Qatar Football World Cup: The president of FIFA responds to World Cup naysayers

According to Infantino, there have been preliminary discussions to open an ILO office in Qatar. FIFA president Gianni Infantino stated that despite World Cup-related distractions, Qatar should be commended for its improvements in worker rights and that FIFA would continue to monitor the country after the tournament.

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He said, “I am glad to have talked with the Qatari government and the Director General of the ILO” (International Labour Organization). “There is a real chance of a dedicated office that would be a permanent ILO office” if the ILO’s permanent headquarters are in Doha.

FIFA’s president says criticizing how migrants create is hypocritical.

According to Infantino, “Europe could do like Qatar did, develop some legal ways, where at least a number, a proportion of these employees might come” about migrant labor. “Less money in the bank… but show them there’s a future. That means that we shouldn’t highlight failures, even when there are undoubtedly problems that require fixing in Qatar.

Qatari preparation

The 2002 World Cup was the first time it was held in Asia. Making it to the final, South Korea and Turkey are just one game away. Some struggles and traditional powers were blame because the tournament started early in late May. That meant it didn’t start in the rainy month of July, but it also meant that star players didn’t have much time to rest after hard seasons in Europe. Second Football World Cup in Asia moved because of the weather, but it moved back quite a bit in its place of a little forward. That means that the most prominent names won’t have played as many games, but they won’t have much time to prepare.

Last Sunday, a week before the big event, the Premier League took a break. The schedules for the other big European tournaments were the same so the players would go straight from their clubs to the World Cup.

Not everyone is like that. Like in 2002, the timing in 2022 could help people from outside the country. Iran, England’s first opponent in Group B, seems to have a good mix of players. Half of the team plays reasonably in Europe and the other half in the Middle East. On October 28, after 11 games, their home league was over. Having a base in the area and more than two weeks more to prepare could be the difference between winning and losing against England. Carlos Queiroz is to blame for that. He told the Iranian federation that it would be best to end the game early. Shaygan Banisaeid, an Iranian pundit and youth development coach who has worked with several clubs in England’s top two divisions, told the Guardian, “He decided to give up playing time in favor of more training.” “That would not work for Gareth Southgate, who would have liked more time to get ready.”

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Banished continued, “Queiroz was worried about the physical condition of those players that play nearby because he doesn’t trust the league level, the level of training intensity in their clubs, the subpar training facilities, and the subpar recovery techniques in Iran. At least Southgate is aware that his players are in capable hands at their clubs. The manager of Iran wants to be as near as feasible. These guys are working out with him right now so he can manage their physical preparation for the World Cup.

But Queiroz still wants more. Although we are currently short on practice time, he stated in October, “I want to thank all the people who have enabled us to have our players in training.” We’re trying to bridge the distance between Team Melli and the top teams in the world. The 2-0 setback Tunisia suffered on Wednesday in secret, with 22 players seeing action, shouldn’t be overanalyzed. Sardar Azmoun, a striker for Bayer Leverkusen, was not among them since he is recovering from an injury. Queiroz disputed the claims that he had come under pressure to omit the forward the team because of his public support for the demonstrations in his native Iran.

More first-team equals were hard to come by; nevertheless, he finished his Barcelona occupation, having been introduced only 13 times. Injury-hit invocations at Lazio, Real Betis, Numancia, and Gimnastic were disastrous to catch fire things – and he ended up opening his career in Holland with Go Into the future Eagles in 2012 at just 32. For more to know about Football World Cup Tickets, Click here.

Three weeks with his players could make a difference for a coach with the former Real Madrid manager’s technical expertise, but to some, that’s nothing. All-domestic squads by Saudi Arabia and Qatar, which raises questions about their exposure to and experience in other countries, also have some advantages. After only eight games of the season, the Saudis began their World Cup vacation on October 16, and 32 players traveled to the adjacent city of Abu Dhabi for a three-week, five-game training camp. By the time Saudi Arabia’s opening match against Argentina rolls around, Hervé Renard will have given some of his injured players ample game time to regain their fitness. Saudi Arabia will have played eight games in just two months.

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The other thing is used to the conditions. Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar don’t need to get used to the weather, but that goes without saying. South Korea and Japan play there often. South Korea has had six games in the Middle East in the last year alone, and many clubs and youth competitions happen there regularly. We don’t know how much of a difference that will make, but every little bit helps.

Banished said, “This is Iran’s golden generation and probably the best team ever.” “There are a lot of familiar names from 2018. They are now older, wiser, and at the peak of their careers, and they will try their hardest to make it to the next round. Last time, they fell just one point short. England and the US will find it hard to get three points against Iran.

Talking points

Offside, the head of referees, Pierluigi Collina, thinks that new plans made by Fifa will make decisions faster and more accurate. The “semi-automatic offside technology” will make even the most difficult offside calls faster than the old system. Fans in the stadium and at home can see a 3D animation of what happened. Collina told reporters on Friday, “It gives us a chance to be faster and more accurate.” Twelve cameras in each stadium will track 29 points on each player’s body, and a sensor inside the match ball will send data to the VAR operations room 500 times a second. They will make it very easy to figure out when made pass. Reuters

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Good Danes Kasper Hjulmand thinks that the emotional support that helped his team, Denmark, get to the semi-finals of Euro 2020 is still there, and he wants to use it in Qatar. Denmark got over the shock of Christian Eriksen having a heart attack in their first game and made it to the final four of the Euros, thanks to their fans’ support and determination. “I think it’s still here for sure,” Hjulmand said. “I think we’re in a good spot, but you can’t just play based on how you feel. I think the football is good enough and that we’re ready.” Reuters

The final dance? Robert Lewandowski, a star player for Poland, has said that he is preparing for the tournament as if it could be his last. He also said he would still be able to play at age 38 in 2026 if needed. He told reporters in Doha, “I don’t know.” “I’m not saying yes. I’m not saying no.”

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