Uruguay crushes a debit from the leg of the Rugby World Cup 2023

They leave a lasting impression on the world. They came away with a day-to-day victory of 34-15 and a total score of 50-34, putting the 19-16 defeat they suffered last weekend behind them. By four attempts to two, they outscored the Eagles. Los Teros will be making their fifth appearance at the Rugby World Cup 2023 after making appearances at the tournaments.

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For the chance to represent the Americas in France Rugby World Cup 2023, the USA will face Chile both at home and on the road in the coming year. Chile maintained its goal of making its first appearance at the Rugby World Cup after its historic victory over Canada in Valparaiso. Los Condores defeated Canada 33-24 in the second tie after Canada won the first leg 22-21, snapping their tournament-winning streak.

Uruguay a large crowd at the Estadio Charrua basked in the sun as they watched their Rugby World Cup team play glorious running rugby on a historic day for Uruguayan rugby. To cap Los Teros’ scintillating performance with the ball in their hands, fullback Rodrigo Silva scored two tries. Between the two points, winger Gaston Mieres and hooker Facundo Gattas scored tries. The winger who scores goals, Federico Favaro, had a good day as well. He scored 14 points and hit six of his seven attempts.

Due to Silva’s first try, two penalties, and a Favaro conversion, Los Teros only led 13-8 at halftime. Both the game and the tie remained in doubt. The USA won the RWC game thanks to a penalty kick by Will Magie and a try by Mika Kruse just before the half-hour mark. Kruse demonstrated his speed in the first leg by scoring after making a well-executed blindside move against an advancing scrum.

Uruguay had speared the United States defense before Mieres in the Rugby World Cup:

The Eagles didn’t do much else, and Los Teros should have won by more points than they did. Uruguay quickly found its clinical edge after the first half ended, scoring three tries in a devastating 12-minute period to send the USA reeling. Throughout the match, Uruguay had made it simple to penetrate the United States’ defense before Mieres darted over in the 42nd minute of the Rugby World Cup.

Uruguay’s third try, which Gattas scored from close range after a string of pick-and-goes, was typical of a hooker’s score in the RWC. However, Uruguay’s ease with the ball was demonstrated by Silva’s second try. Nicolas Freitas was involved in Silva’s first try, which he scored by making a strong run and passing a few passes at the right time. For more know about France vs Uruguay Rugby World Cup match Tickets.   

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As a proud team, the USA never gave up, and most of the final quarter was played in Los Teros’ 22. After sustained pressure and penalties against the home team, the Eagles were only able to score a try in the corner from right-wing Christian Dyer following a precise flick on by Kruse. The Chile Rugby World Cup team scored a try and kicked 18 points in this first-ever victory over Canada, 33-24 (54-46 overall), keeping them in the hunt for the Americas 2 ticket. A try was also scored by Santiago Videla.

Canada won the main leg 22-21, yet Los Condores handily eradicated the one-point shortfall in Langford. Canada had never failed to meet all of the requirements for a Rugby World Cup 2023 before, but the second and third Videla penalties had prevented an early strike from Peter Nelson from changing that. From that point onward, fly-half Rodrigo Fernandez had an otherworldly second when he got Ross Braude’s case kick, advanced through the guard, and scored a fabulous objective.

Several lineout penalties near their try route in RWC:

After Videla converted and converted the third penalty, Chile led by 13 points at the half. Canada came out swinging after the break, and Chile’s home hooker Augusto Bohme was sent to the bench after they gave up several lineout penalties near their try line. After Canada kicked to the corner, Chile was unable to prevent Bohme’s opposite number, Eric Howard, from scoring. Nelson converted, resulting in a 16-10 victory in RWC.

However, any hopes that the trial would give the team some life were quickly dashed when Canada knocked on at the restart and gave up a penalty that led to Chile’s second try, prop Matias Dittus crashing over from a tap-and-go move. Canada continued to disobey the whistle blown by referee Nehuén Jauri Rivero, and Justice Sears-Duru was given a yellow card after the referee eventually lost patience. The penalty that Videla converted made the score 26-10 in the Rugby World Cup.

Canada had hoped at 26-17 when Andrew Quattrin converted a lineout drive try with 13 minutes left. However, once more, they were unable to control the restart, allowing Chile to gain an easy foothold in the 22 and allowing Videla to score and score his try. Canada threw everything at a Los Condores team that had been reduced to 14 men by Salvador Lues’s sin-binning with only 11 minutes remaining and was 15 points behind overall. For more know about Rugby World Cup Tickets.   

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In any case, their primary prize, a follow of Kainoa Lloyd that Robbie Povey, who won the first leg, replaced, was insufficient. Concentrate on Qualification for RWC 2023. Uruguay’s current squad has already made history by qualifying as the best team from the Americas for the Rugby World Cup 2023 after winning the home-and-away series against the United States.

The next goal will be to aim for their first-ever third-place finish in the pool at RWC 2023, which would agree on them with automatic qualification. In Pool A, Uruguay will face competition from New Zealand, France, Italy, and the Africa Cup champions, and they have never won supplementary than one tournament game.

Los Teros will be ready to start a new chapter in their Rugby World Cup:

They will have gained from their victory over Fiji in Japan and more time to prepare than ever before, Los Teros will be ready to begin a new chapter in their Rugby World Cup history when they travel to France. At the RWC, there are: 15 games were played, with 3 wins and 0 losses, 188 points against 718, or a 20 percent win percentage. Agustin Ormaechea vs. Andres Vilaseca, Juan Manuel Gaminara vs. Rodrigo Silva, and 8 Uruguay defeated Fiji 30-27 for its first Rugby World Cup victory in 16 years at the Kamaishi Recovery Memorial Stadium.

The RWC ground was built on the site of a school that was destroyed by the tsunami that devastated Japan and served as a symbol of the region’s ability to recover from the worst adversity. The Uruguay-Fiji match took on even more significance as a result, and Los Teros performed admirably. The kick of Felipe Berchesi and tries from scrum-half Santiago Arata, number eight Manuel Diana, center Juan Manuel Cat, and scrum-half Santiago Arata helped them take a 24-12 lead at the break.

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Despite two late tries from Nikola Matawalu, Fiji ranked nine places higher at kickoff and lost to one of the biggest upsets in Rugby World Cup history. In the second half, Berchesi added two more penalties. Juan Manuel Gaminara broke down in tears with the Uruguay flag draped around his shoulders as he attempted to explain the significance of Uruguay’s victory over Fiji in a post-game interview.

One of Los Teros’ 17 missed tries was scored by Pablo Lemoine, a substitute. Uruguay had no idea that they would score their next try 12 years later. Ormaechea is Uruguay’s first RWC try scorer and the oldest player in tournament history. At 40 and 26 days, a fortnight after scoring a try that helped Uruguay defeat Spain 27-15, the number eight took the field against South Africa at Hampden Park.

His children, Zaki, Agustin, and Juan Diego, who have all played rugby for their nations, proceed with Ormaechea’s heritage in rugby. Agustin and Juan Diego competed, following in their father’s footsteps, while Iaki played sevens. When Beaches scored 15 points against Fiji, he set the Uruguayan record for the most points scored in a game. Uruguay only had 22 professional players working full-time before the Rugby World Cup.

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