Football World Cup followers locked outside a fan park with no water

Fan parks in Qatar are some of the insufficient places where supporters presence the controversial Football World Cup can buy cans of Budweiser due to the country’s strict alcohol laws. Followers were allegedly forced to wait more than two hours to gain entry into Doha’s fan park for the Football World Cup in Qatar.

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Football World Cup followers locked outside a fan park with no water

Video footage of thousands of followers waiting for outdoors of FIFA’s Fan Festival on Saturday has been communal on social media. Temperatures in Qatar touched up to 30C and the soaring heat will continue for the extent of the tournament due to the Gulf’s climate. Doha’s fan park opened at 4 pm local time, yet many followers arrived previous in the day to queue and guarantee their entry. Due to Qatar’s stern alcohol laws, follower parks are one of the few places where followers can grab a pint of lager through the controversial Football World Cup.

As stated by the Daily Mail, huge queues shaped outside Doha’s fan park by 3:30 pm, and the doors didn’t open for another hour, 30 minutes later than deliberate. Those supporters queuing were not provided with water to stay hydrous, nor could they buy water. It’s demanded there are no water cascades wherever around Doha’s fan park. Two long queues were shaped at either entrance, with one of those being shut off without a clarification. There was also no reason for the 30-minute delay in opening the fan park.

“We have been to come here two hours, a Mexico fan expressed to the Daily Mail. We cannot buy any water; we did not transport any with us. We don’t know when we will get the confidential, the security cannot tell us whatever. With any luck, we can get in soon.”

Also, a family from the USA was supposedly told to leave one of the queues after 45 minutes because their children would not be allowed in. They told the Daily Mail: We can’t go inside with the children; they are proverb it won’t be so nice for them in there. Those followers who are lucky sufficient to enter the fan parks may also fight with Qatar’s heat. There is limited shadow inside the outdoor areas and long queues for snacks. Cans of Budweiser, the only beer on tap, are very classy priced at £11.60. As stated by The Telegraph, FIFA sells hospitality packages for followers who want to avoid the boiling sun in Doha’s fan park priced at up to £960 per day. That wages for a private dining and eating area that overlooks those standing in the heat.

There are said to be cheaper hospitality packages obtainable, yet they are still priced at £378 per day. Fan parks were initially introduced at previous FIFA World Cups as a place for attending fans to unite between games, but they have since become money spinners. On heat, Lindhout added: It is hot but there are enough areas where there is a shadow and we have enough refreshing beverages so I do not see a problem there.

Football World Cup followers locked outside a fan park with no water

“This is the best place to be when you are not in the stadium, supposed FIFA’s head of experiential marketing and promotion Gerdine Lindhout. It will be a multidimensional, festival-like experience. It’s not just about football, it’s about gaming, lifestyle, and amazing food. We have decided to go huge in Doha.”

Hundreds of Pakistani students, and expatriates causative to making the Qatar World Cup a big success

Hundreds of Pakistani proud students and ex-pats in Qatar are contributing tirelessly to Qatar Football World Cup for making this month-long hectic event a smashing success. Along with many students who are enthusiastically assisting in engineering, IT, hospitality, and broadcasting for the success of this major event, the Pakistani community in Qatar is also supporting this most-awaited and watched tournament.

Though the Pakistan football team could not make it to an international FIFA event, however, the country always remained in news for producing high-quality footballs for international teams and events in collaboration with Adidas and Forward Sports, a Sialkot-based local sports products producer. Talking to this news agency, a media professional, Maryam Khalid, who works as a commentary assistant for Qatar’s broadcasting department, believes that her experience as an intern at the Qatar FIFA event will help her achieve her future objectives. Worldwide Tickets and Hospitality offers Football World Cup tickets for the Qatar Football World Cup at the best prices. Football fanatics and buy Football World Cup Tickets at exclusively discounted prices.

To a query, Maryam said, “We were trained by professionals, and FIFA staff always remains attached to us to resolve any problem beyond our understanding.”

Football World Cup followers locked outside a fan park with no water

Muhammad Saad, another overseas Pakistani, participating in the Qatar Football World Cup as a volunteer in the Legal Department, said his selection was a great pleasure and an exposure to get involved in such a historic event in the Gulf. In layman’s terms, my role is to monitor any illegal commercial activity and report it to the relevant. The opportunity, he said had provided him with the confidence to play a lead role. An intern Abu Bakar Majeed Bin Abdul Rab, a student of BSc Computer Engineering, said he was assisting the Host Broadcasting Services, a company that has managed some of the most prestigious sporting events around the world including 2002, 2006, 2010, 2014, 2018 and the current 2022 edition of the Football World Cup.

“Being an IT Assistant meant that my work started well before the World Cup started, and it will end a week after the World Cup reaches its pinnacle.  Along with my fellow interns and supervisors, initially, we had to set up and distribute more than 750 corporate laptops and more than 2,500 corporate phones to incoming Football World Cup staff from around the world, while being available to solve any IT-related problems and working with our supervisors to code claims that will make operations for the staff easier,” he added.

Abu Bakar supposed Qatar Football World Cup being hosted in Qatar was not only a moment of utmost pride for the State of Qatar but for the entire Muslim world. He remarked that the nation is currently holding the greatest sporting event on the planet in full swing. However, he regretted that the Pakistan Football side could not become a part of this tourney and hoped the national side one day would make it into the FIFA cup as he supposed, the nation has true potential to shine in any field of life.

Adnan Khan, a PhD student at Hamad bin Khalifa University supposed, “Soccer unites people of different cultures and backgrounds. As a refugee living in Qatar, we all have accountability and shared goals of making this Football world cup memorable for everybody who comes here to witness this strange event.”

Football World Cup followers locked outside a fan park with no water

Shaukat Chandna in a declaration to Qatar Tribune representing the Pakistani community supposed that every country in the world, not only football-playing ones, was causal in some form or other to make this the best-ever sporting extravaganza of our times and life. Pakistan has donated in a very significant manner by making the finest footballs with machines and hands. Smile everybody, enjoy the experience of a lifetime and have fun.

It is pertinent to mention here that countless Pakistani interns/volunteers and residents have unanimously and voluntarily lengthy their services to the authorities in Qatar to make the Football World Cup a big success.

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