Passionate Qataris put on a spectacular show in Qatar Football World Cup

The day may not have ended how Feliz Sanchez and the players would like it to, but Qatar put on a show on the opening day of this Football World Cup. The FIFA World Cup has been carved by some engrossing opening rituals. Luciano Pavarotti was singing his phenomenal version of Nessun Dorma at the San Siro in 1990; the enthralling, Oprah Winfrey-emceed scene at Soldier Field in 1994.

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Passionate Qataris put on a spectacular show in Qatar Football World Cup

The literary festival in Seoul in 2002; and 150 former world champions joined in a flair-drenched display in which musicians wore 20kg costumes in Munich in 2006. The show put on in Al Khor today was up there with the best of them. The colors, the culture, and the actions all were mind-blowing. It was headlined by Jung Kook, a singer from the South Korean mega-band BTS. The 25-year-old revealed his new single, Dreamers, and almost everybody inside Al Bayt Stadium loved it.

There were enough present 68,000 in total and they didn’t half make some noise. And even though Qatar was 2-0 down after 30-odd minutes and didn’t manage to get back into the game, the followers didn’t stop signing. This was a day they had stayed for forever. The result didn’t go their way, but they knew their country had done itself proud. Besides, they had their moments. Abdulaziz Hatem made two superb tackles, Hassan Alhaydos’s witchcraft created a chance for Almoez Ali, and Mohammed Muntari seemed sharp when he came on.

“We battled this game in a particular way, then our opponent had their ideas, told Qatar coach Feliz Sanchez. We know we have tough enemies, they have quality, and sometimes they are hard to defeat. We will try to help our players and see if we can improve in all these qualities. Sanchez and charges will now get ready to face Senegal in Doha on Friday. They may have lost the first leg of their race for a place in the knockout phase, then football was a winner as of Qatar today”.

Passionate Qataris put on a spectacular show in Qatar Football World Cup

Qatar Football World Cup opening ceremony summary

Ecuador beat the Qatar Football team in the Football World Cup opening game. Check out how the opening ritual went below. On our other live feed, you’ll get features of the opening game between Qatar and Ecuador. Also, don’t miss our Football World Cup special, with the lowdown on every squad in the tournament. Performers hold up national flags throughout today’s opening ceremony at Al Bayt Stadium.

Chaos at Al Bidda fan fest

Chaotic scenes smashed out at the Al Bidda Fan Park in Doha ahead of Qatar’s Football world cup opening-game defeat to Ecuador. The venue has a capability of 40,000 people but then at least double that amount attempted to enter, pushing police to intervene.

It was risky, one fan told Reuters. In the UK, Qatar vs Ecuador broadcaster the BBC decided against showing today’s opening ceremony on its regular reporting, even though viewers were able to watch the event on the BBC’s online iPlayer. As a substitute for airing the ceremony, the BBC broadcast the Women’s Super League game between Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur, before starting its Football World Cup build-up an hour ahead of kick-off. The opening ceremony had started half an hour earlier.

Passionate Qataris put on a spectacular show in Qatar Football World Cup

Anchored by Gary Lineker, the BBC coverage began by focusing on issues such as Qatar’s treatment of migrant workers and the fact that homosexuality is illegal in the country. Corruption at FIFA, world football’s governing body, was also debated.

It was, agreeing to the Guardian’s Jim Waterson, “an evisceration of the electoral skullduggery and corruption that led to the world’s best footballers meeting in Doha in the middle of the European winter”.

Fireworks explode over Al Bayt Stadium during the World Cup opening ceremony. Qatar World Cup mascot La’eeb is seen during today’s opening ceremony at Al Bayt Stadium.

Could Qatar have the worst performance by a host nation of the Football World Cup

Meanwhile, AS USA’s David Nelson has looked at whether Qatar could end up being the worst team ever provided by a World Cup host nation. Qatar vs Ecuador: game recap: score, statistics, a man of the match AS USA’s William Allen has put together a short recap of today’s opening game, which saw Ecuador comfortably beat Qatar thanks to a double by Fenerbahce forward Enner Valencia. Worldwide Tickets and Hospitality offers Football World Cup tickets for the Qatar Football World Cup at the best prices. Football fanatics and buy Football World Cup Tickets at exclusively discounted prices.

Controversy floats around Jung Kook in Qatar. Let’s get back to Jung Kook. The South Korean singer-songwriter and the youngest band member of the boy group BTS, has been and continues to break history in and outside of S. Korea.  If you have been keeping up with our feed, you know all the hype the 25-year-old has received today after his great performance at the Football World Cup in Qatar.

Passionate Qataris put on a spectacular show in Qatar Football World Cup

And while for a second, having a South Korean open a FIFA World Cup seemed like one of the most impressive moves Qatar has made, it also brought up an extra layer of controversy to the event. Jung Kook has consistently and openly supported LGBTQ+ rights throughout the years. He is also, viewed by many, as a significant ally of queer people in Korean pop music, even though he has never spoken about his sexuality. Either way, asking Jung Kook to sing in the official anthem of the Football World Cup in Qatar is just as surprising as the K-pop artist agreeing to perform there- given you know, the strict anti-gay policy in the country. 

Who was the Qatari handicapped boy?

Qatari YouTuber Ghanim Al Muftah is a politics student at Loughborough University who was born without the lower half of his body. He starred in the Qatar Football World Cup opening ceremony alongside Morgan Freeman, demonstrating hope, jubilation, and respect. The 20-year-old is known for his motivational speeches and social media presence, raising awareness about his condition. Al Muftah was featured on TEDxQatarUniversity in 2018, when he was just 16, to talk about caudal regression syndrome and how he’s dealt with it. 

CRS affects the development of the lower half of the body, which can include the spine, limbs, bladder, bowels, and gut. Spinal abnormalities often also affect the chest, making it difficult to breathe.  Al Muftah was chosen as one of the official Football World Cup Ambassadors this year.

In a statement, the Qatar-born said: “Within my capacities as a Football World Cup ambassador, I want to send a message of hope, inclusivity, peace, and unity for humanity.”

Passionate Qataris put on a spectacular show in Qatar Football World Cup

The Loughborough University politics student is known for his philanthropy, having set up the Association of Ghanim, alongside his family. The association donates wheelchairs to people in need. Al Muftah was also named ‘Ambassador of Peace’ by H.H the Emir of Kuwait, Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, in 2014. Many people don’t know that Al Muftah is not just an influential and inspiring human being, but he’s also passionately connected to football. Having grown up playing football at school, and wearing shoes on his hands, Al Muftah hopes to become a future Paralympic footballer. Football is one of his favorite sports

One of my favorite tweets from the opening ceremony: Experts say Qatar’s national strategy, with its huge wealth, is to differentiate itself from its huge neighbor Saudi Arabia, as a country that brings people together and can resolve conflict. The Football World Cup opening ceremony is a global broadcast of just that image and Qatari power.

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