Football World Cup: A celebration of our fashion, design, and technology

Doha will host the world’s main fashion show Qatar Fashion United by Carine Rotfeld, as part of the sequence of cultural events and creative recitals organized by Qatar Creates creativity throughout the Qatar Football World Cup. On the unified relationship pitching fashion, music, culture, and sports, the Director of M7 allied with Qatar Museums Maha Ghanem al-Sulaiti told Qatar News Agency (QNA) that this excellent worldwide show sheds light on the close association between the fashion world and sports, and the influence they have on each other.

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Football World Cup: A celebration of our fashion, design, and technology
Football World Cup: A celebration of our fashion, design, and technology

Like superstars, many athletes have become stars and fashion models and have an important share in the field of promotion and publicity, as well as hiring specialists to take care of their arrival and fashion. At the same time, we see many international fashion houses paying great care to sports fashion of all kinds, highlighting the role of fashion and sportswear in many international sporting tournaments and events in serving athletes to perform optimally without any trouble.

She piercing out the consciousness of the vital role played by sports such as football, in refining relations among peoples, sympathetic and integrating the culture and traditions of other peoples, and removing differences between them. Al-Sulaiti designated that this major show and rich cultural forum is backed by Qatar Creates, which is a cultural creativity that rejoices, promotes, and praises the variety of cultural actions throughout the year, as well as being a stage for artistic and cultural events and doings in Qatar, which goals to nurture, support and care for bents.

Qatar Creates also permits various groups of inhabitants, tourists, and followers to know about future cultural activities and enables them to admission and join them, providing them with a magnificent chance to watch and enjoy a diversity of cultural and entertainment shows throughout the country, noting that through its co-operation with partners in the museums, film, fashion, hospitality, cultural heritage, performing arts and private sector in Qatar, the creativity seeks to intensify the voice of the creative trades in Qatar and to attach the public square with various cultural events and actions.
On the role of M7 in this respect, she specified that M7 of Qatar Museums is a cultural network and a platform for the innovation community and start-ups in Qatar.

Football World Cup: A celebration of our fashion, design, and technology
Football World Cup: A celebration of our fashion, design, and technology

M7 signifies a space for all those absorbed in the creative industry, whether they are amateurs or institutes, and it is also a brooder for professional designers looking to extremely enlarge their business, work helpfully with specialists who deliver training and workshops for developing talents, and other offers that fulfil creators’ supplies. M7 also holds local and international displays for designers, artists, and the public in general. She supposed that the M7 aims to bring together all those within the original scene and help them connect to develop the original industry, adding that M7 also works on hosting numerous events, activities, and fashion and design programs.

When we carry artists, talents, and designers together in one place, it becomes calmer for everybody to get to know what is going on in the business and who is complex in it, thus contributing efficiently to the process of development and development together, clarified. Concerning the position of Qatari designers in this event and the role of M7 in indorsing the Qatari culture and individuality, M7 Director harassed that thanks to the courtesy and care provided by Qatar to the fields of arts, design, and fashion, we now have a young cohort of fashion design experts. Worldwide Tickets and Hospitality offers Football World Cup tickets for the Qatar Football World Cup at the best prices. Football fanatics and buy Football World Cup Tickets at exclusively discounted prices.

Football World Cup: A celebration of our fashion, design, and technology
Football World Cup: A celebration of our fashion, design, and technology

She further that M7 is keen to breed talents, pacesetters, and designers and deliver them with all means of provision to help them continue their contribution in the process of building and development. She piercing out that M7 works hard to highpoint the close association pitching fashion, heritage, and individuality, as fashion represents the outer look of the individual’s culture and individuality. To preserve heritage and individuality, the M7 centre will organize several consciousness drives among young generations to pay care to local and traditional dresses.

M7 also hosts the From the Homeland display, which reproduces the esthetics of Qatari art with a modern touch by the hands of young Qatari designers and modernizers hatched by the Nama Center. The display contributes to strengthening the Qatari individuality, presents the current generation to the heritage of handicrafts, donates to hopeful entrepreneurs to show contemporary art in a Qatari spirit, and indorses small and micro projects allied with the Nama Center.

Al-Sulaiti also exposed the segments of Qatar Fashion United by CR Runway, noticing they will include four uniquely designed and arranged sub-shows, counting an opening segment in which ambassadors of 32 countries in the Football World Cup wear custom sports shirts. Later, two Qatari brands collaborate, namely: Alya al-Obaidli and Harlienz, to present a special show enthused by the craft of searching for pearls al-Sulaiti noted that the second section will be a world fashion tour, explanation that it would be a major festivity of the excellent work of a group of designers from six continents.

Football World Cup: A celebration of our fashion, design, and technology
Football World Cup: A celebration of our fashion, design, and technology

Though the third and final section under the title of One Night in Qatar will be a stunning show of high-end fashion and twilight wear designed wholly by fashion specialists and international brands of fashion shows. This segment will present the contribution of 21 Qatari brands obtainable by M7, which she labelled as Qatar’s epicentre for novelty and entrepreneurship in design, fashion, and technology, she added. On the option that this event is connected to the Football World Cup and whether it will be organized annually, al-Sulaiti established that organizing this worldwide event is part of the cultural events detained on the sidelines of the Qatar Football World Cup, pointing out that it was organized and shaped positively thanks to the tireless labours and continuous support of all the local and international partners.

She spoke about her resolve to continue Organising this excellent event annually, to instil these standards among the people in the Qatari society, and to enhance cooperation with all national, local, and international stakeholders. In a connected setting, al-Sulaiti noted that many artists will perform in a joint recital in Doha on Dec 16 at Stadium 974, counting the Iraqi singer Kazem al-Saher, the Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram and the Algerian singer known as Cheb Khaled, adding to numerous international artists counting the French musician DJ Snake, the Puerto Rican singer Juan Carlos Ozuna, the South African singer Zakes Bantwini and other performers.

Football World Cup: A celebration of our fashion, design, and technology
Football World Cup: A celebration of our fashion, design, and technology

The manager of M7 highlighted the centre’s enthusiasm for the significance of folklore and its role in determining the memory and ethics of a nation, seeing that traditional clothes say a lot about the ethos and heritage of the country, in addition to the centre’s role in endorsing these values among the Qatari society, adding that local costumes are an essential part of this heritage and legends. From this position, the M7 centre is keen to hold particular and general workshops that shed light on local fashion and its role in preservative the individuality and culture of the nation, while adding a sense of innovation to local fashion, to highpoint its beauty, and inspiring the younger cohort, refine their skills in this field and feast the spirit of a novelty among them.

In reply to a question about her opinion on the admiration of Qatar’s local clothes and clothing among international followers and their attention evident in how men and women are actively dressed in either the Qatari gotra or abaya throughout Qatar’s hosting of the Qatar Football World Cup, al-Sulaiti underscored the sugariness of this gesture, adding that through this event, many designs that will be obtainable are enthused by the Qatari heritage. The role of the M7 centre is to shed light on the Qatari culture and current it to the world, she supposed, adding that tourists, guests, and foreign followers have shown a positive reply to the Qatari costumes, which is very pleasant and estimable giving Qataris a sense of pride to belong to this homeland.

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