Qatar’s Football World Cup is just days away, and Argentina are making headlines

With only a few days left until the Football World Cup in Qatar, Argentina is in the news for a compelling reason. While the rest of the football world is busy getting ready for the big tournament, Argentina and Uruguay are making sure their players are happy by sending them the best meat from their countries. When it was found that each country would bring almost 4,000 pounds of meat to the big event in Qatar, both countries became the talk of the town.

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According to goal, the president of the Uruguayan Football Association, Ignacio Alonso, said that the national team would have the best food in the tournament. “The AUF is a historical representation of our country, and it will bring another representative: Uruguayan beef, the best beef in the world,” said Alonso.

At the same time, Conrado Ferber, President of Uruguay’s National Institute of Meat (INAC), said they want to provide the best quality product while keeping the Football World Cup’s sustainability in mind. Both of these South American countries eat lot of meat and are known for the quality of their meat, which is an interesting fact.

It’s Argentine culture

Lionel Scaloni, the head coach of Argentina, also explained why it was significant for them to bring meat from home. “Asado is one of my favourite foods, but it’s more than that. It is a characteristic of our culture and that of Argentina. We can converse, laugh, unwind, and connect during that time. Even though we adore meat, it’s not always the main focus. It’s the connection that comes from belonging to a group, said Scaloni.

Argentina and Uruguay’s Qatar Football World Cup campaigns start soon

Argentina, ranked third by FIFA, will start their season on November 22 against Saudi Arabia, which is also in Group C. Lionel Messi could be done with the Football World Cup. The Argentine team’s last two group games will be against Mexico on November 27 and Poland on December 1. On the other hand, according to FIFA, Uruguay is the 14th-best team in the world. Interestingly, their best striker, Luis Suarez, might play in his last FIFA World Cup during the next one. Uruguay’s first game will be on November 24 against South Korea. They will then face Portugal and Ghana in Group H.

Argentina, Uruguay send Qatar 4000 pounds of meat

Argentina and Uruguay, two of the best football teams in the world, have arrived in Qatar with 4,000 pounds of meat. So that they don’t miss the food taste from home, these two teams from South America brought this much meat. According to reports, Uruguay’s National Institute of Meat (INAC) has negotiated with the Uruguay Football Association to provide meat for the national team.

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“The best food is being provided for the national team. Ignacio Alonso, the president of the Uruguay Football Association, said in an interview, “The Uruguay Football Association is a historic ambassador for our country, and it will take with it another ambassador: Uruguayan meat, which is the best meat in the world.”

Asado is a well-known meat dish that is popular in Argentina and Uruguay. After beating UAE by a large margin in a warm-up game, Argentina’s 72-person FIFA World Cup team enjoyed “Asado.” Uruguay also liked the Asado they had in Qatar.

According to people on both teams, they are very proud of their food and football. They think that the two things go well together. Argentina and Uruguay are ensuring they have good food and nutrition to play good football. They are doing this by bringing a massive amount of meat to Qatar.

Who’s the favourite?

Hundreds of people waited outside the Argentinian team’s base at the FIFA World Cup to see the Paris Saint-Germain attacker. Lionel Messi’s La Albiceleste bus went to Qatar University, where the team stays. People who are part of Argentina Fans More than 5,000 from the Qatar club brought drums to welcome Messi to the team base.

When Messi and the others got to the Football World Cup, fans banged on drums to get people excited. About 500 people in the crowd waited until about 4:00 AM (0100GMT) to see the Argentina camp arrive. The number of Indian and South American fans of Argentina was about the same.

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More first-team equals were hard to come by; nevertheless, he finished his Barcelona occupation, having been introduced only 13 times. Injury-hit invocations at Lazio, Real Betis, Numancia, and Gimnastic were disastrous to catch fire things – and he ended up opening his career in Holland with Go Into the future Eagles in 2012 at just 32. For more to know about Football World Cup Tickets, Click here.

Lionel Scaloni’s team left Abu Dhabi on Thursday morning, November 17, after beating the United Arab Emirates 5-0 in a friendly before the Qatar Football World Cup. Messi scored his 91st goal for his country and also helped another team score before what is likely to be his last FIFA World Cup.

Many people remember the Vuvuzela from the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. As the excitement for the international tournament grows, Indian fans have been making a lot of noise. Laura Valero, a supporter from Buenos Aires on Tuesday, said: “In fact, they make a lot of noise. The drums are not quite as annoying. If those drums play here every night, the team will never be able to fall asleep.”

Lionel Messi wants Football World Cup glory

The Football World Cup is the last trophy Lionel Messi needs to add to his collection. In 2014, the Argentine captain almost won the tournament, but La Albiceleste lost to Germany 1-0 in the final. Mario Gotze’s winning goal in extra time broke the hearts of the Argentinians, and Lionel Messi missed out on winning his first FIFA World Cup.

Argentina is the best team this year because they haven’t lost any of their 36 games so far. They are in Group C, and their first game is against Saudi Arabia on Tuesday, November 22. The South Americans will then play Mexico on Saturday, November 26. On Wednesday, November 30, they will play Poland in their last group game. Messi has been in great shape leading up to the competition. He has scored 12 goals and set up 14 others in 19 games across all competitions.

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How were they able to?

With the same confidence that they should always qualify, at least until their king retires. There were some discouraging moments, like the home tie with Chile and the home and away ties with Paraguay. Still, Argentina is now unbeaten in 21 qualifiers, finished 11 points ahead of Uruguay in third place, and didn’t even have to play their last match against Brazil. Lionel Scaloni did well enough to get his contract extended until the end of the 2026 World Cup. Argentina is the second favorite to win the tournament in Qatar.

Biggest strength

Lionel Messi will be 35 when this Football World Cup ends, and you can bet that makes a huge difference. Argentina’s team wants to give Messi the best send-off possible and help him match Diego Maradona by giving him the trophy he wants most. Many Argentine players have hurt themselves in the past few weeks, but they might be acceptable by the time the tournament starts. They know that having Messi on their team is the best thing they can do to win.

You’d be stupid not to believe them: Argentina will go to Qatar in great shape. They haven’t lost in 35 games, three short of the world record. They also won Copa America last year and got an excellent draw. Denmark and the Netherlands are the teams they are most likely to beat to get to the semi-finals. Messi, Dybala, Martinez, and Di Maria all play forward, which is a scary group in and of itself. In the semi-finals, does Brazil wait?

The worst thing

There aren’t many, but it’s clear that Scaloni’s offense is more potent than his defense. Nahuel Molina, who just joined Atletico Madrid, Cristian Romero, Nicolas Otamendi, who is 34, and Nicolas Tagliafico, who plays for Lyon, are likely to start in the back four. If they want to win the tournament, Romero and goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez will have to play well, and Leandro Paredes and Rodrigo de Paul may have to hold back on their attacking instincts to protect the defense and let the four attackers shine.

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They are also a little worried about Angel di Maria’s health. He is a massive part of this team because he spreads the game across the field and gives Messi space in the middle. You already know what Messi can do with a few seconds and a few yards.

Star performer

There’s nothing else to do. There is no correct answer to the never-ending debate about whether Messi is the best player of all time, so it is pointless to keep talking about it. However, if Messi leads Argentina to their first FIFA World Cup win since 1986, he will leave the international stage as the king of his country.

The goal of this team is to give Messi a free role by putting him with two wide attackers, two central midfielders behind him, and a striker (probably Martinez) upfront. This gives the great player the freedom to drift to the wings and create gaps, drop deep to get the ball, dribble, or move closer to the box and play as a second striker.


Lionel Scaloni, the coach of Argentina’s national football team, is at a training camp for the team in Abu Dhabi on November 14, 2022, before the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup. The camp is held at the Nahyan Stadium.

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Scaloni has a new contract, but he could still lose his job if Argentina doesn’t do well in Qatar. He wants to leave a long-lasting legacy as a manager, as Tite did with Brazil. Scaloni has been Argentina’s coach longer than any other coach since Marcelo Bielsa. If he stays until the end of the next Football World Cup cycle, which is what the federation hopes, only Guillermo Stabile and Cesar Luis Menotti will have been in charge longer. Still, please don’t underestimate how much pressure he’s under to help Messi reach what’s thought to be his destiny.


Argentina will breeze through the group stages, probably beat Denmark and the Netherlands (if that’s how it goes), and then…lose to a complete Brazil team in the semi-finals? They lost in the semi-finals, but beating Brazil is a coin flip.

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