, or uncle, to marry, study abroad on government scholarships, work in many government jobs, travel abroad (if they are under 25), and get reproductive health care.

Family law is unfair to women because it makes it harder for them to get divorced and hurts their finances more if they do. This is not the case for men. Women are also still not protected enough from domestic and sexual violence.

5.     Pride rights

Qatari laws discriminate against LGBT people. Article 296(3) of the Penal Code makes several consensual sexual acts between same-sex people illegal. For example, anyone who “leads, induces, or tempts a male in any way to commit an act of sodomy or debauchery” could go to jail. In the same way, Article 296(4) makes it illegal for anyone to “induce or tempt a male or female, in any way, to do immoral or illegal acts.”

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In October 2022, human rights groups kept track of cases where security forces arrested LGBT people in public places and searched their phones because of how they dressed. They also said transgender women in jail had to go to conversion therapy sessions before getting out.

6.     Worker’s rights

Even though the government is still trying to fix Qatar’s labor system, abuses are still common all over the country. Even though things have gotten better for some workers, a lot of them still have problems like not getting paid on time or not getting paid at all, not getting rest days, working in unsafe conditions, not being able to change jobs, having trouble getting justice, and the deaths of thousands of workers not being looked into. Even though a fund has started to pay significant amounts to workers whose wages have been stolen, hundreds of thousands of migrant workers who have been mistreated in the past ten years have still not been compensated.

Forced labor and other kinds of abuse, especially in the private security industry and with domestic workers, primarily women, are still going on. There are still a lot of people who pay between $1,000 and $3,000 in excessive recruitment fees to get a job. Many workers need months or even years to pay back the debt, which keeps them in a cycle of being exploited.

World Cup fan from Audi

Turkistan hopes that football-loving Saudis will show up in enormous numbers because of how close they are. “People think the Saudi national team is playing on its land and in front of its fans. “Having the World Cup in Qatar is the same as in Saudi Arabia,” the 37-year-old engineer told AFP. He thinks this kind of support could help the Green Falcons get out of the group stage for the first time in almost 30 years.

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“A simple border makes us different… We will be there in large numbers, with 50,000 to 60,000 fans filling the stadiums. On a recent afternoon, Turkistani showed off some of the chants he hopes will help the Green Falcons win. He wore a white-and-green scarf over his traditional white thobe. “This is the green of Saudi,” he sang into an electronic megaphone as a friend beat on a drum made of animal hide. “Oh, Saudi, here we are!”

Behind him, the seats in the Jeddah stadium were empty, but he was sure that things would look very different once the game started. “In Qatar, 50,000 fans will chant this behind me, while only 5,000 fans did so in Russia,” he said. “This excitement gets passed on to the players… We hope that, as fans, we can bring out the best in the players.

Good hopes

Turkistani thinks he has seen the Green Falcons play in more than 100 international games. Most of these games are in an extensive photo album that he loves to show off to visitors. He is also the head of the fan group for the famous Saudi club Al-Ahly, based in Jeddah.

Aside from the high cost, the hobby can also be hard in other ways. While traveling, Turkistani has had trouble communicating because of language barriers, extreme cold, and strange food. “All these things will be constructive for us in Qatar,” he said. Tourism Minister Ahmed Al-Khateeb told AFP last month that Saudi officials are increasing the number of weekly flights between the kingdom and Qatar from six to 240. They are also making it easier to travel by land during the tournament.

At an event last week to celebrate the World Cup trophy’s stop in Saudi Arabia, Ibrahim Alkassim, secretary general of the national football association, told AFP that Saudi attendance would be high enough to “exceed half the capacity of the stadium in each match.” When Saudi fans arrive in Qatar, Turkistani will be ready for them because they have stocked up green-and-white T-shirts, plastic blow horns, drums, and balloons to give out.

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Turkistani sees it as a chance to show off the unique parts of Saudi fan culture, especially the songs he calls “a cultural heritage” that has helped him get almost 280,000 Twitter followers. Turkistani knows that the Green Falcons will have a hard time in their group, which includes teams like Argentina, Mexico, and Poland.

But he is sure the team will benefit from what he calls “home-field advantage.” He also thinks that Qatar, Tunisia, and Morocco, the other Arab countries competing, will also help. “The fans from Saudi Arabia and the Gulf will cheer for the Arab teams,” he said. “Because of this, I think the Arab teams will shock everyone and do well at this World Cup.”

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