Morocco squad For Football World Cup semi-finals

Morocco is the initial African and Arab team to fee to the World Cup semi-finals. The republic faces France, which shares national, linguistic, and family ties and a difficult colonial history. As we just heard, the World Cup semi-finals continue tomorrow after the defending World Cup winners, France, take on the major surprise of this year’s event, Morocco. The Atlas Lions must yet lose a match.

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 They’re the first Arab and primary African team to make it this far. We caught elsewhere in the show from Morocco. And now let’s energy to France, which has a big Franco-Moroccan populace and a complicated history between nations. NPR’s Eleanor Beardsley reports from Paris. ELEANOR BEARDSLEY, BYLINE: Each time Morocco advanced in Qatar, thrashing Canada, Belgium, and Spain, French Moroccans decanted into the streets across France to rejoice.

The Champs-Elysees in Paris detonated in joy Saturday night when Morocco bashed out Portugal for a slit in the semi-final. We are so gratified of the Lions today, says Samia Cherkaoui. God eager, we’ll go to the end. But it’s hard since we love the French team, too, she says. May the finest win?” Many Franco Moroccans are the opposite, including popular actor Jamel Debbouze.

I don’t know how to animate this occasion, he said. It’s as if my ma were playing against my father. Ouadhi Dada was born and raised in France and is a prominent news anchor in Casablanca. He speaks the Moroccan team has brought the biosphere together. Like Brazilians remain not going to support Argentina, he speaks.

 Israelis and Palestinians have smoothly come together in their shared support for the team. Here are thousands of Moroccan Jews in Israel. Talk in France of boycotting the World Cup due to Qatar’s hominid rights record being nearly nonexistent now. President Emmanuel Macron’s willpower is there at tomorrow’s game.

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The airwaves in France are mixing with excitement over the game, as healthy as talk of identity and nationwide allegiance. It’s mostly in good amusing, but a few on the far correct have called Franco Moroccans who don’t support the French national side traitors. And they’ve also warned about possible riots after the match. The Morocco-France game will not be unforgiving, says Neila Latrous, head of the party-political service at France Info Radio.

France vs Morocco Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets | Football World Cup Ticket

Morocco’s neighbor, Algeria, was a French collection for 130 years and brawled a war for its independence. Morocco was a French protectorate for a copious shorter time, and the breakup was calmer. This matter speaks Lustrous. It has kind of importance on Morocco’s side. They went into the willing not seeing that France is a superior country. It’s a republic with a historical bond and relationship, but it’s just a republic.

Though gambling odds are on France, no one is disregarding Morocco. The squad has attracted talent by life on Moroccan dual nationals’ loyalty to their origins, says Mark Owen, a soccer aficionado and journalist at station France 24 in Paris. One such actor is Morocco defender Achraf Hakimi. Instinctive and raised in Spain, he plays jobs for Paris Saint-Germain alongside his close friend, a global soccer superstar.

Kylian Mbappe is perhaps the most exciting football talent in the world nowadays, and the thought of these two successful face-to-face is incredibly interesting. BEARDSLEY: The victor of France and Morocco will express Argentina for the World Cup title on Sunday. Eleanor Beardsley, NPR Newscast, Paris.

Morocco coach needs further Football World Cup history

Never attention to the fireworks and deafening pop melody that await at Al Bayt stadium the real pre-match display for the World Cup semi-final between Morocco and France remained provided on Tuesday by Walid Regragui. The 47-year-old coach of the initial African and first Arab team to reach the last four of the World Cup took full advantage of the chance to address the world’s football press in a Doha auditorium, the day beforehand the clash with Didier Deschamps’ squad.

The Moroccan radiated pride, optimism, defiance, and humor in a stimulating contrast to the usual drone of non-commital cliches that coaches formally roll out before big games. He mocked the game’s modern attention on possession, ridiculed the ‘Expected Goals’ stats, and laughed in the face of those who transcribed his team before they eliminated Spain and Portugal. But along with the quick-fire replies and talking points, there was a disobedient refusal to produce the role of the content minnow and burning confidence that his team can beat France and then do it over against Argentina or Croatia in Sunday’s final.

France vs Morocco Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets | Football World Cup Ticket
France vs Morocco Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets | Football World Cup Ticket

We want to win the World Cup, he supposed, it’s not just words, we have to energy further, and maybe we won’t have another opportunity. Having already dubbed his squad the Rocky Balboa of this World Cup after they knocked out Portugal in the quarter-finals, Regragui remained not pulling any punches. Asked whether his team will endure in the same style, which has gotten opponents to enjoy plenty of possession, he was unapologetic about his team’s approach.

We will play to our strengths this impression of possession, it is amazing how football journalists love these statistics about 60-70 percent possession, but it is no decent if there are only two shots on goal, he said, perhaps remembering Spain’s 77pc possession and one shot on board against his team.

‘Stop with statistics’ the expected goalmouths too. We should have won, we had 4pc predictable goals. Well, we are here to succeed, that’s all, he said. If France gives us possession, we will income it but I don’t think they will. So we will try to stop them, he added.

France vs Morocco Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets | Football World Cup Ticket
France vs Morocco Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets | Football World Cup Ticket

If Morocco’s request for a well-established strategy of mass protection and rapid counter-attack is not in fashion at the second, statistics certainly are and Regragui has little time for concentrating on numbers. Let’s stop by the statistics. I’m going to ask [FIFA President] Gianni Infantine to add points for beyond 60pc possession, he added.

We had a 0.01pc chance of charming the World Cup at the start, he said beforehand a reporter told him the probability is now rated at 12pc. We are at 12pc now? Well, admiration is to Allah. We will work on that. Regragui recommended that his team was being criticized, in share, for refusing to play the part of the entertaining losers. European journalists assess our style, I think it bothers them to see an African side playing as they do.

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