Qatar makes final arrangements as 1.2 million followers arrive for the Football World Cup

With the England and Wales sides now both in Qatar, enthusiasm about the tournament Football World Cup is building.  There was a sense of calm earlier in the storm in Doha. The construction work is nearly over with less than a week to go, we came crossways one fan zone that was still being constructed, and the followers themselves are probable to start inward in big numbers over the next insufficient days.

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Qatar makes final arrangements as 1.2 million followers arrive for the Football World Cup

People that live here are receiving in the soul too. And they told us it’s not just the football they’re looking forward to, it’s welcoming the followers to their country and presenting them with their culture. Of course, not everybody does feel welcome here. Concerns over the country’s human rights best and the fact that same-sex relationships are unlawful in Qatar have meant many followers have obviously to stay away. 

The build-up to this Football World Cup has been marred by argument, but organizers insist Qatar is open, and they are ready to host the main sporting event in the world. That’s meant building enormous follower zones to accommodate some of the 1.2 million companies this tiny country is expecting to host. Followers will be able to watch sports on giant screens, as well as get somewhat to eat and drink. And drink has been a big speaking point in the build-up to this Football World Cup. Qatar is a Muslim country and eating in the street is unlawful, but it’s not illegal altogether.

You’ll be talented to buy a beer in those authorized follower zones, as well as in some bars and eateries. It won’t be cheap though you can imagine a pint to set you back anywhere in the region of £15. Rhodri Williams a proud Welsh expatriate runs a restaurant and bar in central Doha. He is making to welcome thousands of Welsh followers over the next few weeks. As a resident, he’s allowed to buy alcohol at Doha’s only off-license.

While the quarrel has outshone the Qatar Football World Cup ever since it was announced as host in 2010, FIFA, followers, and makes may all be eager that once the tournament Football World Cup kicks off, the focus will reappearance to football itself. Brands are taking a danger vs reward method and will be eager that, as we have seen in the past, the power of the sight overshadows the arguments once the action gets underway, speaks Amar Singh, head of content and infrastructures for MKTG Sports + Entertainment. Anthea Chee, senior vice president, of business partnerships in Southeast Asia for Sportive, speaks once the rivalry kicks off, the spotlight will be on the sport itself with the sports taking center stage.

Qatar makes final arrangements as 1.2 million followers arrive for the Football World Cup

He’s bought six tonnes of the stuff, which had to be brought in six separate lorries. He told me he’s certain Welsh followers will feel that Qatari warmth’ when they come to Qatar, and that they’ll feel a different kind of warmth when they come to him. Warmth is a bit of dryness for the weather here, and fans should be prepared for the unrelenting heat. This promises to be a Football World Cup like no other. It’s a tournament FIFA World Cup that has already shone attention on Qatar, for many of the wrong reasons. Now followers from all over the world are about to come here and judge for themselves. 

Football World Cup fan village is still a building site 48 hours before the Qatar football World Cup kicks off

A large official follower village, which is probable to house dozens of England and Wales followers in the coming weeks, still resembles a building site less than 48 hours before the Football World Cup kicks off. The Rawdat Al Jahhaniya accommodation was improper, in the shadow of the Ahmad bin Ali stadium where Wales play the US on Monday, had wild forklift trucks and a digger next to the hundreds of sea ampules that will host followers when the Guardian stayed on Thursday and Friday. Worldwide Tickets and Hospitality offers Football World Cup tickets for the Qatar Football World Cup at the best prices. Football fanatics and buy Football World Cup Tickets at exclusively discounted prices.

Unusually the site, which unlocked on Friday, costs £172 a night for a dual cabin for two. FIFA lists a tennis court and cinema screen as being among the services. There appeared no sign of either, though they could have been hidden from view. Temporarily the promised fitness center/gym seemed to contain a few pieces of outdoor gear close to the main arrival and road. There was an enormous amount of sand and debris, as well as a giant hollow by the side of a tent that will serve as a mosque.

Qatar makes final arrangements as 1.2 million followers arrive for the Football World Cup

A site organizers-maintained security guards would patrol the area 24 hours a day. Security won’t be an issue, he supposed. There will be guards who will stop people coming in. Those guards quickly exclaimed when journalists tried to take pictures. There is a moveable Starbucks van and a large camped dining hall, which will serve a range of food counting pizzas and burgers. Amenities in each cabin comprise tea- and coffee-making amenities, two bottles of water per day, a fridge, bed linen, and bathroom towels.

The Football World Cup is predictable to entice 1.2m visitors, nonetheless, by March Qatar had only 30,000 hotel rooms, 80% of which had been booked by FIFA for sides, officials, and sponsors. That has led to anxieties among followers and a rush to make more lodging obtainable counting shared rooms in blank apartments, a cruise ship off the coast of Doha, and traditional-style tents in the desert.

Four of this year’s Football World Cup sponsors are from China Wanda Group, Vivo, Hisense, and Mengniu and together they have spent an eye-watering $1.395bn for top billing at the tournament World Cup, which runs from November 20 till December 18, even more than the $1.1bn consumed by American brands such as McDonald’s, Coca-Cola and Budweiser, rendering to Global Data, London-based data analytics and referring company. Nonetheless, will it be worth it? Even before a single game has been played it was previously the most controversial Football World Cup in history, with Qatar dogged by scandals ever since it was proclaimed as host in 2010 over its aptness to hold the event.

Qatar makes final arrangements as 1.2 million followers arrive for the Football World Cup

The Rawdat Al Jahhaniya lodging is not the only fan site of which questions have been asked. On Thursday the Times spoke to two servicers who had spent 10 days at Ras Bu Fontas, which will host 6,000 football followers a day, and who raised anxieties. One told the newspaper: It has been hell. The air con in the cabin barely works and sounds like a fighter jet is taking off. Even if you have it on all the time throughout the day it is still 27C. You can’t have it on at night since it is so noisy.

The other labeled the cabins, which contain two single beds, in unbecoming terms. They are rock hard so you might as well sleep on the floor, he supposed. I have never been anywhere so painful. We have been here for 10 days and it is frightening. It might be OK if you want to rough it for a night or two, then any longer would be dreadful. The Qatar Organising committee weakened to comment when contacted by the Guardian.

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