New Zealand Vs Italy: Steve Hansen says Needs New Zealand Rugby World Cup Team to be Careful

Before deciding when to announce whether they will retain Ian Foster’s services or choose to replace him following in the France Rugby World Cup 2023, New Zealand Rugby must exercise caution. Steve Hansen, Foster’s predecessor, stated that he would like the governing body to postpone the announcement until after the global event.

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Because he believes it could jeopardize the team’s Rugby World Cup campaign. After the World Cup, Foster’s contract with the NZR runs out, and he could apply to keep it. However, due to the All-Blacks’ poor run of results earlier this year, Crusaders head coach Scott Robertson is the favorite to take over as coach of the three-time world champions.

Hansen, who led the All Blacks from 2012 to 2019 and won the Rugby World Cup, stated that New Zealand is in a difficult position because they are aware that they run the risk of losing their preferred candidate if they wait too long to make the announcement. Additionally, they run the risk of alienating Foster by disclosing their decision prior to the expiration of his contract.

The distraction is unnecessary to you. If they appoint a new coach, he will be excited and start having conversations that won’t necessarily take place until after the RWC, so you don’t want someone to distract him. As a result, they’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. Compared to 2019, when Hansen made it abundantly clear that he would be resigning, the current situation is very different.

That led Foster and Robertson to compete for his replacement, but this time NZR runs the risk of losing talented RWC coaches if the appointment process takes too long. Particularly Robertson’s services will be in high demand. He has already said that he wouldn’t rule out coaching in another country, and wealthy clubs in other countries will be eager to hire him.

Sergio Parisse hits out at Decision about RWC Squad:

According to Hansen, NZR must come up with a solution to this problem without alienating Foster. In the past, NZR would either already have a head coach in place or announce one after the World Cup. Hansen is a good illustration of this, as he had already reached an agreement to extend his contract prior to the Rugby World Cup. For more about knowing New Zealand Rugby World Cup Tickets.

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However, the governing body is aware that it may need to be more adaptable in the current situation, and Mark Robinson, the organization’s chief executive, has stated that the organization was open to the possibility of announcing the decision earlier. However, according to Hansen, the All-Blacks’ preparations for the Rugby World Cup could be disrupted.

He expounded, I contemplate if you are going to name a new trainer before the Rugby World Cup is over, then you have people looking for at who is the boss, and they are looking at two different people. That could be a derailment, and that’s not what you want. The other side of the coin is that we don’t want to lose anyone.  

Now, I believe New Zealand Rugby needs to sit down, and if they decide to do so before the World Cup, they would have to set limits on what the current coach could and couldn’t do. Basically, I believe he should be informed, and then wait until the World Cup is over before announcing it. The All Blacks were scheduled to play Italy in their final group game at the Rugby World Cup on Saturday.

Sergio Parisse believes that if the All Blacks needed a victory to qualify from Pool B, World Rugby would not have canceled Italy’s matchup with them. However, the match has been postponed due to Typhoon Hagibis’s imminent arrival in Japan. With two points awarded to each RWC team, New Zealand will win the table, and Italy will finish third, missing out on a chance to win and advance to the quarterfinals.

Parisse has called the decision ridiculous, insisting that the match would have gone on if it had been crucial for their opponents. Parisse stated at a news conference, it’s difficult to know that we won’t have the chance to play a match against one of the great RWC teams. It would not have been canceled if we needed four or five points to beat New Zealand.

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We had the opportunity to play a great team in a big stadium. The fact that such a decision has been made is absurd. It’s fine if Italy and New Zealand choose, they don’t poverty to play. However, as I stated, the Rugby World Cup game would not have been postponed if New Zealand required the points.

Parisse also Questioned the RWC Tournament Organizers:

Parisse also questioned the tournament organizers’ backup planning given that a World Cup during storm season would always put matches in danger. Parisse went on to say, it’s ridiculous that there was no plan B because it is not news that typhoons hit Japan. A Rugby World Cup must have one at home when it is prearranged. For more about knowing Italy Rugby World Cup Tickets  

Even though everyone may believe that the fact that Italy’s match against New Zealand was postponed because we would have lost anyway, we deserved to be respected as a team. Steve Hansen, an RWC coach for New Zealand, on the other hand, told the media that the choice was a no-brainer. Hansen stated at a press conference, The reality is we can’t control the weather.

Do we continue and put lives in danger? Or do we take the initiative and make a decision grounded on ensuring people’s safety? He has won the most caps for Italy and has participated in five Rugby World Cups. He was inducted into the Rugby Pass Ballroom of Reputation in 2021 and currently plays for Toulon.

Sergio Parisse began his rugby career in Argentina, his birthplace. However, he moved to Italy in RWC 2003 to pursue a gaming career. He signed with Benetton Treviso as a result. However, he only remained with the team until 2005 when he was lured to the French powerhouse Stade Français. Since then, Sergio Parisse has spent the majority of his domestic career with Stade Français.  

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He played 265 games for the team between 2005 and 2019, winning the Top 14 title twice and the European RWC Challenge once. Sadly, disagreements with the coaching staff led Sergio Parisse to leave Stade Français in 2019. He signed with Toulon and has been there ever since, despite rumors that he would return to Treviso to finish his career.

Sergio Parisse chose to represent Italy rather than Argentina, despite the fact that he was eligible to play international rugby for Argentina. He represented his country in 142 test RWC matches from 2002 to 2019 and set a few records along the way. He still holds the record for most appearances for Italy, and he was the first player from Italy to be nominated for the IRB International Player of the Year award.

In addition, he holds the joint record for having participated in five Rugby World Cups. He last played for Italy in 2019 and has not officially retired from international rugby. Sergio Parisse, an undeniable titan of the game, still has several seasons of world-class rugby to play. We are eager to see what else he can accomplish with Toulon and whether he will be able to participate in one final Italy game in front of his adoring home fans.

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