Qatar Football World Cup closing ceremony

The Lusail Stadium in Qatar will host the Qatar Football World Cup closing ceremony before the final game between France and Argentina on Sunday. The Football World Cup in Qatar is ending after a month full of spectacular football, jaw-dropping moments, interesting refereeing decisions, and plenty of drama. Though before a ball is kicked between France and Argentina in the final, there will be a showpiece of a closing ceremony on Sunday afternoon.

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Qatar Football World Cup closing ceremony
Qatar Football World Cup closing ceremony

A celebration that brings football fans from all over the world together with plenty of excitement, joy, and spectacle. There will even be live musical performances from music artists, as well as the reported appearance of some huge names. It is scheduled just a day after the FIFA World Cup’s third-place playoff is scheduled to kick off. A tournament surprise package, Morocco, take on Croatia with both teams hoping to end their impressive time in Qatar on a high note when the match concludes on Saturday evening.

Even though it has not been the most impressive tournament for the UK’s home nations England was shown the exit door thanks to a 2-1 defeat to the French in the quarter-final stages on December 10. While neighbours Wales were winless as they left the Middle East following the group stages.

Now it is time for the Football World Cup to end and what better way to celebrate it than by tuning in to its closing ceremony? Here is everything you need to know; from what time it starts to a breakdown of everyone performing.

When is the Qatar Football World Cup closing ceremony and what time does it start in the UK?

The closing ceremony of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar will take place on Sunday, December 19. It will be held at the Lusail Stadium which boasts a capacity of over 89,000. It is scheduled to start just before the World Cup final between France and Argentina kicks off. The Qatar Football World Cup closing ceremony will start at 1 pm GMT.

In what caused a lot of discourse and controversy, the BBC decided not to broadcast the Qatar Football World Cup opening ceremony, which took place at the end of November. Instead, viewers could only tune in via BBC iPlayer. This time around it is expected the closing ceremony will be broadcast on both BBC and ITV at the same time. It will also be available to watch on streaming and on-demand platforms BBC iPlayer and ITVX.

Qatar Football World Cup closing ceremony
Qatar Football World Cup closing ceremony

Who is performing at the Qatar Football World Cup closing ceremony?

FIFA has confirmed a star-studded line-up for the FIFA World Cup closing ceremony. Nigerian American musician Davido will perform Hayya Hayya which is a part of the tournament’s soundtrack. While viewers will also catch a glimpse of Indian actress and musician Nora Fatehi. She also made an appearance during the World Cup opening ceremony earlier this month.

Reportedly some global music stars are set to show their face in some shape or form at some point during the event. Shakira and Jenniffer Lopez are expected to make music-video appearances during the celebrations.

FIFA perform U-turn and reconsider Football World Cup changes after the Qatar tournament

FIFA is considering a major change to their future for the World Cup with some huge changes set to be made ahead of the next tournament scheduled to take place in the USA, Canada, and Mexico. FIFA is considering major alterations to their future for the World Cup after the on-pitch success of the latest edition.

The tournament in Qatar is over with France and Argentina set to compete for the trophy at the Lusail Stadium on Sunday afternoon. It remains to be seen who will be celebrating their third world title come to the final whistle, but one sure thing is that the current edition is the definitive version of the World Cup in its current iteration.

The next World Cup is set to take place in the USA, Canada, and Mexico in 2026 with more teams competing for world football’s greatest prize. FIFA has already announced that forty-eight teams are set to be welcomed to the next tournament. The governing body also had plans to alter the way the group stages worked with their set to be sixteen groups of three nations. That would see two teams from each group progressing to the knockout rounds. However, the success of Qatar has seen concern arise.

There are worries that matches in the group stages could become dangerously dull and that there could be unsporting behaviour whilst the groups were rounded off. With it not being possible for all the final group matches to be played at the same time, there are concerns that two sides could play for a suitable result for the two of them leaving the third side in the group helpless without being able to play.

Qatar Football World Cup closing ceremony
Qatar Football World Cup closing ceremony

FIFA vice president Victor Mon Tagliani has already admitted to concern over the staging of the next tournament. Speaking ahead of the tournament in Qatar, he said: It’s an issue that has been raised. To avoid those issues, a few group-stage alternatives have already apparently been devised. As performer Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger and current FIFA’s head of football development, one potential route they could go down is twelve groups of four teams with the best third-placed teams also securing a place in the knockout stages of the next Football World Cup.

However, there appears to be a more viable option for FIFA and that is the FIFA World Cup is split into two halves. That will see twenty-four teams separated, with each half having six groups of four teams. That would eventually see the winners of each half of the bracket eventually meet in the final with a vast number of games having been played. Through the latest edition in Qatar, sixty-four games were scheduled over 29 days.

The current format for the 2026 Football World Cup would see that increase to 80 games in 32 matches. The second potential model though would see that leap even higher to 104 matches played throughout the tournament. It remains to be seen how players and teams would respond to those potential changes, but it has been suggested that the second of the ideas would be more appealing to FIFA considering the stark increase in TV revenue. Worldwide Tickets and Hospitality offers Football World Cup tickets for the Qatar Football World Cup at the best prices. Football fanatics and buy Football World Cup Tickets at exclusively discounted prices.

The Football World Cup has helped Qatar’s relentless quest for power in football

At Lusail Stadium on Sunday late afternoon, as France and Argentina simultaneously fight for a third star on their shirt and a higher plane for each of their players, it will be tempting to look several hundred meters upward into the warm night sky. Follow the strings to find the puppet master: this is Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani’s theatre. The Emir of Qatar is the only person who truly cannot lose on Sunday.

Qatar Football World Cup closing ceremony
Qatar Football World Cup closing ceremony

This could not have landed any better for Qatar. They got the group-stage upsets; they got Asian progression to the knockouts; they got record results for African teams; they got Arabic comradeship with Morocco’s historic run; they got a final between Europe’s best and South America’s best. They got people saying if you take out all the other stuff this was a great World Cup as if Sofiane Boufal playing well to counteract people dying whilst building the stadiums.

More than that, they got Qatar vs Qatar in Qatar on a Qatari TV station that will broadcast to their Middle Eastern rivals, a live feed of triumphalism sent directly into the eyes. Kylian Mbappe faces Lionel Messi, Paris Saint-Germain squared. Two indirect employees of this state’s global sports grab meet to decide who wins the Golden Ball and who the Golden Boot. Qatar bred the goose and owns the rights to its golden eggs. Coincidence is often the misdiagnosis for thorough preparation. Or to bestrides Arnold Palmer’s quote, the more money we spend the luckier we seem to get. PSG, Qatari-owned, provided the biggest-name attacker for each of Brazil, France, and Argentina, the three pre-tournament favourites. Those were also the pre-tournament top three for the Golden Ball betting. Sometimes the numbers just make sense.

Qatar has been pretty put out by the criticism from western media before and during this tournament. We say as an auto-response here, but Al Thani publicly insinuated that attacks on human rights issues veered into orientalism as if the scrutiny that comes with hosting a World Cup was a surprise. But Qatar has lucked out with the final. South American supporters have paid little heed to off-field issues Messi is the one true Argentinean obsession. Emmanuel Macron, France’s president, went beyond tacit acceptance this midweek: I was able to see the Emir of Qatar. Also, you must recognize that Qatar is Organising this competition particularly well. Security is good.

So, if this is anyone’s final, more than Messi’s or Mbappe’s or Gianni Infantino’s, it is the Emirs. When still only a prince, he founded Oryx Qatari Sports Investments (QSI) in 2005. He gave Nasser El-Khelaifi the funds to purchase PSG outright. He founded the foundation of the BeIn Media Group arm of Al Jazeera in 2014. He understood the need to earn soft power in the club game to earn respect around the top tables of the sport. By the time Al Thani became Emir in 2013, the Football World Cup bid had already been won. But its success was not a done deal. Al Thani needed to establish Qatar as a legitimized global player that could flex its muscles to its neighbours and carve out a piece of its tourism source of income. He had to persuade the religious conservatives that money had not become his guiding force and so did Qatar’s too.

And he pulled it off. Hundreds of millions will watch Sunday’s final and think not of the human collateral damage of modern slavery, the criminalization of LGBT+ communities, or the spiralling climate crisis. They will not think of QSI nor even of PSG. Qatar’s relentless quest for power in football will only get worse) They will think of Messi and Mbappe, glory and despair, a sport does not sport washing. A dozen years ago, the most controversial Football World Cup in history was awarded to a tiny nation-state. At that point began the most expensive and expansive marketing campaigns that sport has ever known. That culminates on Sunday.

Qatar Football World Cup closing ceremony
Qatar Football World Cup closing ceremony

Culminates, but never stops. On Monday, Doha will wake to a series of questions: what work is there for migrant workers now? What happens to all these empty apartments? How do businesses sustain themselves when everything was geared towards these four weeks and the mass influx of foreign visitors that was around 40 per cent below estimates?

All valid and fundamental questions, but ones that will trouble the proletariat more than the ruling class. This cycle of ambition, aggressive expansion, and the culmination is forever destined to repeat because when it ceases the questions can be heard and there is enough money to ensure it never stops repeating. There is an Asian Cup to host. There is an Olympics bid to win. There are worlds left to conquer or pay for.

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