France’s squad for the Football World Cup semi-final

It is of no consolation now to point out that England tried their finest, that they had a maximum of the chances and maximum of the ball, and that they came up with a plan and mostly performed it to the letter. Nor is it somewhat consolation to rehash the normal platitudes about what a great bunch of lads these are. All of the overhead is true. But in the furnace of knockout football, all of this alone gets you to the texture line. It does not dictate whether anybody gets there earlier than you.

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France vs Morocco Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets | Football World Cup Ticket

The fact is that England was beaten here by the healthier team, which is not to say that France played healthier on the night. The difference here, perhaps, is between wanting and belonging. Between the slight wedges of happenstance and self-projection that distinguish the champion sides from the very good. England won the game of procedures, the game that plays out in the mind of a coach on a Friday sunset, and the game you play when you have no actual institutional recollection to fall back on. But France won the game of instants, the game of movements rather than intentions.

And in a one-off fight with all at stake, it is the moments that succeed the match. Olivier Giroud’s header and Harry Kane’s penalty are the strongest examples. With one bullet in the pistol, Giroud did his job and Kane failed to do his. Nevertheless, the game was also earned and lost in the smaller moments: the moments when France just flexed their grand strength, reached into its file of solutions, and whole its vision flesh.

Do you necessity Antoine Griezmann to find fair the right pass? Do you essential for Kylian Mbappé to get available of a tight spot with three England companies hounding him? Do you need to foul Bukayo Saka deprived of creation it looks like a foul? Do you need your tidy self-justifying midfielder to ping one in from 25 yards? These are difficult belongings to do, and yet some way France has done these things before, under the highest weight, against the finest opposition, which makes these deeds more real before they have level left the conceptual realm.

To an extent, of course, this is merely great footballers doing great things. But Kane is a countless footballer. Phil Foden is a countless footballer. Jude Bellingham is one of the best midfielders in the world, but in the biggest game of his lifetime, he was no better than average. This is why charming teams talk about the final step of the journey life the hardest: a place beyond tactics or processes, the sort of place even the skilled Southgate cannot describe because he has not ever been there.

Think how much better lavishly, profligately better – Spain needed to be than everybody else simply to win one World Cup, by a solitary goal in extra time. Think how many times Actual Madrid has won the Champions League in contradiction of teams who were theoretically improved than them, who everything righted, who followed the chants, and who controlled the controllable. But there comes a point where actions are no longer under your control, the point at which nature and will and self-mythology the kind of clothes you can’t train or put in a protein smoothie take over.

France vs Morocco Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets | Football World Cup Ticket
France vs Morocco Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets | Football World Cup Ticket

England rose to the occasion. France had no essential, for the occasion was now France-sized. England was brave. France did not need to be valiant, as their default level of bravery was already sufficient. England believed. France knew. Level in the stickier periods, as England flowed and the noise swelled, France simply kept their correction, made sure every needed ball was contested, and every necessary shot was impassable. And when they had five decent minutes, they scored.

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This is why to home in on the finer particulars of this match, to fixate on transitory maps and substitutions and arbitrating decisions and 1%ers, is really to discuss a ready that never happened. Every klutz by a mobile phone will have an opinion on Southgate, on England, on the flair pathway, on Harry Maguire and Jordan Pickford, on what this squad should or should not be accomplished of achieving. But I would wager nonentity that unfolded in these 100 minutes will have enthused a single of these sentiments a single iota. This is the maddening frustration of conquest: the way it fractures upon interaction into a million subjectivities, a million smithereens of content, a blur of blame and exoneration and forensic analysis. Find the instant of cleanness, as France did, and all of this vaporizes in an instant.

 Turn the word to deed, and the word no lengthier serves any drive. Ultimately, when you boil this down, France did and England did not. Is football a modest or complex game? This match, in a way, was the perfect reply. David Beckham has become the latest high-profile name to say out in defense of England captain Harry Kane afterward the Three Lions star missed a late penalty in the 2-1 defeat by France on Sunday nightly.

Kane, who canceled out Aurelien Tchouameni’s opening strike from the spot previously in the second partial, couldn’t hit the board with his 84th-minute spot kick, which was given just minutes after Olivier Giroud had restored France’s lead by a thumping header.

France vs Morocco Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets | Football World Cup Ticket
France vs Morocco Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets | Football World Cup Ticket

Alan Shearer has self-confessed that Harry Kane’s late penalty failure will “haunt” him for the break of his life after England crashed out of the World Cup on Saturday night. With Gareth Southgate’s lateral trailing 2-1 against defending champions France, Kane had an excellent opportunity to save England’s World Cup confidence alive when he stepped up to take a penalty in the 84th minute.

But the Three Lions skipper – who had previously scored from the spot to cancel out Aurelien Tchouameni’s opener – blasted his energy into orbit. Hugo Lloris knew he had mixed emotions afterward France reached the World Cup semi-final. France keeper Lloris said he “shares this instant of pain” with Tottenham teammate Harry Kane afterward his penalty miss in the quarter-final. Lloris is in sequence to becoming the first captain to win back-to-back World Cups but said he still textures sympathy for Kane and obtainable his support.

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