Franc Rugby World Cup: Why 2023 Will Be a Big Year as We Celebrate 200 Years of Rugby

As the enthusiasm and anticipation building ahead of Rugby World Cup 2023 in France, Sir Bill Beaumont reiterates World Rugby’s ongoing dedication to improving player welfare and women in rugby in a year when the sport will honour its 200th birthday.

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Franc Rugby World Cup: Why 2023 Will Be a Big Year as We Celebrate 200 Years of Rugby
Franc Rugby World Cup: Why 2023 Will Be a Big Year as We Celebrate 200 Years of Rugby

This year, we celebrate 200 years of rugby. As legend has it, with a fine contempt for the rules of group football, William Webb Ellis caught the ball and ran with it. A sport was born. It is with that same spirit of interest, enthusiasm, and innovation that we begin what will be a massive year for rugby. There are so many reasons to be optimistic as we anticipate what will be a very special RWC 2023 in France, the debut of WXV, and make further crucial moves to advance the sport as a phenomenon with player assistance firmly at its heart.

In a quickly changing post-pandemic world, like all sports rugby must remain to evolve. Amidst hurrying demand for entertainment as well as growing anxiety around social and environmental issues, it is significant rugby keeps moving onwards across all from player welfare and fan appointment to financial and ecological sustainability if it is to become more striking, more relevant, and more nearby to more people and become a truly worldwide sport.

It is with that worldwide desire that we begin 2023. New law mandates came into effect on 1 January that is aimed at moving the game up, improving safety, and making the all-round feel better for players, followers, and game officials. These mandates include less dependence on the Television Match Official, less time-wasting ahead of tussles and lineouts, and the application of shot clocks. Looking long-term, we can expect furthermore fundamental law changes at elite, community, and youth levels aimed at further improving the spectacle while emphasizing our evidence-based dedication to player welfare.

These changes will take time to settle but, as ever, we value your judgment. World Rugby is not simply an association or sports union, it is a movement, and we want to advance the sport with your voice central to all we do. To that end we will be launching the largest-ever consultation on the sport in the coming weeks, to build on the work of the recent Shape of the Game Conference to build a better, stronger, and more appealing sport together. You will be encouraged to have your say.

France Rugby World Cup 2023 will stage the very best of our sport on and off the field, and given just how tough the world standings are, we can anticipate an exciting and unpredictable race to lift the Webb Ellis Cup. Just as a transformational women’s edition in New Zealand broke down boundaries, propelled celebrities to the fore, and caught the imagination of new fans the world over in 2022, France 2023 will be a proper 200th birthday party.

Franc Rugby World Cup: Why 2023 Will Be a Big Year as We Celebrate 200 Years of Rugby
Franc Rugby World Cup: Why 2023 Will Be a Big Year as We Celebrate 200 Years of Rugby

Our growing desire will be on display as we find into a period of world-class events that concludes in the USA hosting its first 15s Rugby World Cups. We are thrilled to be welcoming Chile to its first Rugby World Cup and know that France will be the liveliest and most welcoming of hosts. If you have not yet got your tickets, look out for the re-sale stage launching later this month you will not want to miss this one.

Lodging with on-field matters, 2023 will be a year of firsts. Emphasizing our commitment to women in rugby, the three-tier WXV fight kicks off in October, delivering an assurance of an annual contest for the first time and a high-performance atmosphere that will underpin improved competitiveness at an extended Rugby World Cup 2025 in England. Discussions are ongoing concerning an annual men’s rivalry structure that could be applied in 2024. Worldwide Tickets and Hospitality offers Rugby World Cup tickets for the France Rugby World Cup 2023 at the best prices. Rugby fans can buy England Rugby World Cup Tickets at exclusively discounted prices.

This is a topic close to my heart, and I think that with players, national unions and international and club contests working together, we will accomplish this central ambition in 2023. Other highlights to look out for involve the start of the prerequisite for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games rugby sevens, the re-imagination of our HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series and the arrival of our U20 contests, and the chance for the next stars of the men’s game to make their mark.

The year will also see Rugby World Rugby continue to develop to support our growth mission. With the belief of men’s and women’s Rugby World Cups through to 2033, including the USA hosting for the first time, we will work hard with everyone in the game to grow the sport worldwide at every level in line with our tactical mission.

Underlying everything is an unswerving focus on player health. Actioning our six-point plan, we set out to make 2022 a year of emphasis on welfare in rugby and I am proud of what we have accomplished together. However, we must not and will not stand still. This year will bring private and peer-reviewed research from our world-leading brilliant mouthguard studies. This data will provide a vision of the game like never earlier and will form the basis for further improvements in welfare-supporting laws, protocols, and guidelines.

Franc Rugby World Cup: Why 2023 Will Be a Big Year as We Celebrate 200 Years of Rugby
Franc Rugby World Cup: Why 2023 Will Be a Big Year as We Celebrate 200 Years of Rugby

There will be improvements, too, linked to the other key pillars of our welfare plan, including our dedication to education and support for former players. All of this will help to secure rugby’s place as the most advanced sport on player welfare. Sport is emotional. It creates memorable moments and great discussion points. It is the possibility of drama, the potential of the sudden that keeps us gripped. But, within all this, we must not lose sight of the principles that are the backbone of our sport, and especially the culture of regard between players, coaches, and match officials. We must jointly make sure that we constantly promote, support, and safeguard this mantra.

So, in this centenary year, there is much to be happy about on and off the field. I would like to finish my wishes by reaching a massive thank you to the rugby people the players, fans, administrators, and volunteers whose passion and devotion will be central to making sure that the next 200 years are even more successful and thrilling as our first 200.

Jones confesses he would blank RFU bosses should the Australia Rugby team face England Rugby Team at RWC

Eddie Jones indicated he will blank Rugby Football Union bosses when Australia next plays England in a parting shot to his former employers. Jones has shockingly returned for a second spell in charge of Australia on a five-year deal just weeks after his England removal. The 62-year-old was dismissed after an RFU check into a frustrating autumn run that contained damaging defeats to the Argentina Rugby team and South Africa.

Although in a shock move, he has now changed Dave Rennie as Wallabies head coach and will lead his country into the Rugby World Cup in France later this year. Jones is also given the dream chance to win a Lions tour in 2025 and a home Rugby World Cup in 2027 after being firmly backed with a lengthy deal by Aussie rugby chiefs. And Jones could meet the England Rugby team this year with Australia on a possible collision course to face the Red Rose in the Rugby World Cup quarter-final stage in Marseille. But while he is solely centred on retribution with Australia, Jones has also said he would have no interest in speaking with the RFU bosses who wielded the axe on him, should the players meet in the tournament’s last eight.

“I’m not feeling about England, I’m thinking about vengeance because the most crucial thing is to get the Australia Rugby team playing well and always well,” Jones told the Sydney Morning Herald.

Franc Rugby World Cup: Why 2023 Will Be a Big Year as We Celebrate 200 Years of Rugby
Franc Rugby World Cup: Why 2023 Will Be a Big Year as We Celebrate 200 Years of Rugby

If we happen to see England on the way, well and good. I might have a dialogue with some of the players and not with the government. Then we’ll get on with the battle. You could maybe pick it up now the quarter-final between the Australia Rugby team and the England Rugby team could be in Marseille. Maybe age helps but once the chapter closes, it closes.

Upon his return, Jones also sent a warning to the England Rugby team and Australia’s other rivals by voicing his confidence in turning his native Wallabies into Rugby World Cup winners. It is going to be an immense time for Australian rugby, he said. As a proud Australian, it is a great honour to be able to come home and lead the national squad throughout these years. The Wallabies squad is a gifted group of players with good depth – if we can have everyone fit and healthy going into the Rugby World Cup this year, I am convinced that we can go to France and break the 24-year drought of winning the Rugby World Cup.

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