Uruguay Development from Return to Rugby World Cup 2023

Uruguay has been a success story over the past decade. Los Teros are now a consolidated participant after missing Rugby World Cup 2023. A sustainable, long-term structure replaced qualifying for World Cups as Uruguay’s primary focus. Others may benefit from learning how this occurred. For Uruguay, Bucharest marked a turning point. For Uruguay to return to the World Cup, it was abundantly clear that something had to change. Pieces of a plan were put into action. It required investment and was not prepared for the RWC 2023 qualifiers.

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Uruguay’s most memorable taste at the RWC was a triumph. Los Teros made their debut in Scotland with a 27-15 victory over Spain. Four years later, Uruguay defeated Georgia 24-12 in Australia. The amateur domestic system served as the foundation for Los Teros’ first two campaigns, despite the presence of some professional players. Uruguay suffered defeats against fully professional teams.

It was unfortunate for Uruguay not to be invited to the Rugby World Cup 2023. The team was hurt by Juan Bado’s early dismissal. Despite Los Teros’ 18-12 victory over Portugal, they fell short of the final by 24-23. In the qualifiers, disappointment persisted. Again, Uruguay missed out on the chance to advance to the finals. After a 21-21 draw in Montevideo, Romania won decisively 39-12 in Bucharest.

Uruguay qualified for the France Rugby World Cup by defeating Russia 57–49 overall. In the subsequent match, the 36–27 victory at home was crucial. Rodrigo Capó Ortega, a star forward, came back to play in the series. Agustin Ormaechea, a professional D2 player, was the most well-known name who faced the USA in earlier qualifiers.

The decision to advance the players was made by the URU:

At the Rugby World Cup, Capó Ortega did not participate. One of the four players who were not based in Uruguay was Ormaechea. The decision to invest in the players was made by the URU. It marked the beginning of a High-Performance program. Compared to the players were better prepared. Uruguay did not win; nonetheless, the losses were less than those from RWC.

Los Teros were moving forward with stronger players, fitter, and better prepared. The Americas Rugby Championship (ARC) was a missing piece that came together after the Rugby World Cup. Uruguay required more matches as a general rule, more against higher positioned groups, and to play more multi-layered rugby. The Curve played out this job impeccably.

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During the RWC qualifiers, progression occurred. Uruguay defeated Canada home and away to earn a spot in the Americas 2. In the ARC, Uruguay would defeat the United States 32-25 in Seattle, adding to the 38-29 victory in Vancouver. Major League Rugby arrived in addition to the ARC. This intended that while the quantity of Uruguayans in Europe remained to a great extent unaltered, there were potential open doors somewhere else. Ten MLR Teros and Teros were played in France. The remaining individuals were busy at the High-Performance Center.

The next step was professional rugby’s arrival in Uruguay. The first professional team was Pearol Rugby, and the competition was the SLAR. Petrol finished in second place. What was unheard of a decade ago was now available to Uruguay in the form of professional players, both domestically and internationally. Los Teros was Americas 1 and qualified for Rugby World Cup 2023. It came with a total victory over the United States. A 34-15 victory at home was the decisive match. For more know about France vs Uruguay Rugby World Cup match Tickets.  

Uruguay team Rugby World Cup Players:

Rugby World Cup Players who can maneuver their way through the system are brought to High Performance by the grassroots. This is taking place while the club continues to thrive. The URU, on the other hand, is busy looking for new development routes. A good illustration of this is Los Teros Sevens’ selection to the World Rugby Sevens Series.

A significant result came a week after that RWC match. Uruguay prevailed 21-16 twelve years after their disappointing 39-12 defeat in Bucharest. The victory over Romania marked the second of the year’s three matches. To put it plainly, for more than a long-term period Los Teros have ostensibly advanced to change places with Canada to be level with Romania.

By the time their action-packed summer schedule comes to an end in mid-July, Uruguay will have a good idea of where their fellow competitors are in the Rugby World Cup 2023. They have two test series against Japan and Romania. Los Teros will play their first competitive games since 021 when they qualified for Americas 1 for the first time. These four matches are Los Teros’ first run-outs.

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Uruguay has participated in four Rugby World Cups and is no stranger to the competition. However, beforehand October, they had never been to the game’s main tournament as the best team from the Americas. Los Teros won the return match in Montevideo, 34-15, after trailing the USA by three points from the first leg in Glendale, Colorado. This allowed Los Teros to advance directly to France Rugby World Cup 2023. For more know about Rugby World Cup Tickets.  

The first RWC match of the Japan tour will be played on June 18 at Tokyo’s Chichibunomiya Stadium, which can hold 27,000 people. The second match will be played on June 25 at Kitakyushu’s Mikuni Stadium, which can hold 15,000 people. According to URU President Santiago Slinger, having the opportunity to play two games against a team of the stature of Japan is very important for Uruguay in the preparation for the next Rugby World Cup.

Rugby World Cup 2023 experience:

The Brave Blossoms are unquestionably an example to follow because they are one of the elite teams that have grown the most in recent years. After our unforgettable Rugby World Cup 2023 experience, returning to Japan is very gratifying because it was a country that graciously welcomed us. We are delighted to return and participate in such significant games.

Uruguay lost both of their previous matches against the Brave Blossoms in Japan by scores of 40-0 and 30-8. However, since then, a great deal of progress has been made, with the benefits of the Uruguayan high-performance center and participation in the Rugby World Cup and Major League Rugby professional club leagues beginning to take hold.

Coach Esteban Meneses has also done an excellent job of uniting a team that is increasingly spread out across the globe. Some of Los Teros’ star performers have signed lucrative overseas contracts in France following the Rugby World Cup 2023. The second half of Uruguay’s test window features two teams that are not too far apart in the World Rugby Men’s Rankings, even though Japan is ranked nine places higher and has nearly 12 points more than Uruguay.

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Compared to Uruguay’s brief association with the Brave Blossoms, sides that are much more well-known to each other are only two places and just over half a point apart. Meneses stated, the two games against Romania will be a tremendous opportunity to keep growing in preparation for France Rugby World Cup 2023. It will be a great opportunity to compare ourselves to a direct rival in the ranking, since they are currently in 17th place and we are in 19th, to join those selected who are currently playing in Europe, Major League Rugby, and la Superliga Americana de Rugby.

In our quest to continue growing in the game and as a team for our great goal, which is the Rugby World Cup, We have to take advantage of this possibility. Romania and Los Teros played to a 21-21 draw in Montevideo, their only previous encounter on Uruguayan soil. The South Americans missed out on a trip to New Zealand as a result of a 39-12 defeat in the return match of the final RWC 2011 qualifier. Uruguay will compete in Pool A of the Rugby World Cup 2023 against New Zealand, France, Italy, and the Africa 1 qualifiers.

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